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September 15, 2006

An Art Show by Popular Vote!!

Have you ever gone to a group art exhibition and said afterwords.. "I really wish they would have included work by <bla...bla...blaa..insert your favorite artists>?"  Or.. I think everybody said.. "Those foolish biennial curators don't know what they are doing.. they should have included... X, y and z artists!!"

Well, now's your big chance to add your 2 cents!! A  competition is being held by the Saatchi
Gallery and London's Guardian newspaper.  The artists who get the most votes will appear in an exhibition in London.  The contest ends on September 18th.  So go Vote Now ! Click Here !! You too can be a curator!

FYI....I've already voted.. and not to persuade MAO readers too much.... but two of my favorite artists are in the running !! 

Painter..Randywray_nestraider Randy Wray..

He shows at the ab fab, Nada Club Derek Eller Gallery here in NYC..

Randy uses a unique blend of sculpture, and computer aided drafting to create his complex and seductive paintings.

Here's just one example, it's called

"nest raider," 2006, acrylic, paper, epoxy clay, glitter, pencil, oil paint on canvas
48 x 36 inches.

(photo #1) but

You can check out more of Randy's recent work on his own website.


Brian_ulrick_granger_inPhotographer... Brian Ulrich.

Brian is included in the new Aperture book on three emerging photography artists.. called MP3

He was also one of the featured artists in the recent "Point of Purchase" show in Dumbo. 

This image is called "Granger, IN" 2004.

Here's a little exert on Brian from aperture.org about the book..

Brian Ulrich shoots in malls, grocery stores, and warehouses, documenting the bounty of commercial goods available to consumers and the peculiarities of the places that offer them for sale. Ulrich is interested in how people act in these spaces. From cathartic to catatonic, the shoppers in Ulrich’s pictures may be caught up in fantasy or quite simply overwhelmed, but they are most certainly familiar.

OK.. well.. I've added my 2 cents.. so now please go cast your votes. (for Randy and Brian!!)


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hmmm....interesting picks.

Ulrich's work is definitely about to emerge from its relative obscurity, and it's none too soon. He's a terrific artist, and the prints themselves are superb.

Here's more on his work:

Nice picks.!

Kelli Connell (from the MP3 Aperture Book Set) is going to be looked back on in 10 years as The major early talent in the world of photography.

It's U-L-R-I-C-H, bitch!!!

Brian Ulrich shoots old school with a medium format Contax, Exlax!!!

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