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November 13, 2006

Marilyns, and Jackies and Maos.... OH MY!!

Warhol_marilyn_at_christies It's total Art Auction Mania in NYC this week.. the herds of sheep crowds at Sothebys Contemporary Art Preview this Sunday afternoon were insane. In total there's almost $80 Million worth of inflated Warhol Marilyns, Jackies and Mao's being dumped on the auction block this week.

(Photo Example : Warhol's, Orange Marilyn, from Christies Lot 32, Estimate $10 to 15 Million)

Here is Bloomberg's Linda Sandler auction preview..

Download Bloomberg_Nov06Auction.txt,

It's filled with some "outstanding" quotes,
but these two were truly too stupid close to the modern art obsessed heart..so we have to single them out...

``Warhol is like Microsoft,'' said New York private dealer Alberto Mugrabi

- Sotheby's has a small Mao image from David Whitney's collection at a $350,000 top estimate on Nov. 16 that ``could bring $1 million in this current wacky atmosphere,'' Richard Polsky said. ``The whole Mao thing is wild.''

Well..there you go, a Nov'06 MAO Quiz guess from the man who butchered wrote.. I Bought Andy Warhol.

So post your bid soon!! There's only a few days left!


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Thats fine, because we all know Leonardo da Vinci is like Apple.

I take exception to your comment about "butchering" I Bought Andy Warhol.

Why don't you contribute something to the art world — instead of criticizing people.

Thanks Richard Polsky for your comment..

But last time I checked.. I think Criticizing IS contributing something to the art world.. Just ask Jerry Saltz. NO?

It also informs people..

Like letting people know your book.. is a total waste of time/bore!

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