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January 17, 2007

Getting Real with Ron Mueck in Brooklyn

The Ron Mueck show at The Brooklyn Museum is contemporary realism at it's best.
So this weekend Dr. Quiz and I made our way over to the Brooklyn Museum.

Much to our shock and awe.. At noon this Sunday, there had to be at least 500 people waiting on line outside the museum.. and maybe another 500+ people on line inside. But the sad joke of it all... was most of these people were waiting to see the wrong show! But dedicated MAO readers already know, they were all there to see the pathetic disappointing Annie Leibovitz show.

Ron_mueck_wild_manThe real prize at the Brooklyn Museum.. is the new photo-realistic Ron Mueck retrospective show on the 5th floor. Which IMO, was very poorly placed by the Brooklyn Museum, in the former Rodin sculpture rooms.. and way too close to the Leibovitz show.. it made for insane noisy crowds, and security was loose to impossible.

Ron's hyper realistic creations will simply dazzle you.

If you haven't seen it yet.. Run. don't walk to The Brooklyn!! The show is unsettling. It's been a long time since we've been so moved in a museum. Ron's larger than life sculptures are mesmerizing... We just starred at them waiting for them to breath. The Wild Man (Photo #1) was by far our favorite..shocking... the hair, the nails, the skin, the eye lashes.. all a wow... and amazing!

But we probably spent a solid 20 minutes just staring out this self portrait, Mask II. (Photo #2) It's a huge.. 30 x 46.5 x 33.5".. it's scary.. plus you can get real close..thanks to the sleeping,stupid accommodating museum guards.
Ron_mueck_mask_iiBy the way.. the urge to touch is terrible.. cause they are not to be believed...but, please try to keep you hands in your pockets..

There's also a great video playing.. part of which is on the Brooklyn Museum Website.. and of course there's a nice book as well to take home.

Check out these great installation photo's on Jamie O'shea's blog.

Here are some of the many reviews we found around the web..

The Ron Mueck Show continues through Feb. 4 at the Brooklyn Museum.


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I saw the Mueck show amazing with a serious sense of humor. Don't forget to spend a little time with Walton Ford's over the top paintings also being shown at the Brooklyn Museum.On the first Saturday of every month after 5pm the museum has a program called First Saturday it is free well attended and one of the most diverse moments in the art world. The musuem seems to be serving the community it is located in.Do visit !!!!

Wow, seeing the photos here makes me feel that I am with you when you took this photo.But I like to see this personally,if time permits me.

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