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July 06, 2006

July MAO Art Quiz - Sorry for the Delay!

Sorry for the delay.. For the staff at MAO, it's been a wild first few days of July.. here's just a taste of the weekend as partly caused reported by this devil sheep witty ass blogger! Happy July 4th everyone!

So.. I'll keep this one very easy..Cause it's already July 6th, I'm still hungover tired, and there's no time to waste..

Here are two art objects (made by different artists)....
Object A.Julyartquiza
Then we
have this one..

Object B.
To win, you need to give the names of the artists which created each of these works,


In what current museum show are these two works both currently on view??

First person in with the complete correct answer gets to pick an Arts Based Charity for a nice donation to be made in their honor.

Extra MAO Art Genius Bonus Points if you know the names of each of these objects.. and if you can explain where the first one got it's name?

Good Luck..
And enjoy the summer!


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1st object: Man Ray, Gift 1921
2nd Object: Marcel Duchamp, Fresh Widow

I think these are both on view at MOMA, right?...

As for the origin of the name of the first one, not sure, but I did get this from my trusty book "Conceptual Art," Tony Godfrey. "...the iron would rip the shirt to shreds" rendering it useless. "You can tear a dress to ribbons with it," Man Ray pointed out. "I did it once, and asked a beautiful eighteen-year-old coloured girl to wear it as she danced. Her body showed through as she moved around, it was like a bronze in movement. It was really beautiful."

Wow..that was fast..


I only knew the Duchamp work!

Hey.. BillBob..Good Job..
Those are the correct artists, and museum!
But someone sent in an Email at 4:39pm and beat you out by a few minutes.. !!

And you're right on the two object names.. but I don't think you're correct on the reason why Man Ray called it "Gift"

Does any Art Genius out there know why, he called it Gift??

Hey MAO..

BillBob really didn't get it 100% correct.. cause the second part of the Quiz was "What Museum Show".. not just what Museum!!

It should be the "Dada Show" at MOMA!

Oh sure, get technical about it everyone ;-)

You should have to post your answer in public IMO, but so it goes.

But I'm glad it brought to my attention that DADA is at MOMA.
I totally spaced on it.


Gallery label text from moma.org
Dada, June 18–September 11, 2006

Man Ray’s first solo exhibition in Paris included paintings, aerographs, and collages, mostly brought from New York in his steamer trunk. Not listed in the catalogue was an object Man Ray constructed on the very afternoon his show opened: he glued a row of fourteen tacks to the bottom of an iron and added it to the works on display as a gift for the gallery owner, the poet Philippe Soupault. With its menacing blend of domesticity and sadomasochism, the object apparently attracted unusual attention—by the end of the day, Gift had vanished.

there's a dada show at MoMA ??
def a reason to get myself to NYC butt quick... i'm a total dada's boy.

That was easy. Makes me think you might still be drunk.

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he called it gift because he wanted his bothersome faggot of a boyfriend to iron his bloody shirt with it and tear it to peace's.

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