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July 21, 2006

Art Image of the Week - Painter Jules de Balincourt

I've been feeling very anti-Bush political lately.. Maybe it's just all this Israeli Hezbollah hullabaloo.. and seeing our current administrations total failure to do anything helpful in the Middle East that's got me depressed. Maybe it's been reading about this naughty black sheep  Ex-Ohio bloggers trip home that keeps me thinking.. what were those stupid mis-informed people in OHIO thinking when they voted again for GW Bush! Yikes! Well.. Anyway...

Julesdebalincourtusa_1 So this weeks Art image is a painting by French born artist Jules de Balincourt.

It's titled "US World Studies III, 2005," Oil, Acrylic and Enamel on Panel, 150 x 183cm.

Jules is one of those young hot artists represented by the Dealer with the Golden touch Zach Feuer.

Jules has had several solo shows at the Zach Feuer/LFL Gallery, and was featured in Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the PS 1 Great NY show last year, and past Whitney Biennial just to name a few. He'll be included in the up coming USA Today show.

Here's an Art In America review by Brian Boucher, and a James Wagner "Terrific Show" review.

Plus Notes and Queries, Joao Ribas, just chose Jules to be his pick for the Salzburg HangArt-7 exhibition, saying Balincourt's work stands as some of the most affective and politically charged painting of the last decade..[more...]

So what do you think of this painting and of Jules de Balincourt's work??

  • Outsider Art Genius, or just more Flat Folk Art Feuer Funk ? 
  • A Jasper Johns want-to-be pop artist or a new Visionary Virtuoso ?
  • An Artist on the Verge of a Breakthrough or Breakdown ?
  • A 32 Year Old, Hunter M.F.A. in the prime of his career,or just another Hyper-Zack Attack ?
  • Is it a psychedelic-palette of plain political paranoia, or simply smart social studied structures of sophisticated cynicism?
  • Cartoonish, or future art icon?

All thoughts are welcome...


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if you look at jules' body of work, there is an impressive heterogeneity and a rather cynical view of the global political scene. he uses the paint in a faux-naif style which actually intensifies the impact of the images. i like his work very much, but, as with any politically based art, how will it look in 50 years? i am thinking of those conceptual artists in the late 60's and early 70's who did political art based on feminism, Nixon, vietnam... most of it now looks stale.

MAO...!! 2 great choices in a row!

Love this painting, and the artist.
Most certianly, Not a breakdown.. but a breakthrough!

I think Jules is a good painter, but I don't think a lot of the map works are his best. I'm not saying that just because ours (from his first show) isn't a map. I can't remember if he was doing maps then.


Hey Barry...
I 100% agree with you... these Balincort maps have been done better before.. and will become "dated" very quickly... as we all try our best to forget GW Bush!

He's a good painter, with an important voice...only time will tell if he lasts in the spotlight.

I'm right there with you on those anti-bush sentiments...aren't we all. You should check out my posting called Independence Day Weekend on my blog.
Second, did you see that great image from the Sunday Style section today with the German Chancellor shrugging away Bush for him messaging her shoulders?

love this pic-o-da-week !!
it's almost falstrom-esque in its game-ness.

I think this work will stand the test of time. Who doesn't like looking at maps? In fact, the older they are, the more fascinating. I'm kind of a geek for statistics too, and images like these always draw me in...

I'd like to see this and the other map images closer. I'm not sure that the web does them justice.

I do like this work from Jules de Balincourt a lot - Ambitious New Plans - http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/artpages/balincourt_Ambitious_New_Plans.htm

Something about that giant red table sends chills down my spine.

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