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December 06, 2006

Double Feature.. Photo Maimi and NADA 2006 Art Fairs

Last night we went in the damn rain to the Previews of the Photo Miami and the NADA Fair.
Neither fair was super busy, as we had expected.. NADA had a few more people throwing attitude, but their booths are smaller and seem closer together.  Actually I was shocked both Art Fairs looked so very high end professional and slick.. great lighting, well organized.. very BASEL/convention centerish.. Great Job!

Some stand outs for the Photo Miami Fair..

  • Taiji Matsue's landscapes at Cohen Amador
  • Brian Finke's Football Player photo's At ClampArt
  • More of Edward Burtynsky's China series at Flowers
  • Alexandre Orion's huge street photo's at Foley Gallery
  • Julia Peirone's work at galerie f5,6
  • New Massimo Vitali NY Beaches at Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea

Some Stand outs at the NADA Fair..

  • Derrick Adams (Photo #1..The Rat) at the Legion BoothDerrick_adams_rat_at_nada_06
  • The Entire Legion Booth, put together by Lisa Kirk (Photo #2)
  • Kamrooz Aram and Steven Walls at Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery
  • Rob Fischer's Photo's and Sculpture at Cohen and Leslie Gallery
  • Danica Phels work at Ritter/Zamet and another galleryLegion_booth_nada_lisa_kirk


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Hey MAO!!
I love that Rat!!
Too cool...

So?? did you see everything getting bought already?

Early reports are that things are not selling, and some works may actually be available... true or false?

Hey Dutch...
Good guestion..
Well.. At NADA it didn't look as crazed, not every booth was covered with red dots like last year. So that might be true...

Derrick's rat is awesome! We recognize the bear as Alex Singh's, a recent grad from SVA's mfa program.

We spoke with Lisa K about the LEGION project; it's fascinating to watch her shift from artist, curator, dealer, and back - keeping it all consistent to her ideas about art practice.

Thanks for the photos!

Hey, thanks for the vote for Derrick Adam's rat at our NADA booth.. I'm working with Lisa Kirk at the LEGION booth and things are going super well!! Hope to see everybody stopping by.. we have a stainless steel mirrored floor! And yes, the bear is by Alex Singh. Thanks again!

Your Oliver obsession is so transparent.

Oliver who?

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