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November 24, 2006

New Photography Book by Phaidon: Vitamin Ph !

For all those Art Photography Enthusiasts.. If you haven't picked it up yet.. run out and get this MAO MUST book Today! It's a brand new survey of the up and coming stars of the Art Photography world.

Vitamin_ph_new_perspectives_in_photograp Vitamin Ph : New Perspectives in Photography

published by


The introduction of the book is written by TJ Demos.

Granted it's a broad survey, but it gives the reader a super current road map for the direction of Art photography.

These 121 photographers were chosen by 79 curators, 11 lords-a-leaping, several established artists, and 2 turtle doves a few art critics.... I guess they couldn't find a partridge in a pear....!!

In summery, the book includes lots of new, established, and some soon to be famous photographers from 40 different countries.

Since I'm so sure you're all super curious..

Here are the MAO TOP 20 PICKS to watch from among the too many featured in the book..(list in alphabetical order) :

  1. Valerie Belin,
  2. Olaf Breuning,
  3. Anne Collier,
  4. Kelli Connell,
  5. Sharon Core,
  6. Tacita Dean,
  7. Olafur Eliasson,
  8. Anna Gaskell,
  9. Anthony Goicolea,
  10. Nikki S. Lee,
  11. Sharon Lockart,
  12. Vera Lutter,
  13. Ryan McGinley,
  14. Catherine Opie,
  15. Robin Rhode,
  16. Andrea Robbins/Max Becher,
  17. Sarah Pickering,
  18. Alessandra Sanguinetti,
  19. Collier Schorr, and
  20. Alec Soth.

My sincere congrats to all 121 artists... Wow!! now, that's a lot of young photographers!!

Oh... and if you were wondering what to get that "someone special" for Christmas....try some Vitamins... P, D, and now Ph to put some muscle in your art book collection.


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This is a great book! So many of my favorites in your top 20. Also, you should look at "Face" by William Ewing. It's a great book just out with some really great emerging and well known photographers (including Carrie Levy).

A very impressive ouevre.
Best wishes,

fyi, the intro was writting by "TJ" not "TD" Demos.


And my husband complains that I'm hard to buy presents for!

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