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October 02, 2006

MAO October Art Quiz.. Katrina, Katrina, Katrina!

So if you've turned on a TV for even a few minutes during hurricane season this year.. you were sure to have been bombarded with images of Post Katrina damage.  So too is the NYC art world this month.. Hitting the museums, art galleries, art fairs, and book shelves.. it's all about Katrina!

Which brings us to the question of the month.. can meaningful art be made from exploiting this natural disaster. Is ANY of it any good?  Can you even tell one artist's work from another..?? So how many photographers will try to squeeze a buck out create something meaningful from it?? And Why???

So far we've seen a significant amount of work from these Photographic artists..

  1. Jane Fulton Alt,
  2. Mitch Epstein
  3. Chris Jordan
  4. Robert Polidori
  5. Stephen Wilkes.

Here are some of the less dull interesting (IMO) images from each of their Katrina projects...

  • Photo A
  • Katrina1
  • Photo BKatrina2
  • Photo CKatrina3
  • Photo DKatrina4
  • Photo EKatrina5
  • OK..  Now the BIG Challenge..
  •     Match the photo to the Artist.

Can you do it? There are only 120 different possible guesses.. but only one correct answer..

So the first person to match each photographer with their photo.. wins!

Either a 1 year basic museum membership or a donation to your favorite arts based charity to be given in the winner's honor..Feel free to email your guess to [email protected]

Good luck.. and Happy image googling!!

Extra MAO bonus photography genius points..  at least 3 of these images (are currently or) have been in museum shows.. which artists..and name the museum shows??


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Not Katrina photos but let's not forget Joel Meyerowitz's new book (on sale at Costco, by the way, for 30% off): http://www.joelmeyerowitz.com

Hurricane season is upon us--maybe I'll get my camera gear ready...


I'm sure that's Mitch Epstein in Photo B..cause I saw it at ICP.
But all the rest look the same to me!

Chris Jordan (Paul Kopeikin Gallery)
Mitch Epstein (Icp)
Robert Polodori (MET)

They all look totally forgettable to me!

But, I think that third photo is by Polidori.. and it's currently in the Met show.. a very fluffy show!

So, MAO, Who's Jane Alt??

Check out another Katrina portfolio by a guy named Wyatt Gallery: http://www.wyattgallery.com/. Some of the images are actually really nice. He is having shows all over the country, and I know some curators and dealers buying the work. . .

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