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August 04, 2006

The August MAO Art Quiz Winner!!

Many tried, but we only had one, The Big Kahuna, blogger HangTen, who stepped up to the Art Obsessed challenge. He was the only MAO Quizling who sent in all the correct answers to the August MAO Art Quiz, and it was within the first six hours of the post, impressive! So it took a while... but  it wasn't too tough for the art wise A.J! Congrats!

Aug_artquiza_1 The first, AMAZING, photo was of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty,

and it was taken by Photographer David Maisel.

It was one of the many powerful environmental focused works within the project, Maisel called Terminal Mirage.

There is also this wonderful book, by Maisel, "The Lake Project"  published in 2004, featured many of the scary phosphorescent ariel images from a project featuring the area around the Owens Lake, California... well.. so much for the natural beauty of the wrong west coast!

I first saw this image, I believe, when it was used for many of the Whitney Museum's Smithson show ad last year.

Aug_artquizb_1 The second photo was a direct appropriation of the uber famous Cindy Sherman's self-portrait, Untitled #92. This original image was the cover of one of her most popular books Cindy Sherman : Centerfolds published in 2004. This new work was a brilliant recreation by male illusionist Artist Yasumasa Morimura. This image was also featured in his hysterical book "Daughter of Art History".

A.J. has wisely chosen White Columns, as the beneficiary for a donation.
Actually, provocatively, A.J. has requested, for us to take the donated cash, and purchase lottery tickets, and then send the proceeds to White Columns. I've checked with our Audit Staff at MAO, plus sought the sage advice of Dr.Quiz.  Actually the ever socially moral, Dr. Quiz, Vetoed the entire Lotto deal. Dr. Quiz, strongly looks down upon the Lottery, and most State run Gambling, as a very self selected ignorance tax on the poor of our country.  Yikes! So, unless there's a strong out cry for rolling the dice on LOTTO. Maybe it's best to maintain peace in the MAO household, just make the donation directly to White Columns. Plus, they can always use the cash to buy lottery tickets if they think a prudent use of the donation.


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Oh.. come on MAO! Who cares wat Dr. Quiz thinks..

Go for the Lotto tickets!!

Maybe you could win it big for White Columns.

It's a good thing you have Dr. Quiz around. Otherwise, you'd be (censored by the public decency commission) and have nothing but the rash to show for it.

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