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July 26, 2006

Studio Museum Opening Party

The Studio Museum of Harlem has a new show!

Well.. It's summer.. so it's been a slow few weeks for the art obsessed in NYC. Which means in order to get a desperately needed art fix, one has to travel to all ends of the earth.  FYI..in NYC this would be defined as..the outer boroughs or any block north of the Guggenheim.  Anyway..it was a good excuse to trek way the hell uptown.. to 125th street!! Yikes!  It's actually somewhat uncharted art country up there, so I needed a travel guide, and a body guard to drag along this bad little lost Sheep, and my pal JG.  Oh, just one note about JG, since leaving art publishing, he's looking and sounding more and more like my old high school English teacher everyday! Can you say fashion emergency?? Carson.. Help!

So.. we attended the opening and the "clearly too cool for us" dance party last week at the Studio Museum.  The party was rockin!! The sculpture garden was packed with lots of uber chic people busy guzzling the free booze, and tearing up the hip-hop dance floor.  Naturally, being in the NYC art hinterland, we saw many people with shaved heads, chain mail jewelry, bandannas, and combat boots.. and those were just the women! Or in other words... we blended right in with the crowd! NOT!

Studio_museum2It would seem the Spike Lee look is "in" on 125th street. (See photo #1) So I probably shouldn't have been surprised when someone ask me if we were the Museum's audit team from Pricewaterhouse!  Just kidding.. actually... they only asked JG that question! But I digress..

Well.. for those who are completely clueless don't know, The Studio Museum of Harlem is mostly focused on the work of local black artists. Many of their featured resident artists have grown to have international reputations, such as current art stars Wangechi Mutu, and Kehinde Wiley just too name a few MAO favorites..

The new show is a culmination of the work just completed by their current Artist-in-Residence program. The exhibition is named "Same Difference" and includes work by Rashawn Griffin, Karyn Olivier and Clifford Owens.  You may recognize both Karyn Olivier and Clifford Owens, since they have recently been featured in the successful Greater New York 2005 show at P.S.1.  As for this group show, there's not much of a real connection between any of the artists works.  But there are some innovative individual pieces presented, and it's still well worth a look if you find yourself lost   way up north anytime soon. This group show is up until October 22.

So..here's a bunch of additional pictures from the opening night party which were posted on someone's New York Social Diary.....needless to say.. we didn't make that cut. But I'll stay on the lookout, there's always a chance our ugly mugshots pictures could be in the next Studio Museum's annual report or financial statements!


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MAO.. you are such a pretentious downtown NYC art snob!!

PS.. And my high school English teacher was very cool.

"Uncharted Art Country"? Dude, you need to get a map printed after 1995. If this little white boy can get jumped on 126th street walking home from work, you can handle it.
I can't believe you didn't get in the NYSD pictures.

Here's another show, and you don't have to travel to the ends of earth!

2006 Summer Residency Open Studios at SVA
This is the big end of the summer residency extravaganza
Thursday August 3rd 6 -9PM
141 West 21st Street 4th & 6th Floor

Painting/Mixed Media
Installation and New Media Art

This is the big one! Don't miss it!
(I'll have some new work in the show, I'm sorry I missed you last time Mao!)

I adore the Studio Museum, and these days, the only dangers on 125th Street are the cholesterol-laden soul food restaurants. (Bill Clinton moved into the 'hood right before his quadruple bypass. Draw your own conclusions.)

Of course, I spent several years in the Columbia neighborhood and am perhaps more comfortable than you are with streets that have three numbers. :-)

Love the thinly coded racism. More of that, please!

OMG cause Jeans and a t-shirt with a hat to cover your face EVERY time you leave your house is such an oh so glamorous look.


Hey Chad X.. thanks for the comment..

But how do you see Thinly Coated Racism in this post??

Oh... and Rocco... You should not be throwing stones at my dress.. Mr. Sports Leisurewear!!

Thinly veiled: "so I needed a travel guide, and a body guard"

Hey Jonny Rotten..
"Needing a travel guide and a bodyguard"

That has NOTHING to do with Racism... Just my crazed paranoia about getting lost or mobbed by my paparazzi, whom FYI, seem to accompany me to all Museum Opening Events!! They're amazing these MAO Groupies.. the things that happen when you write an Art Blog! Yikes!

Plus, silly, I crossed it out!! ;-)

what the f$%k?

I'd say the racism was right out in front - despite the ATTEMPT to be cute and funny.

Mike is not racist. He loves niggers.

Can i use this blog as reference in my college report

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