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November 06, 2006

Why There's Almost NO CHANCE For Art Prices To Fall In 2007

Well.. the preliminary numbers are in!!!  Lets just say... there will be freakin truck loads Billion and Billions of Wall Street Bonus Dollars to grease the wheels of every NYC Art Gallery, Auction House, Coke Dealer, Real Estate Agent, Strip Joint and Sports Car Dealership this Christmas Season..So.. HO HO HO! Pass the MONET and Let the merriment begin!


2006 is shaping up to be another record year for Wall Street. Just the average employee at Goldmine Sachs will be getting over $600k... and like anyone at Goldman is just average!! Hence it will be raining cash for quite some time around the NYC area. Now, I hope you gallery people are fully stocked up with over priced precious art to peddle.. cause these newly minted Hedege Fund egomaniacs Millionaires are going to want some trophies,toys pretty art to impress their friends.

If the chart above didn't already make you green say enough, here's a the gross details from Christine Harper of Bloomberg News ==> Download BloombergNews_2006WallStreet_Bonuses.txt


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Interesting point about Wall Street bonuses propping up art prices. I guess we'll be seeing some pretty giddy auction results, eh?

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