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September 09, 2006

MAO Art Image of The Week by Zoe Strauss

You may remember this new hot artist from the 2006 Whitney Biennial.  And while some of the 2006 WhiBi artists have almost already been forgotten... Marilyn whoWalker somebody? Some girlfriend from LA named Bradford? or some retail queen named Mechsepper?   What, Pasta Vezzoli, no, I'd rather have lasagna ??   

Ms. Zoe Strauss has been a busy busy Philly girl.. with recent solo shows in Philly @ the ICA, and in LA at Acuna-Hansen gallery, plus her work was in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and of course we can't forget her.. Under The I-95 Project!

Well NYC art world.. she's back!! This Friday, September 15th at 7pm will be Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney Museum!

Click here for Free Tickets It's going to be quite an event!

In fact.. Here is a post from Zoe's own blog regarding the planning for this night...

Because the feel of "Zoe Strauss night at the Whitney" will be more like a prom with presentations and discussion, as opposed to a turgid lecture, I am soliciting ideas for a theme.
The theme is always "Zoe Strauss," but what about just taking it a little further?

I have some theme ideas for Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney.

"You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC is top of the list.
"You'll Never Walk Alone" ,"You're All I Need to Get By" ,"American Girl" and of course "Diving into the Wreck"
How bout...
"The Lavender Menace","The Battle of Blair Mountain","Escape to Witch Mountain","Close Encounters of the Third Kind","Vertigo","Manifest Destiny"

OR what's turning out to be the winner in my mind
"The Manhattan Project"

Manhattan Project could include so much...as seen at the Levy opening, we could have manhattans served with dry ice dropped to the bottom.
how about a bikini "atoll" contest? .....

Zoestrauss_womanwithchesttatoo_1So in preparation for ZOE's big night at the Whitney.. where everyone who's ANYONE in the NYC Photo world will be there.. we have our MAO Image of the Week!

OK...So.. There's just something about this photo that strikes me.  While most viewers find Zoe's inner city neighborhood shots both powerful and saddening. I find her shocking hyper realist portraits the strongest.

I'm not sure if it's this middle aged woman's 1980's blond hair style, the long taxi cab yellow finger nails, or her tacky fake snake skin dress...it all just screems makeover draws in the viewer.

Zoe has a signature eye all her own, but you always seem to spot a little Diane Arbus, some Walker Evans, and just a bit of Nan Goldin influence, carefully blended into her photographs. Be sure to check out more of her gritty, often mesmerizing images at www.ZoeStrauss.com

So.. What do you think of this image? And the work of Zoe Strauss? Clearly MAO is a fan..

Now if she wouldd just get an rich influential NYC spin doctor art dealer to pump up represent her... god only knows how far this Philadelphia talent's photography career will go! Sooo..Mooove over Loretta Lux!! Here comes Zoe Strauss!

And for those clueless individuals whom are not yet familiar with Zoe's work, you can read more in a ton of publications and websites...here's just a few to get started..

So see you all this Friday Night at The Whitney!

Oh.. and Dr. Quiz... Sorry, but we're going to be getting a late start on our normal weekend out in East Hampton...so, just pick me up in front of the Whitney.. around 9:30ish! Thanks..


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Mike... must you always put our weekend plans on a public website?? Grrrr...

I'm sooo making you take the LIRR out there!

I wanted to come too you bitch! I hate you!

Hey Rocco..
This is for next FRIDAY!
So yes, you can join me at both the Whitney, and for the weekend out in East Hampton if you'd like.

Great choice... Zoe Strauss ROCKS!

She was by far the most impressive photographer at the Biennial. Plus she sells her work for $5 per photo!

MAO, You're 100% correct.. Zoe is a modern day Walker Evans!!

ok but we're driving out in my BMW and not your jeep!

I took the subway for the first time in 3 years on friday and I swear i am totally scarred.

First, thanks for this awesome shoutout. You know I love you, MAO!
Now, #2, see you Friday!

This is like that John Waters movie Pecker! Except this is real life. I like her work fine but this hype seems like classic NY pretentious art snobs trying to ride rough tough "street" photographer from down and dirty philly. This hype is all a little fake and over the top.

Thanks Art Brute..
I understand your point.. and lord knows you're not the first person to ever call me a pretentious art snab online.. I guess my writing can come across that way. Most of the time I'm actually joking.. though I'm sure most readers miss my attempt at humor.
But, FYI, Dr.Quiz & I look and sound more like Zoe's subjects than your typical modern art collectors!

I don't think our praise is fake at all.. Her work runs an interesting parrallel (and extension) to the work of popular art photographers Alec Soth, Phillip Lorca DiCorcia, and Wolfgang Tillmans. All of which I love.
The subject matter maybe a bit different.. but I think the quality of the work stands on it's own merits very easily.

and she's a sweetheart!

Don't worry Dr. Quiz, nobody really reads this site who would really want to be in East Hampton. Well, except me.
IT'S SOLD OUT MIKE@MAO! Now what am I going to do my lonesome this Friday evening?!?!?!?! Oh, that's right, dinner for one at Per Se. And I'm going to love every single minute of it!

OK, if you only knew how sick it was that I have to keep checking this post to see what you guys are saying. I'm totally serious, I've checked it like 90 times now. I'm out of my mind.

Anyway, I am super excited for Friday, see you there!

Well, you can start by getting me a ticket Zoe. Geez!

Nice choice MAO..

The photo is very strong and quite original. Zoe has managed to capture a funny and provocative moment and expression. In some of the same ways I'm fond of Catherine Opie's work, it's both a powerful yet a 100% feminine portriat.

ok, she won't come back 91 times...lets spread some Zoe rumors now.

Nice try, Mark. Think I should be busy doing other important work instead of reading this awesome post over and over? Think again!

I heard zoe likes uncut and Gino's over Pats.

Thats the word.

I can't dispute that. I guess that's just common knowledge!

Weird. I prefer that as well!
What a great time I had last night, Zoe. Even though I HATE Tom Petty... It all culminated at a rainy Tom Petty concert at Alpine Valley on my birthday. Mike, I expect Tom Petty to be playing on a continuous loop tomorrow.
Can't wait to find a spot for my photos!

I'm sorry about your Tom Petty hatred, but American Girl HAS to be the song with the gender slide show! Now, thanks so, so much for coming. I thought it turned out ok except for the slides being too dark! What photo did you get?

Zoe was rockin last night!

Sorry..Zoe.. I had to leave early.. plus I couldn't push through all your fan club memebers to even say hi!!

KennyT.. My Lady!! Didn't you get the Memo..?? Tomorrow night's party is the annual NYC Tom Petty Fan Club meeting! so "Dont come around here no more!!!"

I got a Daddy Photo too!! Luv it!

WooHoo! as they say.. "You Got Lucky".. cause I'm "Free Falling!!"

Mike! Thanks so much for coming...I know it was crazy after the talking and then the guards were like "get the hell" out right away. I mean, I love the Whitney and all, but give a lady a little time! Christ!
Why were they trying to make us "live like a refugee?"

Really, thanks again for coming. It's kind of bizarre because I really only know you through your blog, but means a lot to me that you came.

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