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August 22, 2006

Art Image of the Week - Richard Prince

While out on Fire Island a few weeks ago, being too drunk, lazy, fabulous hot and muggy to actually cook for ourselves, Dr. Quiz and I choose to dine alfresco at one of the overpriced charming restaurants in town. The meal was totally forgettable, service terrible, but luckily they had enough red wine to wash it down.  As always, it was total mosquito-ville. At the time, we thought nothing of it, but Dr. Quiz got bit by some mysterious bug. In fact, we're still not exactly sure the type of monster bug bit him, but after a few days of uncomfortable swelling, a continuously growing dark red rash and a high fever, his entire underside of his leg was inflamed.  He checked himself into Cabrini Hospital immediately for a solid week. Totally scared of hospitals, but being oh such an overly caring partner... I reluctantly canceled my art appointments of course went to visit several times. It was High OPERA a frighting experience, since there was someone else in the hospital with the same mysterious illness, but luckily everything turned out OK.  Dr. Quiz is almost already back to his inquisitive normal fit self.

While I'm a fan of his photography, being stuck, artless, in a hospital for several hours each day, you couldn't help but think of these paintings by superstar hot artist Richard Prince whenever a nurse came in the room. Not surprisingly none of the Cabrini nurses looked anything like these
"Princely" paintings.

Richardprince_debutantenurseSo this Image of the week, by Richard Prince, is shockingly,thoughtlessly titled "Debutante Nurse," 2005, Acrylic and ink jet Canvas; 100 x 58 inches.

The series was also published in his book by Richard Prince :  Nurse Paintings, in 2005.


What do you think if this painting?

Just what the Dr ordered, worth a few million dollars?

Needs a check up?

Take 2 aspirin and hope the pain goes away in the morning?


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Dear MAO: Sorry to hear about your leg! Sounds nasty. Well, I have never seen the R. Prince paintings in person, but based on what I've seen in magazines, I'd give them 2 1/2 stars. They look interesting and menacing because they play on our fear of the painful things nurses have to do to their patients. But on the other hand, they don't haunt me *that* much.

Sounds scary.. Hope Dr.Quiz fully recovers.

The Richard Prince Nurse paintings were not his best work. And I agree with you, that his photography is important... sad to say I missed buying it when it was still cheap!

richard Prince is indeed photography royalty... a trailblazer and genius... even his John Dogg work ruled... but this lame body of work needs major treatment.
warm regards to Quizzy.

I always thought the nurse paintings were kind of interesting. I enjoy seeing how other artists incorporate text into thier works.

a collector friend of mine got one of the nurse paintings and was thrilled... THRILLED. It was not easy to get. And you know what - that was the point, that it was hard to get, that all her friends were jealous. It's like a trophy from the hunt. I told her to sell it fast before the value disppears. A few hundred thou and lots of sweat later another mutual friend got herself one too just to keep up. Baaah. I think the paintings are weak (very ugly), no more than a trend and will be forgotten. This isn't art, this isn't culture, this is shopping. It's too bad that Prince is hot due to strong earlier work and now isn't putting out anything that follows up on that.

I actually like the nurse paintings.

Not Bad boys.. I am not thrilled with the fake type overlay concept on top..
reminds me of that super pretentious dude with the words on plain canvas..come on fellas.. get to some cool drawings -- lots of GREAT stuff out of California
from a whole BUNCH of illustrators out there. Stuff that really is compelling for no reason, politics, social spasm, coolness, cleverness or any other excuse
to look at it EXCEPT that it is GREAT art-- How bout that- refeshing change .

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