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December 14, 2006

Miami Basel - Post Super Bowl Recap.. Aqua Maimi 06

So back in NYC.. with a brief work diversion to Paris.. I just hate when this job thing gets in the way of art collecting. C'est la vie..

First off, this year, The Art Basel Maimi Fair, had a great team running their press relations. They even smartly rolled out the Red Carpet for Art Bloggers.. The Staff at MAO were treated like regular deadwood press.. And, a big MAO Thanks and Congrats for a job super well done goes to Dan Tanzilli.

Secondly.. Yes.. The Main Art BASEL Maimi Fair, as almost everyone has already said.. was the fairest of them all.. Very impressive, very crowded, and very over priced expensive!  But it was a wow..!! Just a few general MAO observations..

  • There were way too many great works to even mention our favorites.. plus so many bloggers, who think they know so much more than us, have already borred us written on it...bla..bla..bla.... and speaking of.... Tyler.. who are you to call MOI snarky!! Pot calling kettle?? FYI... Dr. Quiz & Weather Jeff think you're hot cute by the way...
  • Warhols, Chamberlins, Judds, and Basquiat's were everywhere, but at super high prices
  • Not enough new artists were presented.. most dealers played it safe.aka borring...bringing their biggest most over hyped established names.
  • Unlike last year.. there was "little" Struth, Hofer, Ruff, and Gursky. Hmm.. can you say German SizeQueen Big Photo burnout?..Perhaps..

The Aqua Art Fair.. looked it's best ever.. Good things come in small packages.. plus, you can't beat the free beer!! The MAO standout artists were...

  • David Humphrey's Snowman paintings at  Keith Talent from London, plus at very reasonable prices (under $3k)
  • Debra Butterfield bronze horse sculptures (does she do anything else?) at Seattle gallery, Greg Kucera
  • Joe Fig and Jennifer Dalton at Winkleman Plus Ultra Gallery
  • Susan Jamison Egg tempere on gessoed panel at Irving Contemporary (Wow.. Yet another high quality DC gallery!!)
  • Joe Schmelzer vertical series photographs at Western Project Gallery in that hot bed of contemporary art.....Culver City..where?
  • Robert The Book Sculptor at Steven Wolf Fine Arts Gallery from San Francisco

(FYI...some photos to be posted tonight)

Here's a photo of one of Robert The's great cut book sculptures..but check out this artist'sc cool website..



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Must you write our entire life on this damn website??

And, FYI...I didn't say Tyler looked HOT,
I said.. I can't believe he's straight.

LOL! It's that damn Miata! Tricks you every time.

Thanks for the posting and the MAO greatest hits from the Miami fairs....

Those Susan Jamison paintings look amazing.

This site is such fun!
Keep it up.

Color me jealous that you got to go to Miami! Those snow men pictures are so much fun! :)

So MAO... Where are the photo's??

Tyler's not gay?? Are you sure?

Admittedly, the books are nice and all, but it doesn't take long to grow tired of the trick. Doug Beube does similar work (http://www.jhbgallery.com/ - the website is a piece of shit though so you can't link to anything specific), and Saul Chernick, an artist I profiled on the emerging artist series last summer did a bunch of cut books in grad school.

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