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July 31, 2006

Stuck in NYC for the HOT weekend


OH! those funny GAYS out there on Fire Island..

How I missed them all so much this weekend.

And NO.. While, this is one handsome girlfriend fellow..

This is neither MAO, nor Dr.Quiz!! Just an original photo taken by the staff at MAO... FYI.. signed limited edition prints still available...please inquire..

OH.. and, just one warning.. Don't ever let this "boy" anywhere near your garden!

To All MAO Quizlings..

FYI... Tomorrow is already August First.. which means, the summer is half over, and it's time for the next big MAO Art Quiz!

And WARNING..this time.. The Quiz is going to separate the men from the sheep be a difficult one!!


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MAO.. interesting photo!

It looks just as professional and creative as a Loretta Lux image!

Are you boys going to be at FI this coming weekend (the 4th)?

Hey Patrick..
Yes.. We'll be out there this weekend.
See you and Dan at Low Tea.
The first round of drinks are on me.

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