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July 13, 2006

July Art Quiz Winner... DADA Show At MOMA

Sorry for not posting much the last 2 weeks.. But what do you want for free, plus, my Jury Duty is now over..it was pretty cool..We found the big drug dealer him Not Guilty, and if it had not interrupted my ab fab PTown summer vacation.. It would have been fine. I don't know why everyone complains so fucking much about Jury Duty.

So we had several winners of the July Art Quiz.. But there was one Super Art Genius who got the correct answer in under one hour of the post! So yes..it was too easy he's a genius!

The winner was.. Edwin Smalling from San Diego and he's got a cool new website... www.west-ghost.com check it out!

FYI.. Edwin has not yet picked an art charity yet for his prize.. so stay tuned.. oh.. and all art charity suggestions are welcome. So.. Maybe he'll pick your favorite!

Here's the answers.. Object A..


Object B Julyartquizb_1

Edwin's Answer..

Object A is man ray title is gift originally made in 1921 and reproduced in 1958

Object b is Duchamp and is titled Fresh Widow made in 1920.

They are both currently on view at MOMAs Dada show and i think they are in the permanent collection as well. a

As to how the man ray got its name, origin, straight from the moma site:

"Man Ray's first solo exhibition in Paris included paintings, aerographs, and collages, mostly brought from New York in his steamer trunk. Not listed in the catalogue was an object Man Ray constructed on the very afternoon his show opened: he glued a row of fourteen tacks to the bottom of an iron and added it to the works on display as a gift for the gallery owner, the poet Philippe Soupault. With its menacing blend of domesticity and sadomasochism, the object apparently attracted unusual attention—by the end of the day, Gift had vanished."

So the Dada show at MOMA is really great and up till Sept 11th.. I saw it last weekend. So for all those stuck in NYC this summer.. it's one show not to be missed!


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Yeah for Edwin!

He joins a very elite group of art knowledgeable folks.

i visited edwin's site... could someone please explain what, exactly, it is, and its purpose? thanks, guys

here is the video that plays before you enter (shot in dc)


content is context,

We are a very elite group, aren't we Mr. Cooney. I wouldn't have given you the finger in that photograph if I knew I would be joining you in that group so soon.

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