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January 24, 2007

I AM WOMAN... hear me SOHO?

Womanizer_poster_deitch_projectsSo our second SoHo stop.. was the Womanizer group show at Deitch Projects.
Now.. We loved the Show Poster (Photo #1), Loved the Show name..but didn't appreciate much else.  Maybe it's a woman thing. If there are any female's left reading this blog.. can you please explain? What exactly does it mean: Taking on the title WOMANIZER, not in the sense of a womanizing male subject but rather to "ize" with or to saturate with femaleness  as it states in the show description?

Anyway.. considering the topic potential, and the reputation of adventurous curators Kembra Pfahler and Julie Atlas Muz, we found most of the show lacking depth or even a fresh provocative message... or perhaps you need that extra chromosome to see it, not sure. But, the main gallery is half filled with large ridiculous photographs of vaginas wearing hats (I'm not kidding!). And while, we at MAO confess to actually having liked a minute or 2 of the Vagina Monologues, we spent most of our frustrated college years trying to avoid looking at these.. needles to say.. it just wasn't happening...Help!

Even more surprising, Jeffrey Deitch was actually in the gallery Saturday afternoon talking with selective visitors.. He even did a good job of totally ignoring us, despite our repeated efforts to engage. Just proving once again, Chelsea has not cornered the market on attitude filled gallery prima donna owner behavior.
Well.. despite the chilly Chelsea style reception and the many talented artists included.. we found the show disappointing. The few bright spots were :

  • The Vaginal Davis room installation (photo #2)
  • A few of the Bambi the Mermaid photo's (none of these to be found online)
  • The overhead E.V. Day installation, but, look up in the main gallery or you'll miss it!

Vaginal_davis_womanizer_event_6The lame ass Deitch website does not have details of either the Vaginal Davis, E.V. Day,  or the Bambi the Mermaid works..
But there's these gallery photos.

They are also having a special short film showing this Thursday Jan 25th from 6 to 10:30pm:
by these artists.. Bijoux Altamirano,
Ned Ambler, The Belles Of The Black Diamond Field, World Famous Bob, Jeremiah Clancy and JVA, Walter Cassidy, Michael Cavadias, Peter Cramer, Joe Coleman, Katrina Del Mar, Mike Diana, Anne Hanavan, Kevin Henson, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, The Inbred Hybrid Collective, Bunny Love, Kembra Pfahler, Breyer P-Orridge, Jack Ritchey, Lola Rock-n-Rolla, Barbra Rudin, Viva Ruiz, Saviour Scraps, MM Serra, Steve Staso, Bec Stupak, Jack Waters, & Sally Webster

Oh.. and if you're going to the Womanizer short film night..I'd suggest you check you're cahones manhood at the door.. cause these WOMAN artists mean business!!

Here's another review by Doug McClemont

The show closes Jan 27th.


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I just now placed the meat grinder image. Hustler magazine had the same basic cover design back in the late 70s or early 80s. Drew a lot of ire in feminist circles, and rightly so.

Wow.. Thank You Lisa!!

OK.. So now.. how does I nice girl like you know about the cover images of Hustler Magazine from the 1970/1980??? And please don't tell us it was only in your home for the good journalism. ;-)

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