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June 01, 2006

The June MAO Art Quiz - Winner to Choose A Charity!!

Well.. last months Auction based quiz was fun and surprising (jeez... how much higher will that Andy  Warhol market go!!) ..but I think I've had enough of crazy Art Auction Mania for a while...

So.. June06_quiz4It's been some time since we've had a good old traditional photography based art Quiz.

And what would the world of photography be without beautiful "female" portraiture...??

So... Here we have, provocative portrait works from two of the MAO favorite contemporary photographers... and no, neither of these are by Loretta Lux!

OK, so Name the two photographers who created

Photo #1... and Photo #2

and then name the US venue that both of these photographers currently have some of their work getting featured.

The first MAO Quizling in with the correct answers will be the proud winner, and they get to choose an arts based charity for a donation to be made in their honor.

You can post your guess to the comment section of the blog or email your answers to [email protected]. One guess per person, and previous winners are not eligible.

June06_quizaOf course, as always...Dr. Quiz will serve as both judge and Jury if there are any issues to the rightful winner.

Oh.. and there's Extra Special MAO genius bonus points :

if you can provide the titles of these two photographs.

Please feel free to share any interesting thoughts/connections you see or feel, between the two artists and these works..

I find myself drawn to both, but in very different ways..

But, what do you think?  Great portrait works of art by two contemporary masters.. or just your average "I could do that" snap shots???

Good Luck!


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I know the second photo...

Any hints on the first photographer???

Sent them both to you on e-mail, with title of one and their current place they are both showing.

God this blog gives me the shits more than coke cut with baby laxatives.

Remember all the art we saw in Miami????

Stilleto Kisses.

That second photo is most certianly an Opie..

I think she's one of the most cutting edge original photography artists working today. Tyler over at ArtsJournal..wrote a great story on her!


Um, when are you going to post who the winner is? It's KILLING me!

YES KT.. I'll get to it tonight..

Why?? Like did you win something? ;-)

And, Shouldn't you be busy today bankrupting your business partner or something???

Wolfgang Tillmans
Catherine Opie


Thanks Scott,
Yes.. Tillmans and Opie.. that's correct.
And the Current Venue??

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