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October 20, 2006

Candida Hofer Mania!!!

OK.. now while there were many shocking prices paid at this weeks NYC Photography Auctions.

This Lot at Phillips on Thursday Nights Food Fight Auction certainly needs to be put in the "What in the World are these CRAZY people thinking!!" category.

This 2004 photo by Candida Hofer, Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal Den Haag III, 2004, Color Coupler print, 59 1/4 by 47 1/4 inches, Signed in ink on the label, with typed title, date, and numbered 6 of and edition of 6.  Sold for a total insane cost of $90,000.



What am I missing??


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you're missing one of the other six.

Actually.. MAO..

I think, you're missing The $90,000 Bucks to BURN!!

Another misogynistic art collector. lol. I'm actually happy about the price. Good for her!

I think you are missing the "believe everything the Consensus Crowd believes", herd mentality. Thank God. Keep to your own vision!

Its just more of the same:


Could we do a series of "guess the artist" with these?


maybe it really went with the color scheme

KennyT.. Me?? MAO? A misogynistic art collector? No Way!

I think I probably own more Art & Photography produced by women then men.. Nikki S. Lee, Nan Golden, Cindy Sherman, Susan Derges, Berenice Abbott, Helen Levitt, Shirin Neshat, etc.. MAO loves them all!!

Actually I don't hate the Candida Hofer work.. just these prices are INSANE, even if the Photo does match the buyer's Sofa!! Thanks JH.. But $90K is crazy!!

Oh, I know you're not misogynistic, MAO! Just ribbing.
BUT, compared to her contemporaries (and that would be Struth, Ruff, Gursky, et. al), she's cheap. I feel much of her work stands up to theirs and honestly think she gets the short end of the price stick because she is female. A female who represented Germany in Venice. Not even those guys have done that. She's still a relative bargain.

Why not Candida? My god, pictures of convenience stores by Gursky sell for 20 times as much. I think it may be genetic, but Hofer's pictures are electrifying to me. Go figure.

MAO... you forgot... It's PRETTY!!

What else would matter in this crazy art world??

I would like to send an e-mail to candida hofer. Please would someone help me? Thanks.

I guess you are just to dumb to understand art and art theory!

fART for fARTS sake!

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