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November 29, 2006

Kiki Smith - A Gathering, At the Whitney

So.. while everyone in NYC was out doing their post Thanksgiving shopping or packing up their entire gallery inventory for their trip to Shop Art Basel Miami.
Kiki_smith_bronze_whitney1Dr. Quiz and I went to the Whitney this weekend, and while they may need some more space..
maybe even a new space in Chelsea..
they've packed one hell of an amazing group of shows in that museum.
The Most impressive was the new :
Kiki Smith, A Gathering, 1980 - 2005
show on the third floor.
The show, organized by the Walker Art Center looks 100% perfect at the Whitney!

Since it's already been everywhere, here's a few essays and reviews..


The exhibition has a full spectrum of Kiki's thought provoking work, including prints, drawings, Wax sculptures, books, and jewelry.

But, I have to admit.. we were blow away by her bronze statues.  There were several..all beautiful and just a bit unsettling.

(photo #1, Lilith, 1994, silicon, bronze and glass, 33 x 27 1/2 x 19 inches)

We also loved (photo #2 :Untitled, Crystal and Rubber, 1989-90) from Kiki's sexual reproduction series.  In this one, Kiki Smith has hand crafted a large pool of 200 crystal spermatozoa swimming in circles on black rubber, both amusing and a little creepy. Reportedly.. each crystal sperm is unique, and even include the artists fingerprints. Absolutely well worth seeing in person.

Oh.. and FYI.. if you didn't take our wise advice, you can go see the June'06 - MAO Art buy of the Month.. both of these Crown Point Press prints are in this Whitney show! They look great too!

Don't miss it! The show runs till February 11th. There's also a great Walker Show Catalog.


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Hey MAO..

One of the Kiki Smith Crown Point Press Prints are still available for $5,000.

Spider art, Spider art!

Hi Mao,
Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful oeuvre.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

i saw a impresionat work in a video conference at my school and was amazing great job

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