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September 21, 2006

An Arbus opening and book signing

Last night was the book signing and gallery opening party for the daughter of photography legend Diane Arbus and 1980's Village Voice photographer Amy Arbus.

The work seems to be attracting a lot of press, Amy Arbus had a half page story in this Sunday's NYT, "Annals of Self-Invention" by Philip Gefter.

Amyarbus_baldhead86 Well the night as was as expected.. packed full with a very "Arbus" crowd. (my snapshots from the event will be posted tonight) Even the TV star husband of Diane Arbus and father to Amy was in attendance. You may remember Allan Arbus as the actor who played Psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman on the series M.A.S.H.

Amy was super nice, and she was so courteous to talk with each person as she signed your book.

While Amy's work will always be compared to her mothers amazing photographs, the new book, On the Street by Amy Arbus has some great NY city 80's nostalgic images. 

Here's one image from the book and show, "Bald Head", 1986, Gelatin silver printed 1990, 20" x 16" Edition of 75.

The show is up till Oct 14th, at the Cohen Amador Gallery on 57th street.


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I ordered the book on Amazon and keep checking my mailbox a zillion times a day, waiting for it.

MAO.. I almost hate you for being able to go to these NYC events.
There's nothing like that here in Western PA!
I never thought much of Amy Arbus work... but thanks for pointing it out.. I want to get that book...

now if you only knew where I can get a signed one...

Hahaha cool image!

I wish the subject was a little more attractive or interesting, then we can
talk about the composition and then see whether or not there are any great photo skills employed.. just aiming a cam at some funky shit doesn't make anything
great .. Go to Flickr and you will see thousands of interesting and GREAT photographs... THOUSANDS !!!!

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