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December 29, 2006

Naughty or Nice? A Post Christmas Art Outing in NYC

So most of the Art World is closed for the entire week in NYC... just one of the many signs that times are too good.

So Dr. Quiz and I have spent the last few days fattening ourselves up for the long cold winter. But while I was looking through the bottom of my empty tasty pudding bowl, I was surprised to read in this weeks TimeOut Magazine, Andrea K. Scott's "The Best (and Worst) of 2006"  a positive listing for the current show at the newly re-opened Bronx Museum. Hence an Art plan for this weekend; dust off the Atlas.. and find trek up to the Bronx. It's a show of Brazilian Art from the 1960's to today.. guest-curated by Carlos Basualdo, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. So how bad can it be??? Plus, I just loved the Banner Ad for the show by AVAF...

So?? anyone up for a road trip to the Bronx? Has anyone reading ever been to the Bronx this museum?? Do we need to bring a language interpretor our passports?

Tropicália: A Revolution in Brazilian Culture


(Photo #1: assume vivid astro focus,Baby, 2003, Floor sticker,Dimensions variable)

The show has recieved several rave reviews :

  1. 5 Stars from Joseph R. Wolin of TimeOut Magazine
  2. New York Magazine, Review by Mark Stevens
  3. NY Times review by Holland Cotter
  4. Jamie O'Shea of the Blog supertouch
  5. Ariella Budick and Justin Davidson of Newsday

December 22, 2006

Union Square Light Show by Tord Boontje

While everybody is busy starting finishing their Christmas Shopping.. There's a great free public art show in Union Square... but it's only there at night! It's a night time music and light show by Designer/Artist Tord Boontje.  An amazing blending of art and technology, "Bright Nights" is one not to miss!

You'll find it on the cobble stone path inside the park on the norther side of Union Square.
Here's a photo of the cobble stone walkway from the the park ave end, taken around 10:30pm last night. Yes, crazy obsessive NYC people still do art stuff at 11pm!

There's hundreds of shapes which dance to music, plus they're sensitive to peoples movements.
Some will chase you, and others scurry away. It's super interactive, and totally beautiful! They swirl, they zig zag, they morph, the change colors too... they move in a random fashion, it's almost a living light sculpture.. very trippy.. But, all we kept on thinking... these would be even more amazing if we were stoned for kids.

Thanks to Target for sponsoring this fun non-commercial event... and it's super cool and the best thing.. it's 100% free.. so bring the kids they'll have a blast, just Like Dr. Quiz and I!!

Here's a detail of the some of the many changing/morphing images..

Press story about it.

Bright Nights is free and open to the public from Monday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 26. It is open nightly until 11:00 p.m.

December 21, 2006

HAPPY FESTIVUS!! From Rock Center!

Happy FESTIVUS!!, Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays...!Santas_in_candyshop_window

A true work of comic art : The tradition of Festivus begins with an aluminum pole, which Frank praises for its "very high strength-to-weight ratio." During Festivus, the unadorned Festivus Pole is displayed. The pole was chosen apparently in opposition to the commercialization of highly decorated Christmas trees, because it is "very low-maintenance," and also because the holiday's patron, Frank Costanza, "find[s] tinsel distracting."

Just a few photo's from my push walk through the insane crowds at Rockefeller Center last night. 

FYI.. The 2006 Tree is 88 feet tall of Norway Spruce, ~70-80 years old from Ridgefield, CT.... oh and how could we forget those Valerie Clarebout herald angels!!! And, like who the hell was Valerie Clarebout anyway??


December 20, 2006

PPOW Gallery's "Big City Fall" Show

Well.. it's only up till Dec 23, so this weekend is your last chance to catch this great show.

Big City Fall show at the P.P.O.W. Gallery.

It's a reflection on our tragic post 9/11 world, and largely features work from the estate of David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992) dating back the 1980's and it's connection with other gallery artists.

While Wojnarowicz work was a sharp criticism to the way our society ignored reacted to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's, his work seems completely relevant today. 

His large cityscape (Photo #1, Untitled, 1985) 

Wojnarowicz_running_manforeshadowed his mortality and he later wrote, “When I was told that I’d contracted this virus it didn’t take me long to realize that I’d contracted a diseased society as well.”

There are several of David's photo's and sculptures in this show.
Both the running flaming boy (Photo #2, Untitled - Buring boy, 1984) and the entire Sex Series (8) photographs in the back gallery room were great.
The Wojnarowicz work is impressive.. and it's surprising he's not more well known.  But, my guess, most people have not seen enough of it. The last 2 photo's are from a "Christmas Tree" looking Wojnarowicz installation. Nice ornaments!

Wojnarowicz_human_world_scullAlso featured in the show are
Carolee Schneemaan, who's large photograph "Terminal Velocity", 2001 is not to be missed!

and Martin Wong.

Also if you're a Wojnarowicz fan.
There is a new book just published,
by The MIT Press.

I found a copy at the Whitney Book store a few weeks ago.

David Wojnarowicz, A definitive History of five or six years on the lower east side. Interviews by Sylvere Lotringer, Edited by Giancario Ambrosine.

December 14, 2006

Miami Basel - Post Super Bowl Recap.. Aqua Maimi 06

So back in NYC.. with a brief work diversion to Paris.. I just hate when this job thing gets in the way of art collecting. C'est la vie..

First off, this year, The Art Basel Maimi Fair, had a great team running their press relations. They even smartly rolled out the Red Carpet for Art Bloggers.. The Staff at MAO were treated like regular deadwood press.. And, a big MAO Thanks and Congrats for a job super well done goes to Dan Tanzilli.

Secondly.. Yes.. The Main Art BASEL Maimi Fair, as almost everyone has already said.. was the fairest of them all.. Very impressive, very crowded, and very over priced expensive!  But it was a wow..!! Just a few general MAO observations..

  • There were way too many great works to even mention our favorites.. plus so many bloggers, who think they know so much more than us, have already borred us written on it...bla..bla..bla.... and speaking of.... Tyler.. who are you to call MOI snarky!! Pot calling kettle?? FYI... Dr. Quiz & Weather Jeff think you're hot cute by the way...
  • Warhols, Chamberlins, Judds, and Basquiat's were everywhere, but at super high prices
  • Not enough new artists were presented.. most dealers played it safe.aka borring...bringing their biggest most over hyped established names.
  • Unlike last year.. there was "little" Struth, Hofer, Ruff, and Gursky. Hmm.. can you say German SizeQueen Big Photo burnout?..Perhaps..

The Aqua Art Fair.. looked it's best ever.. Good things come in small packages.. plus, you can't beat the free beer!! The MAO standout artists were...

  • David Humphrey's Snowman paintings at  Keith Talent from London, plus at very reasonable prices (under $3k)
  • Debra Butterfield bronze horse sculptures (does she do anything else?) at Seattle gallery, Greg Kucera
  • Joe Fig and Jennifer Dalton at Winkleman Plus Ultra Gallery
  • Susan Jamison Egg tempere on gessoed panel at Irving Contemporary (Wow.. Yet another high quality DC gallery!!)
  • Joe Schmelzer vertical series photographs at Western Project Gallery in that hot bed of contemporary art.....Culver City..where?
  • Robert The Book Sculptor at Steven Wolf Fine Arts Gallery from San Francisco

(FYI...some photos to be posted tonight)

Here's a photo of one of Robert The's great cut book sculptures..but check out this artist'sc cool website..


December 08, 2006

Opening at Pulse Miami...

Pulse Miami managed to get a huge crowd at their brunch preview.. by the time we sobered up out arrived so much was sold already.. red dots everywhere.. dealers looked strung-out happy but dead tired.

Some MAO Standouts..

  • Ellen Harvey Self-Portraits paintings (Photo #1) at Magnusmuller Gallery from Berlin, plus Ellen Harvey had a super cool installation called beautiful/ugly Palm Beach made of 80 paintings and 80 mirrors in the food court
  • Edward Burtynsky's new Airplane grave yard at Nicholas Metlivier Gallery
  • Ken Weaver's huge work at Schroeder Romero Gallery
  • Hung Liu's amazing painting at Walter Maciel Gallery
  • John Gerrard's smoke tree simulation at Hilger Contemporary
  • Andy Hope Diaz at Catherine Clark Gallery
  • Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao at Julie Saul Gallery
  • Lukas Roth at Paul Kopeikin Gallery

Oh.. and a special Shout out goes to the guys at that POSH DCKT Contemporary Gallery.. Their booth looked AMAZING... I think it was actually PULSE-Ating with the impressive work by up and coming super star painter Yoon Lee..Congrat's Guys!


December 07, 2006

~Scope Miami Preview...

Yesterday we went to ~Scope Miami.. So far... our favorite fair so far...
It felt much bigger and better than last year. Congrats guys!! And since most people were fighting the insanity crowds at the main Art Basel Fair preview, it was much more pleasurable to walk around, see and talk with the dealers.

Some of he MAO Standouts were...

  • Nicholas & Sheila Pye's photo's at Curator's Office Gallery from DC (Yes.. there are galleries in DC!)
  • Sarah Pickering at Daniel Cooney Fine Art
  • David Huffman's paintings at Patricia Sweetow Gallery
  • Paulina Lasa's small Gas Stations light box at Art & Idea
  • Maria und Natalia Petschatnikov paintings at Hermann & Wagner
  • Sarah Hobbs photo work at SOLOMON Projects

I'll post some more & photo's tonight.. right now my head is still hurting from all the cocktails sights.
David_huffman_scope_miami_juus_dakar(Photo #1 of David Huffman painting Juuu's Dakar mixed Media 66 x50)

Photo #2 Sarah Hobbs 2 photographs at Salomon Projects

December 06, 2006

Double Feature.. Photo Maimi and NADA 2006 Art Fairs

Last night we went in the damn rain to the Previews of the Photo Miami and the NADA Fair.
Neither fair was super busy, as we had expected.. NADA had a few more people throwing attitude, but their booths are smaller and seem closer together.  Actually I was shocked both Art Fairs looked so very high end professional and slick.. great lighting, well organized.. very BASEL/convention centerish.. Great Job!

Some stand outs for the Photo Miami Fair..

  • Taiji Matsue's landscapes at Cohen Amador
  • Brian Finke's Football Player photo's At ClampArt
  • More of Edward Burtynsky's China series at Flowers
  • Alexandre Orion's huge street photo's at Foley Gallery
  • Julia Peirone's work at galerie f5,6
  • New Massimo Vitali NY Beaches at Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea

Some Stand outs at the NADA Fair..

  • Derrick Adams (Photo #1..The Rat) at the Legion BoothDerrick_adams_rat_at_nada_06
  • The Entire Legion Booth, put together by Lisa Kirk (Photo #2)
  • Kamrooz Aram and Steven Walls at Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery
  • Rob Fischer's Photo's and Sculpture at Cohen and Leslie Gallery
  • Danica Phels work at Ritter/Zamet and another galleryLegion_booth_nada_lisa_kirk

December 04, 2006

30 Hours in SoBe.. The Quiet Before The Storm


Art Basel Miami..
T + 30.

So Dr. Quiz and I have been in South Beach, Miami for just about 30 hours now.

The rest of the NYC Art Masses should be here Tomorrow.

Just a few observations..

  • The entire city has turned into an Art Fair: BASEL, PULSE, SCOPE, Photo Miami, Aqua,etc..the signs are everywhere..
  • Our 30th Floor Condo rental is way more amazing then we expected..Thank you!! www.VRBO.com
  • This 70 degrees weather in Dec.. doesn't suck!
  • The beach is incredible..
  • The people here are way too beautiful..(ie.. I feel FAT!)
  • Being on vacation doesn't suck!
  • There's a flood of new Skyscrapers & Condo's going up in Miami..Can you say real estate crash?
  • The Clubs are filled till late at night, and the beach was filled this early Monday morning..doesn't anyone here actually work for a living? (God I feel OLD!)
  • Looking forward to the Big Tuesday night kickoff for NADA and Photo Miami fairs tomorrow night.

(And no.. that's not me or Dr.Quiz in the photo.. It's by one of the MAO Favorite Photographers.. Lisette Model.. "Coney Island, 1941")

December 03, 2006

MAO Hearts Janet Borden..

I just love Janet Borden's quote in the Sunday NY Times by Philip Gefter, What's New In Photography..

"Of Course, you know the adage, if you can't make it good, make it big. If you can't make it big, make it red. So we do like big red photographs."

Also..a big MAO congrats to Yossi Milo, Brian Clamp, and Dan Conney for being singled out as "A number of younger photography galleries have commended a new kind of respect..."

Oh.. and speaking of Big Red Photographs.. Have you seen this amazing portfolio by Massimo Vitali ??

Published by Steidl in a limited edition of 120 + 20 AP, the portfolio contains 52 plates (90 x 70 cm) of Vitali’s most significant and captivating pieces from the Landscapes with Figures series. I hear the current going price is $10k..not bad for 52 images..no?


December 01, 2006

Chris Dorland Interview - Part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed the insightful thoughts from painter Chris Dorland in Part 1, here's Part 2.

Oh.. and for all those young pushy,opportunistic "enterprising" artists who emailed me asking to be the focus of a MAO Artist Interview.. please take a number.. and you've got to satisfy AT LEAST ONE of 3 requirements....

  1. Be the chosen focus artist of a major American Contemporary Art Fair
  2. Have your work featured on the cover of a significant national art publication
  3. Make an appreciative art donation to the MAO Family Private Art Collection (which reminds me, Chris, I need to talk to you.... )

MAO Q5: Last year, your work was on the cover of the Nov/Dec Issue of Art Papers, and you were the featured artist at the ~Scope Miami Art Fair 2005. That's a lot of attention for a young artist, has it had any impact on your life and artwork?

C. Dorland A5 : Well it’s made me more ambitious with my work. That’s for sure. It’s a very powerful thing to have people believe in you. But other than that my life has not changed. I’m not Chris_dorland_untitled_whiteheat driving a Benz or anything. And that’s a good thing. I’ve been extremely fortunate with my career so far. My success in the world and my successes in the studio have developed organically alongside each other. That’s been a tremendous gift and I’m extremely grateful for that. (photo #1,Untitled (white heat), 2006,oil on linen,44"x66")

MAO Q6: How is the new work in this show different than "The Crystal World" show you had in 2005 ?

C. Dorland A6 : It's better.

MAO Q7: Do you work mostly with B&W photo's? In many of your paintings you have used strong acid toned colors, with ominous toxic glowing horizons. They all have a Sci-Fi feel, it's probably one of the strongest characteristic which immediately identify a painting as a "Dorland." Why have you chosen this signature palette?

C. Dorland A7 : I’ve never intended to have a signature palette or look. Perhaps I do but it’s not something I’ve aimed for. It would be the by-product of something else. Not an end in of itself. (Photo #2, Untitled 2006,ink/enamel/color mylar/photocollage on paper,30x40)

Chris_dorland_untitled_photocollage I work from both color and black and white sources. They each have their own specific qualities. For this body of work I tried to give each piece it’s own distinct color saturation. Most of the works are duo-chromatic. Each painting has it’s own color logic. I try to avoid decorative choices. I can’t just put a blue next to a yellow because it looks good. Instead I set up a restraint: like for instance the color yellow, it’s a given and a constraint. Then I do my best to work around the limitation it imposes. So even though each painting has one or two overwhelming colors, I try to break it up and use other colors to subvert or complement the dominant ones. But it takes time to see the other colors. It’s a slow burn 8.

MAO Q8 : In your new work as well as your last show, these rotunda's and plaza's have no clear people, with no faces or identity. The occupants seem to move and melt into your utopian landscapes. Why? Are you making a specific political statement, or do you have a specific social message you want to express?

C. Dorland A8 : Dedicating one’s life to making objects of little practical use is itself a political act. I am completely engaged with the world I live in.  What I make is a direct response to my dreams and disappointments. But I don’t have any clear political agenda or position. I don’t draw the line. It’s not my job. Activists and politicians do that. Artists observe. We are more like philosophers in that sense. My goal is to find ways of creating meaning out of seemingly irreconcilable contradictions.

MAO Q9: Many artists get inspiration from their friendships, cities, private lives and environments. Impressionist painters were inspired by Paris, Warhol from US Mass Media, Nan Goldin from her friends in the Village, Edward Hopper from his wife & Cape Cod, etc.. You now live in NYC, the home of museums, galleries, grand architecture, and tons of colorful people. What from your life here (people, places, hangouts) has inspired your work?

C. Dorland A9  : I live in the middle of nowhere, at the end of a dead end dirt road. I try to do good things. I listen to music all day. Richard Prince said that. Most days that’s how I feel. I like the Chris_dorland_untitled_color_mylar Internet. I like driving at night. I had dinner on the 72nd floor of the Time Warner Building but the battery on my camera died. Nothing is more inspiring than sunsets and rainy days. Sometimes they can be so beautiful it hurts and I don’t really know what to do with all that feeling. My friends and I like to go to a go-go bar in Queens called the Mermaid. (Photo #3, Untitled 2006
ink/enamel/color mylar/photocollage on paper,30x40)

Chris Thank You very much.

For everyone.. Chris Dorland.. he's one young artist who's keeping the tradition of Contemporary American Painting alive and well in NYC, keep your eye on him.