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December 22, 2006

Union Square Light Show by Tord Boontje

While everybody is busy starting finishing their Christmas Shopping.. There's a great free public art show in Union Square... but it's only there at night! It's a night time music and light show by Designer/Artist Tord Boontje.  An amazing blending of art and technology, "Bright Nights" is one not to miss!

You'll find it on the cobble stone path inside the park on the norther side of Union Square.
Here's a photo of the cobble stone walkway from the the park ave end, taken around 10:30pm last night. Yes, crazy obsessive NYC people still do art stuff at 11pm!

There's hundreds of shapes which dance to music, plus they're sensitive to peoples movements.
Some will chase you, and others scurry away. It's super interactive, and totally beautiful! They swirl, they zig zag, they morph, the change colors too... they move in a random fashion, it's almost a living light sculpture.. very trippy.. But, all we kept on thinking... these would be even more amazing if we were stoned for kids.

Thanks to Target for sponsoring this fun non-commercial event... and it's super cool and the best thing.. it's 100% free.. so bring the kids they'll have a blast, just Like Dr. Quiz and I!!

Here's a detail of the some of the many changing/morphing images..

Press story about it.

Bright Nights is free and open to the public from Monday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 26. It is open nightly until 11:00 p.m.


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The best part of this exhibit was standing in the middle of it with my roommate the other night and not realizing we were being lit from above until we looked down.

It's great to find yourself in an exhibit without even knowing it.

Hey Oly... Thanks for the comment.

Hmmm...It sounds like you and your roommate took our advice..

and were comfortably stoned while walking in the Union Square park!

Happy Holidays!

All the drug use being mentioned on this site is REPREHENSIBLE! I'm just SHOCKED!

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