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August 10, 2006

MAO Viewer Fan Mail?

Jill_greenberg_monkeyIt's August..

It's way too hot..

So, not much going on in the NYC Art World this week.

Here's another fun Monkey Portrait

by Jill Greenberg.

Plus here's a piece of crap viewer mail received yesterday from a big MAO fan! NOT!

Thanks for sharing Jeremiah..

What a big surprise, you live in Texas.

It's so nice to be loved!!


From : "Jeremiah McNichols"

Subject : blogged about your Jill Greenberg post re: artist's net worth via controversy

Didn't want to join the dogpile of comments, but thought you might like to know I'm reacting to your Jill Greenberg post. A failed eBay auction proved a good opportunity to comment on your assumptions re: the prima facie value of controversy to an artist's career. For good artists, I'm sure it helps.

Here's a direct link:


If you have thoughts on this matter, share them there or on your own blog! I enjoy yours when you aren't being a complete ass, which is easily 70% of the time.
Jeremiah McNichols

Think In Pictures


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Don't pay attention to that Texas fool..

I love you MAO!

Wow. It's like he knows you! =;>)

I've heard Ms. Greenberg's next project will be portraits of kittens stuck in trees. Meeeew!!

Don't feel bad, Mike. On Wednesday I got a rabid email from a blog reader calling me "delusional and fascist" and a few other things (in capital letters). And this was in response to a post about finding folk art at yard sales.

Maybe it's the heat?

Mike... I think it sounds like you have a Blog Stalker!

Thanks Lisa..
Folk Art Hate Mail?? Yikes!! I guess there are some real odd people out there on the world wide web.. so you think, maybe they're all not in TEXAS! LOL!

Thanks Christine...
I guess you're right.. That's scary to think about.. I always thought KennyT was my only stalker! ;-)

If you want me to get rid of that other stalker, you just let me know. Won't be a problem.

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