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July 19, 2006

MAO Art Buy of the Month by Photographer Atta Kim

Atta_kim_museum_projectSo you may have seen the Atta Kim : On Air show at ICP this month. It's been very well received. Here's a few reviews..

which all gave the show thumbs up.

Also there is an opportunistic impressive current gallery show "The Museum Project" at The Yossi Milo Gallery. As always expected in this world of insane hyper art demand, the show has equally impressive sky hi print prices. Most of the large prints in the show range from $15,000 to $20,000 each.

But for those Atta Kim fans who don't have a few extra (like 20 thousand) dollars to burn invest don't fret.  You can still have an Atta Kim in your home!

This month only, there is a special Blockbuster Book and Print Sale at the Aperture Foundation. 30% off on all Aperture books, and 15% off all of their limited edition prints!
So the winner of MAO Art Buy of the Month goes to this 2001 Museum Project image photo by Atta Kim. (Shown in this post) Right now, it's only $510 for the nice size, 20 x 16 inch photograph, in a edition of 50. I think the price goes up as the edition sells out..so don't wait too long!

FYI.. this image is also the cover of Atta Kim's first major monograph "The Museum Project". Which is also available for only $35 at Aperture.org.


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Thanks MAO...

I love your Buy's of the Month.. I bought both the Minter "Shit Kickers" and the Kiki Smith Prints!

They all look great, and I think they've even gone up in value already!

Yeah, I bought a Shit kickers too! Unfortunately I never got to see it!

Great choice, MAO.

ACRIA will hold its UNFRAMED art sale at Baumgartner Gallery in Chelsea on July 20th, Thursday, 8-9PM. Photographers include Katy Grannan, Alec Soth, Laurie Simmons, Mary Ellen Mark, Ryan McGinley and more. All photos are signed & numbered, editions of 25-40, $200-$750 each.

Not to mention that Aperture photography books can become collectible in their own right.

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