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12 posts from August 2006

August 31, 2006

Big News..Edvard Munch, The Scream has been Recovered!!

YEA! The story just came across the tape...from Bloomberg News..here it is..

Download BBNews_The_Scream_Found.txt

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and "Madonna" have been recovered by the Norwegian police! You'd think in Norway, such a small county.. how hard could it have been for the police to find? No?

Edvard_munch_the_scream_1 FYI... Be sure to come back tomorrow.. it's already September 1st..  time for our next Quiz!!

August 30, 2006

MAO Hearts L & M Arts!

As a former Goldman Sachs & Co. employee.. L & M Arts serves as the quintessential role model for all, would be art dealer, Wall Street Hustler types....

Always a class act... their new upcoming Fall Season show, has a certain ring to it.. 

Just Beautiful!   Clearly one show not to be missed by MAO fans. Andywarhol_mao                                       

Now, if they'd only develop a gallery website to match the quality of their gallery...

August 28, 2006

Michael Kimmelman Blogs at the US Open?

GONE FISHING ! They'll be back in September, But MAO will always be here.

Gone_fishingIt's totally dead in the NYC art world.. You can tell.. Just to earn his paycheck  stay busy..

"Big Deadwood Media writer," aka..New York Times Chief Art Critic Extraordinaire, Michael Kimmelman has been seen actually blogging today "The Art of Tennis," about a wet and rainy Monday morning at the US Open!

Welcome to the dark side BLOG World Mike!!

August 25, 2006

Opie, Gonzalez-Torres, and Taylor-Wood, Three New Great Books..

On my walk home from work last Friday, I stopped into the amazing ICP book store.
Being a total Art Book-Aholic this can become a dangerously addicting expensive event.

If you're like me, and on on a 12-step book program tight budget .. you need to go there with a specific limited shopping list.. That night was a 3 book max.. We were in luck.. the first two prized targets they had in stock !!

Book #1 : Catherine_opie_1999 Catherine Opie, "1999 | In and Around Home" Published in conjunction with the exhibition by The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and the Orange County Museum of Art. The book brings together two different photographic projects with a thoughtful introduction by Elizabeth Armstrong.

The images are powerful and filled with OpieEsque LesBionic butch political commentary. You'll just love her 1999 pre-turn of the century American landscapes (wow!) many of the images are very refreshing and cool. (Photo #1, one of her 1999 great images)

Book # 2 : Sam_taylorwood_jesus_is_coming Sam Taylor-Wood's dual book project, it's inovatively produced as one soft cover and one hard cover books in one nicely banded package. Still Lives, the hard cover book, is a  classic show catalog from BALTIC, the other soft cover book titled "Jesus is Coming" (Photo #2, The Cover image pictured to the left) is a collection of a broad range of unpublished and commissioned photos.

The third book..

Which was clearly the most prized item, was the first major full comprehensive monograph spanning the entire career of Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

So.. it was with total shock and awe when I picked up the one display copy at the bookstore to be told they only received 3 copies of the precious book that morning.

But, the two available for sale copies had just been both purchased by one book hog buyer that morning!!

     So when I shrieked complained sternly, that it was clearly insane unfair for them to allow one book hog person to buy both of their precious two available copies.. They laughed at me (like don't they know who I am???) and the little bookstore nerd she said.. "Well, The Buyer was a CELEBRITY!! It was Sir Elton John!" Like BFD! So?

Anyway.. Felix_gonzalestorres_black_rod_licorice_1 The third Book, Felix Gonzalez-Torres Edited by Julie Ault published by Steidle is 320 pages, and filled with original writings, and richly documented with many images of his shows, numerous installations.

(photo #3, Felix's Untitled - Public Opinion, 1991, Black Rod Licorice candy, individually wrapped in cellophane, endless supply, ideal weight, 700 lbs)

Just like his work, the book is truly great.. and it was well worth me trekking all over NYC (I almost even had to cross water!!) for several hours on my MAO vision quest to find an available copy that Friday night!

August 22, 2006

Art Image of the Week - Richard Prince

While out on Fire Island a few weeks ago, being too drunk, lazy, fabulous hot and muggy to actually cook for ourselves, Dr. Quiz and I choose to dine alfresco at one of the overpriced charming restaurants in town. The meal was totally forgettable, service terrible, but luckily they had enough red wine to wash it down.  As always, it was total mosquito-ville. At the time, we thought nothing of it, but Dr. Quiz got bit by some mysterious bug. In fact, we're still not exactly sure the type of monster bug bit him, but after a few days of uncomfortable swelling, a continuously growing dark red rash and a high fever, his entire underside of his leg was inflamed.  He checked himself into Cabrini Hospital immediately for a solid week. Totally scared of hospitals, but being oh such an overly caring partner... I reluctantly canceled my art appointments of course went to visit several times. It was High OPERA a frighting experience, since there was someone else in the hospital with the same mysterious illness, but luckily everything turned out OK.  Dr. Quiz is almost already back to his inquisitive normal fit self.

While I'm a fan of his photography, being stuck, artless, in a hospital for several hours each day, you couldn't help but think of these paintings by superstar hot artist Richard Prince whenever a nurse came in the room. Not surprisingly none of the Cabrini nurses looked anything like these
"Princely" paintings.

Richardprince_debutantenurseSo this Image of the week, by Richard Prince, is shockingly,thoughtlessly titled "Debutante Nurse," 2005, Acrylic and ink jet Canvas; 100 x 58 inches.

The series was also published in his book by Richard Prince :  Nurse Paintings, in 2005.


What do you think if this painting?

Just what the Dr ordered, worth a few million dollars?

Needs a check up?

Take 2 aspirin and hope the pain goes away in the morning?

August 14, 2006

Image of the Week - Rineke Dijkstra

It's the peak of summer, so time for a vacation beach portrait. So for the 5 of us working this week.. Here's a beach image to ponder!

IMO, no one modern photographer has done these better than Rineke Dijkstra. Her auction prices have continued to clime to stupid unbelievable heights, and at only 47, she's had a major retrospective of her work that toured Europe throughout all of 2005, and early 2006. Unfortunately, the show never made it to NYC or the states, and I couldn't fine photo's of it online (just this word doc).

But we can still enjoy the show through her book Rineke Dijkstra:Portraits A Retrospective, published by D.A.P./Schirmer/Mosel.

Rineke_dijkstra_hiltonheadProbably the first major breakthrough body of work for Rineke, this beautiful photo is from her Hilton Head Island, SC series from 1992. It really has a delightful  magic, Rineke captured a moment of this adolescent girl's look of contemplative loneliness, and innocence.

Whenever I look at this photograph, I always think of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus"

It's not just the colors, but also, her classic vapid expression, the placement of her hands, the way her hair blows in the wind, and the sky blue background.

I'm not sure if Rineke Dijkstra had this painting in mind when creating this photograph.. but you just have to take note of the many similarities.  Would you even consider this a type of Art Appropriation? Maybe.

What do you think of this image?  And the work of Rineke Dijkstra?

Birthofvenus The Birth of a photographic Genius? or

Just another art appropriation abortion??

All thoughts are welcome.

August 11, 2006

Happy 40th Birthday to Ms Kitty!

If you  haven't read Secondary Art Dealer Extraordinaire, Carole Lieff's August Art Advisor Newsletter..

Download carole_lieff_newsletter_august.htm

you've really missed out! I look forward to laughing with it reading it every month! She's witty, wise, and always well a head of the pack! This month Carole wisely hearts Vik Muniz... Great choice Carole! But, now, how do I get an application to be your muse??? Dr. Quiz wants to apply!

Arbus_trannybirthdaySo, last night was the 40th birthday celebration of our Fire Island whore house-mate Ms. Kitty at The Harrison.

As expected, it was a simply tragic fabulous affair.. Ma, Pa, Dr. Quiz, Chop, Pearl, Missy, Boo, Mini-Boo, Frenchie, Frienchie's Young Hottie (yum!), and several others that were just too old, drunk, slutty, dull, tired, quiet to remember.

We laughed, we cried...we had way too much good food and wine! So, pass the aspirin please, everything is looking a little bit blurry today.. OMG.. I'm getting too old for these events! But at least I'm not 40 yet.

And no bitches this is not a photo of Ms. Kitty, it's the great Diane Arbus Transvestite Birthday Party photo. A MAO favorite!  Plus, Ms. Kitty still has a full set of teeth! XOXO

August 10, 2006

MAO Viewer Fan Mail?

Jill_greenberg_monkeyIt's August..

It's way too hot..

So, not much going on in the NYC Art World this week.

Here's another fun Monkey Portrait

by Jill Greenberg.

Plus here's a piece of crap viewer mail received yesterday from a big MAO fan! NOT!

Thanks for sharing Jeremiah..

What a big surprise, you live in Texas.

It's so nice to be loved!!


From : "Jeremiah McNichols"

Subject : blogged about your Jill Greenberg post re: artist's net worth via controversy

Didn't want to join the dogpile of comments, but thought you might like to know I'm reacting to your Jill Greenberg post. A failed eBay auction proved a good opportunity to comment on your assumptions re: the prima facie value of controversy to an artist's career. For good artists, I'm sure it helps.

Here's a direct link:


If you have thoughts on this matter, share them there or on your own blog! I enjoy yours when you aren't being a complete ass, which is easily 70% of the time.
Jeremiah McNichols

Think In Pictures

August 05, 2006

Art Image of the Week - Nikki S. Lee

So.. have you ever had a romantic breakup so terrible, so intense, so devastating.. that you just wished you could erase all parts of your memory that you ever even knew the asshole person?  Or how about rewriting your own personal history, and just cutting out "The EX" from every picture.


Well.. that's exactly what the social chameleon  and hot photographer Nikki S. Lee has done in The Parts Project.

She has had several creative projects before where she's done an updated version of an "Asian Cindy Sherman.." dressing herself up in numerous modern situations..

But in Parts, Nikki has explored the complex emotional aspects of relationships, and the isolation, pain and insecurity of fucking breakups. If you've never seen the work, here's a detailed review by e-flux of the 2005 show at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO.  Yes.. there's actually a good museum in MO!!

But, there's just something about many of these cut in half, edited images my heart crys out to. To see more from this project.. check out the Leslie Tonkonow Gallery Website.

Of course, she's put together an entire collection of these images to create a new book, and hopefully she's found a new boy friend!

So what do you think of this image? And the work of Nikki S.Lee?

Maybe a "cut" above the rest? LUV ha.. or Hate ha?

August 04, 2006

The August MAO Art Quiz Winner!!

Many tried, but we only had one, The Big Kahuna, blogger HangTen, who stepped up to the Art Obsessed challenge. He was the only MAO Quizling who sent in all the correct answers to the August MAO Art Quiz, and it was within the first six hours of the post, impressive! So it took a while... but  it wasn't too tough for the art wise A.J! Congrats!

Aug_artquiza_1 The first, AMAZING, photo was of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty,

and it was taken by Photographer David Maisel.

It was one of the many powerful environmental focused works within the project, Maisel called Terminal Mirage.

There is also this wonderful book, by Maisel, "The Lake Project"  published in 2004, featured many of the scary phosphorescent ariel images from a project featuring the area around the Owens Lake, California... well.. so much for the natural beauty of the wrong west coast!

I first saw this image, I believe, when it was used for many of the Whitney Museum's Smithson show ad last year.

Aug_artquizb_1 The second photo was a direct appropriation of the uber famous Cindy Sherman's self-portrait, Untitled #92. This original image was the cover of one of her most popular books Cindy Sherman : Centerfolds published in 2004. This new work was a brilliant recreation by male illusionist Artist Yasumasa Morimura. This image was also featured in his hysterical book "Daughter of Art History".

A.J. has wisely chosen White Columns, as the beneficiary for a donation.
Actually, provocatively, A.J. has requested, for us to take the donated cash, and purchase lottery tickets, and then send the proceeds to White Columns. I've checked with our Audit Staff at MAO, plus sought the sage advice of Dr.Quiz.  Actually the ever socially moral, Dr. Quiz, Vetoed the entire Lotto deal. Dr. Quiz, strongly looks down upon the Lottery, and most State run Gambling, as a very self selected ignorance tax on the poor of our country.  Yikes! So, unless there's a strong out cry for rolling the dice on LOTTO. Maybe it's best to maintain peace in the MAO household, just make the donation directly to White Columns. Plus, they can always use the cash to buy lottery tickets if they think a prudent use of the donation.

August 02, 2006

DUMBO Arts Center's new "Point of Purcha$e" Show

If you haven't noticed.. almost every inflated Chelsea Gallery is now closed on weekends. They clearly don't need to care about the everyday working stiff collector who can only see gallery shows on the weekend.
         So, this Saturday night was a welcome change and a summer pleasure to attend the opening party at the DUMBO Art Center... Yes.. I know.. Can you believe it, MAO does Brooklyn!!  This new show is called - "Point of Purcha$e" and all I can say, it's well worth every penny, even a trip across water, to Brooklyn!
         The group show was wonderfully curated by Gretchen Wagner from MOMA. Pulling together the work of no less than 13 young artists, Gretchen has assembled a very cohesive exhibition. All the works have continuity. There were even sum un-expected fun details, like the super colorful retail flyer filled with ads for the artists work. Very cute!
Andrewlynn_whirlmart               While there were may strong works in the show, these were getting the most attention, plus they're the only ones I managed to get clear photos of..damn this tiny camera!!

"Whirl-Mart" by Andrew Lynn - Multimedia/performance. (Photo #1)

"Jordache Sheer, Camp Shirt (lucky Time)" by Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Clothing, photograph and hanger.Keithpavia_buylucky (photo #2)

"Buy Buy Lucky Lucky" by Keith Pavia, acrylic on canvas. (Photo #3)

      The party rocked on from 6 to 9pm, but their wasn't a free bar, shock and awe!.. so Dr. Quiz, and our friends Dutch and Hobbit all wanted to leave immediately to catch a drink little of the completely amazing Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park sunset views. It's a total WOW! (photo #4).

It's well worth the trip, across water, to see this show. It's up until September 24th, I think they are open on Saturdays, and be sure not to miss the views from the Park!

PS - A Dumbo_sunsetspecial thanks go out to, one of the shows artists, Photographer Brian Ulrich, for taking the time to email MAO an invitation to this opening!

Continue reading "DUMBO Arts Center's new "Point of Purcha$e" Show" »

August 01, 2006

The August MAO Art Quiz

Appropriate or inappropriate appropriations.. ?  I'm still obsessed thinking about the topic, and Kota Ezawa's Nan Goldin appropriation from last weeks image of the week. Sadly, not many readers commented.  Thanks.. AJ your thoughts were much appreciated!  But, thinking about contemporary artists appropriating the work of other contemporary artists, you can't help wonder if it's just artistic mental masterbation  all too insular, and does the current copycat artist really add anything new to the original work of art they are copying appropriating? Hmm...

Keeping in this twisted mind set, this months August MAO Art Quiz are two very different types of contemporary art appropriations.  Also, the last few months of quiz were answered way too quickly in under 10 minutes, so this quiz needed to be a bit more difficult. So we'll see how long this one takes...and which Art Genius steps up to the challenge!

In both cases, these are photographers appropriating other contemporary artworks.

So to win, first the easy part, please give the names of the original appropriated art works, and the original brilliant artist who's work which as been appropriated.

Then, the hard part, give the two names of the current copycats artist who created each of these current photo's.

Image A Aug_artquiza

Image B Aug_artquizb

The first person in with ALL the correct answers gets to pick their favorite charity for a generous donation to be made in their honor.

Good Luck!

You can also email your answers to [email protected]

So, what do you think, are these truly new art works, or just bad photo imitations of great original works? Have these artists really added anything new to the art world or have they just added too much cash to their retirement accounts ?  Will any of these new approprations really stand the test of time or will they quickly fade into art world obscurity?