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August 30, 2006

MAO Hearts L & M Arts!

As a former Goldman Sachs & Co. employee.. L & M Arts serves as the quintessential role model for all, would be art dealer, Wall Street Hustler types....

Always a class act... their new upcoming Fall Season show, has a certain ring to it.. 

Just Beautiful!   Clearly one show not to be missed by MAO fans. Andywarhol_mao                                       

Now, if they'd only develop a gallery website to match the quality of their gallery...


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Wow.. You'd think with all that cash from his days at Gold-mine Sachs..

L & M would spend a few pennies on a respectable website!

They're spending all their money on the invites. This one was gold-embossed red leather. I'm turning mine into a smart little wallet for the fall season!

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