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August 11, 2006

Happy 40th Birthday to Ms Kitty!

If you  haven't read Secondary Art Dealer Extraordinaire, Carole Lieff's August Art Advisor Newsletter..

Download carole_lieff_newsletter_august.htm

you've really missed out! I look forward to laughing with it reading it every month! She's witty, wise, and always well a head of the pack! This month Carole wisely hearts Vik Muniz... Great choice Carole! But, now, how do I get an application to be your muse??? Dr. Quiz wants to apply!

Arbus_trannybirthdaySo, last night was the 40th birthday celebration of our Fire Island whore house-mate Ms. Kitty at The Harrison.

As expected, it was a simply tragic fabulous affair.. Ma, Pa, Dr. Quiz, Chop, Pearl, Missy, Boo, Mini-Boo, Frenchie, Frienchie's Young Hottie (yum!), and several others that were just too old, drunk, slutty, dull, tired, quiet to remember.

We laughed, we cried...we had way too much good food and wine! So, pass the aspirin please, everything is looking a little bit blurry today.. OMG.. I'm getting too old for these events! But at least I'm not 40 yet.

And no bitches this is not a photo of Ms. Kitty, it's the great Diane Arbus Transvestite Birthday Party photo. A MAO favorite!  Plus, Ms. Kitty still has a full set of teeth! XOXO


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Don't you have that Diane Arbus photo in your own collection??

Carole is funny.. but she sounds even crazier than you!

Just kind of stumbled on your page.....it is nice :)

wall street by day....that's what I used to do also.

Thank god you used a pic that was taken before I passed out into the cake. BTW, it is not fun to have icing aspirated from ones nose.

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