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December 08, 2006

Opening at Pulse Miami...

Pulse Miami managed to get a huge crowd at their brunch preview.. by the time we sobered up out arrived so much was sold already.. red dots everywhere.. dealers looked strung-out happy but dead tired.

Some MAO Standouts..

  • Ellen Harvey Self-Portraits paintings (Photo #1) at Magnusmuller Gallery from Berlin, plus Ellen Harvey had a super cool installation called beautiful/ugly Palm Beach made of 80 paintings and 80 mirrors in the food court
  • Edward Burtynsky's new Airplane grave yard at Nicholas Metlivier Gallery
  • Ken Weaver's huge work at Schroeder Romero Gallery
  • Hung Liu's amazing painting at Walter Maciel Gallery
  • John Gerrard's smoke tree simulation at Hilger Contemporary
  • Andy Hope Diaz at Catherine Clark Gallery
  • Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao at Julie Saul Gallery
  • Lukas Roth at Paul Kopeikin Gallery

Oh.. and a special Shout out goes to the guys at that POSH DCKT Contemporary Gallery.. Their booth looked AMAZING... I think it was actually PULSE-Ating with the impressive work by up and coming super star painter Yoon Lee..Congrat's Guys!



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Seriously, if this list doesn't prove he has the worst eye in Miami, I don't know what will. I rest my case.
Last time I go to his heroin-den cocktail party. Not even a MENTION!

That's more like it!

That's more like it!

wow, yoon Lee is a Mehretu wannabe. Hurrah for derivative painters at superhyped art fairs.

Wow, is that comment based on actually experiencing her painting in the flesh or a snap judgement based on viewing a website?

BTW, Yoon acknowledges Mehretu as an influence. Duh. Benjamin Edwards too but I guess that wasn't derivable for you.

And I'd love to find out who or what has "superhyped" Pulse Miami. Let me know!

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