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September 29, 2006

Busy.. But not too busy to miss Nikki S. Lee's Movie Premier At MOMA

It's been a busy busy art filled week.. yes.. I know.. it's tough being an over paid pompous art snob art collector in NYC!

But Next week promises to be just as good!!

So... If you didn't already.. go pick up tickets today for the new ffilm Premier of Nikki S. Lee's film at MOMA. The film is called.. what else... "a.k.a. Nikki S.  Lee."
Nikki_s_lee_hiphopOn October 5th at 6:30 Miss Nikki S. Lee will be in attendance!! (Photo #2, Self Portrait, "The Hip Hop Project" #1, 2001, Chromogenic color print, 21 x 28)

Of course.. Everybody who's anybody in the NYC photography world will be throwing attitude there!!

See you at the movies!


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So.. Mike,
are you getting tickets for me??

What time am I meeting you at MOAMA?

Hey There,
great Blog and great approach to the NYC art world;new in town, overwhelmed by the art craze and loving it all; going to the Pool Art Fair next week to see if i can understand a little something; i will certainly end up loving every single work...!!!
Take care

Frankly, with all these posts all you're doing is trying to pump up the prices of your own art collection - like Charlie Finch. It's pretty transparent. Your enthusiasm would have more merit if you WEREN'T a collector.


You are such a busy fellow! Keep it up! This way I can just stay home and still be in the know.


Thanks for reading and commenting Anonymous...

But What do you expect..??
I'm going to write about and collect the artists I'm excited about. At least I'm up front about it.

Do you really think other art bloggers/critics "with merit" are not art collectors?? or at least telling their friends & family what to collect & buy??

Waiter.. reality check!!

MAO got to meet Melee? I look forward to hearing about that!

Please, please, please write about the Nikki S. Lee film. I was unable to make it to the city for the screening and would love to know what you thought about it. By the way, picked up the Felix Gonzalez Torres book and it is wonderful! Thanks for the heads up.

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