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August 02, 2006

DUMBO Arts Center's new "Point of Purcha$e" Show

If you haven't noticed.. almost every inflated Chelsea Gallery is now closed on weekends. They clearly don't need to care about the everyday working stiff collector who can only see gallery shows on the weekend.
         So, this Saturday night was a welcome change and a summer pleasure to attend the opening party at the DUMBO Art Center... Yes.. I know.. Can you believe it, MAO does Brooklyn!!  This new show is called - "Point of Purcha$e" and all I can say, it's well worth every penny, even a trip across water, to Brooklyn!
         The group show was wonderfully curated by Gretchen Wagner from MOMA. Pulling together the work of no less than 13 young artists, Gretchen has assembled a very cohesive exhibition. All the works have continuity. There were even sum un-expected fun details, like the super colorful retail flyer filled with ads for the artists work. Very cute!
Andrewlynn_whirlmart               While there were may strong works in the show, these were getting the most attention, plus they're the only ones I managed to get clear photos of..damn this tiny camera!!

"Whirl-Mart" by Andrew Lynn - Multimedia/performance. (Photo #1)

"Jordache Sheer, Camp Shirt (lucky Time)" by Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Clothing, photograph and hanger.Keithpavia_buylucky (photo #2)

"Buy Buy Lucky Lucky" by Keith Pavia, acrylic on canvas. (Photo #3)

      The party rocked on from 6 to 9pm, but their wasn't a free bar, shock and awe!.. so Dr. Quiz, and our friends Dutch and Hobbit all wanted to leave immediately to catch a drink little of the completely amazing Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park sunset views. It's a total WOW! (photo #4).

It's well worth the trip, across water, to see this show. It's up until September 24th, I think they are open on Saturdays, and be sure not to miss the views from the Park!

PS - A Dumbo_sunsetspecial thanks go out to, one of the shows artists, Photographer Brian Ulrich, for taking the time to email MAO an invitation to this opening!



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Looks like a great show..

Glad to hear you're broadning your art horizons.. and now actually willing to cross the East River!!

i live in brooklyn-- and i didn't even KNOW there was a DUMBO arts center. even worse, i am always tuned in to the goings-on via Art-Cal and NY arts magazine daily listings... how did this apparently excellent venue sneak in under the radar?
Mike, or any of you other art-groupies, would you consider clueing us in when you hear of interesting happenings?

I check ArtCal and The DKS List almost everyday. Thay are both great resources.

But, FYI, I think for this Brooklyn - DUMBO ArtCenter Event.. ArtCal did have it listed as a top pick for the weekend!

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