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January 31, 2007

Ryan McGinley Madness - and a MAO Reader, Buyer Beware

No one can deny the fever pitch of Ryan McGinley hype buzz Media Love as of late.  Yes, MAO readers.. We too have fallen hard for McGinley. Rumor has it, our very own MAO family collection recently spent a small fortune acquired a couple amazing McGinley photographs.  They really just go so well with our furniture (ie..Goldin, Tillmans, Phillip-Lorca diCorcia, and Larry Clarks, just to name drop a few). 

Ryan_mcginley_morrisseyFor those clueless few who don't know, there's an über-hip show at the TEAM Gallery, of photographs featuring our main man, Morrissey. (Photo #1, Untitled (Morrissey 17) 2006, 14 x 9 inches, edition of 3)

In addition to a MUST READNew York Magazine "Chasing Dash Snow” cover story, the McGinley's media madness has been spilling all over with :

Yes, the height of hipness is giving even MAO a nosebleed.  (Hey Chlöe, can you get me a tissue?)

However, less known is the fact, McGinley’s old dealer, Peter Hay Halpert, the man who can claim to have discovered the photographer when he was still in diapers back at Parsons, is also currently hosting a show of older work.

Ryan_mcginley_tree_number1 The show is titled "The Kids Are Alright" -a reference to McGinley’s 2003 exhibition at the Whitney Museum of the same name for which McGinley wears the crown as the youngest artist ever to receive a solo show at the institution at the tender age of 25.

(Photo #2, Ryan McGinley, Tree, #1, 2003, Edition of 6)

Sharper and more financially stable MAO devotees might be thinking,

“Hmmmm. . .  Maybe I can swing a better deal on a McGinley print at Halpert’s tiny 3rd Floor place than at TEAM Gallery’s new SoHo location which is probably just bursting with overhead.” 

Well... Think again, my sweet, little MAO-ettes. 

This is where the juicybuyer beware” part of our story begins. . .

We received this email tip last week, apparently after a few too many cocktails, we at MAO were overheard boasting the wonders of all things McGinley..

Hey MAO :

      Great Blog.. !! It was nice to see you & The Quizling out and about in the East Village last Saturday night.. but next time your cocktails are on me!

       So, I'm happy you finally took the plunge and joined the McGinley fan club.

But, FYI.. Visible claw marks  All sources indicate that McGinley and Halpert split on very bad terms. (I would pay for the details on that cat fight.)  Halpert claims to be selling work that he purchased directly from McGinley years ago, which sounds plausible until one learns there is a definite problem obtaining signed labels for these prints!  (Yes people, unsigned McGinley prints are worth no more than the paper on which they are printed.) 

      I purchased a nice photograph by McGinley from Halpert in late 2005, and I know of a sucker gentleman who bought one a year before that - - and neither of us has yet to receive signed labels. . .  Whether these were not prints from the editions of six as was claimed or whether McGinley refuses to provide labels to Halpert because of bad blood, no one knows.  But let it be known that Halpert now refuses even to respond to emails or telephone calls on this matter, and he cannot provide edition numbers on some photographs hanging in his current show.

To reference the title of that Whitney show - - hey kids, this all bites! 


A disgruntled McGinley & long-time MAO fan

Thanks for the email.. but, Ouch!  So, Sorry to read that..

But if anyone knows the name of a good lawyer.. let MAO know.. and We'll pass it along!

Well...  the Ryan McGinley TEAM show is up till February 10th.. Don't miss it!

January 29, 2007

Photographic work by Ukrainian Artist, Arsen Savadov

The work of Arsen Savadov is on display at the "Post-Inaugural Exhibition" group show at the new Daneyal Mahmood Gallery. The show is up till February 3rd, at this 511 25th street gallery.

Arsen_savadovcollectivered4_b_1 We saw his work only once before at Scope Miami.. but upon seeing some of his additional work a second time.. they immediately sparked what's left of our memory.

His powerful photography work from the "Collective Red" series 1998  (photo #1), has a visceral physicality you won't soon be able to forget.  Our understanding, from the surprisingly friendly and engaging gallery staff this weekend, was these are straight photographs. They are obviously significantly staged images, but they are made without any computer enhancement.  Very impressive. Apparently, from looking at his bio, he's had some notable success in Europe..but, we think the artist is somewhat unknown to most NYC collectors.   

So, what do you think of Arsen Savadov's work?

  • Looks like Oscar material, or more like something out of Rocky Part XVI ?
  • Grade-A prime choice photographic work.. or where's the Beef??
  • Less filling, tastes great?
  • Too much Andres Serrano want-to-be, or a true original artistic vision?
  • High quality unsettling moving work.. or just a whole lot of bull?

Arsen_savadov_bloody_mary It's certainly work worth checking out.. we were told the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery will have a solo show of his work in April of this year, which will consist of mostly painting....so, we're looking forward to seeing more work from this artist...

We certainly will also keep a close eye on the smart/nice people at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery  and their up and coming gallery program..

January 25, 2007

Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten win 2007 HSBC Foundation for Photography Prize

Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten have won the prestigious 2007 HSBC Foundation for Photography prize. Congratulations!

They were both initially selected into a short list of 13 nominees, which came from a group of 823 candidates. Wow.. 823.. it's hard to believe there are that many, would be, art photographers out there! The winners both get their first monograph published (by Actes Sud in June), 4 shows of their work in France and abroad, plus a cash prize.

Thanks to the wise guidance of Bonni Benrubi, we at MAO have already fallen in total love with Matthew_pillsbury_hbo_rome Matthew's amazing B&W provocative and contemplative night time photographs.

(Photo #1, by Matthew Pillsbury, HBO, ROME, Thursday October 13th, 2005, 12:00 - 12:50am)

In fact, this long exposure photo of 2 friends getting well acquainted on the couch, while basking in the warm glow of the TV series Rome..was a must have for the MAO collection.

With clear reverence to the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Matthew's photographs manage to capture the spirit of connection and isolation with our 21st century TV and late night computer culture. He's created projects which have included the launch of XBOX (The Zero Hour), LA friends on cell phones, visitors at museums (Museum Hours) and our emerging laptop society. Once you've seen his work, it's obvious why Matthew was chosen from this huge pool of candidates for the HSBC award.

He's even got a new show opening up this Saturday at M + B Gallery in LA (Damn.... the wrong coast seems to be having some kick ass outstanding photography events!)

Matthew Pillsbury, is certainly one young photographer to watch out for in the future.

At MAO, we're not familiar YET with the work of British photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten. Julia_fullertonbatten But I can't believe we've missed this photographer.. the work looks intense (all be it, a bit commercial).. but, check out her website.

Julia Fullerton-Batten. This photographer has won some major awards,  plus, Julia has already had a show at the National Portrait Gallery. In her most recent project on teenage girls, Julia shows a clear development of a unique identifiable signature photographic style.

A Big MAO congrats to both Matthew and Julia.. we look forward to seeing (and collecting) your new books, art shows, and more of your wonderful photography work.

Here's the Original HSBC French Press Announcement.

Some of the past winners of this prestigious HSBC prize include : Birgitta Lund and Eric Baudelaire, and the collaborative photographers Christophe Clark & Virginie Pougnaud

January 24, 2007

I AM WOMAN... hear me SOHO?

Womanizer_poster_deitch_projectsSo our second SoHo stop.. was the Womanizer group show at Deitch Projects.
Now.. We loved the Show Poster (Photo #1), Loved the Show name..but didn't appreciate much else.  Maybe it's a woman thing. If there are any female's left reading this blog.. can you please explain? What exactly does it mean: Taking on the title WOMANIZER, not in the sense of a womanizing male subject but rather to "ize" with or to saturate with femaleness  as it states in the show description?

Anyway.. considering the topic potential, and the reputation of adventurous curators Kembra Pfahler and Julie Atlas Muz, we found most of the show lacking depth or even a fresh provocative message... or perhaps you need that extra chromosome to see it, not sure. But, the main gallery is half filled with large ridiculous photographs of vaginas wearing hats (I'm not kidding!). And while, we at MAO confess to actually having liked a minute or 2 of the Vagina Monologues, we spent most of our frustrated college years trying to avoid looking at these.. needles to say.. it just wasn't happening...Help!

Even more surprising, Jeffrey Deitch was actually in the gallery Saturday afternoon talking with selective visitors.. He even did a good job of totally ignoring us, despite our repeated efforts to engage. Just proving once again, Chelsea has not cornered the market on attitude filled gallery prima donna owner behavior.
Well.. despite the chilly Chelsea style reception and the many talented artists included.. we found the show disappointing. The few bright spots were :

  • The Vaginal Davis room installation (photo #2)
  • A few of the Bambi the Mermaid photo's (none of these to be found online)
  • The overhead E.V. Day installation, but, look up in the main gallery or you'll miss it!

Vaginal_davis_womanizer_event_6The lame ass Deitch website does not have details of either the Vaginal Davis, E.V. Day,  or the Bambi the Mermaid works..
But there's these gallery photos.

They are also having a special short film showing this Thursday Jan 25th from 6 to 10:30pm:
by these artists.. Bijoux Altamirano,
Ned Ambler, The Belles Of The Black Diamond Field, World Famous Bob, Jeremiah Clancy and JVA, Walter Cassidy, Michael Cavadias, Peter Cramer, Joe Coleman, Katrina Del Mar, Mike Diana, Anne Hanavan, Kevin Henson, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, The Inbred Hybrid Collective, Bunny Love, Kembra Pfahler, Breyer P-Orridge, Jack Ritchey, Lola Rock-n-Rolla, Barbra Rudin, Viva Ruiz, Saviour Scraps, MM Serra, Steve Staso, Bec Stupak, Jack Waters, & Sally Webster

Oh.. and if you're going to the Womanizer short film night..I'd suggest you check you're cahones manhood at the door.. cause these WOMAN artists mean business!!

Here's another review by Doug McClemont

The show closes Jan 27th.

January 22, 2007

Is there still Art in SoHo?

So this weekend.. on the sound advice of our Art Blog friends.. we headed to SOHO. We'd heard rumors that some attitude filled "Chelsea style" art galleries and art bookshops could still be found in this part of town.

Abelardo_morell_two_tall_booksFirst stop, since we're totally art book obsessed, was the new Taschen bookstore. They were having a "BIG WAREHOUSE" sale, with thousands of items 50-70% off.
Well... this ended up being a huge disappointment. The store is tiny.. their selection of books insignificant.. and the sale prices were on almost nothing! What the hell..?? Where were the THOUSANDS of 70% off Books?? I think, we at MAO received at least 3 or 4  specific emails advertising this BIG book sale, why, I have no idea.. it was a total waste of time.. And we'll never go back to this lame ass store again..

Our advice.. If you're looking for a Taschen book... get it from Buy.com. It's much cheaper then Abelardo_morell_book_wavy_pages Taschen's own bookstore, most shipping is free, and you don't pay sales tax.. or go to...

The Strand on 12th street/bway.. The Strand has almost every Taschen book.. at cheap (approx a 20% discount) prices.

Some other NYC book shops worth your time..to check out

The MOMA Mezzanine bookshop. one of the best art bookshops left in Manhattan...but you have to have admission to the museum to visit this one.

If you're looking for photography books..

also well worth checking out..

  1. Dashwood books on Bond Street.. they will also take consignments, last time I was there I saw 2  local photographers dropping off their own new books.
  2. ICP Bookshop - Great resource..They have at least 1copy of almost every photo book that's still in production.

(FYI.. these great book photos are by Abelardo Morell, #1. Two Tall Books, 2002, and #2. Book with Wavy Pages, 2001)

So... Anyone have other worthwhile NYC bookshop suggestions?

Tomorrow.. part II, of our Art Safari through the retail infested streets of SOHO!

January 19, 2007

Hooray For Hollywood - Photo LA opens to strong sales

So the early reports are in... 2007 Photo LA opened to big crowds and strong sales.

Penguins_jumping_inOur MAO spy's were everywhere.. plus many happy dealers have reported in to our news room, that they already completely covered their total fair costs, just in the first few hours of the Photo LA Preview.

So any rumor's that the Art Photography market maybe about to crash cooling off, show no sign of credibility.

Additionally, last night in the nasty wet cold, we at MAO attended the packed ICP Directors Opening..

Judging by : the insane crowd, the empty bar, the line of 100+ people waiting for coat check, plus when you consider that anyone who's anybody in the art photography world was in LA, we can say interest in Art Photography could never be stronger.  WhoooHooo...!! Let the good times roll!

FYI.. The NY Times already has a review by Michael Kimmelman of the new ICP shows...Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook, and their Martin Munkacsi shows are both wonderful. Congrats to ICP! We even found their cute Louise Brooks Show fun and entertaining.

Now if they'd only not let so many damn people in, so we at MAO could enjoy these great ICP shows with some peace and quiet! These 3 shows are up at ICP till April 29th.

January 18, 2007

Sothebys...Stealing from the Rich.. to make themselves Richer!!

Bad news fellow Art Collectors.....Sotheby's has raised their commission rates they charge art buyers...grrrrrr!

Fat_pigIt's a clear sign the art market it just too fat and greedy good.

Sotheby's has raised the commission rate (buyer's premium) which was 20% on the first $200,000, and then 12% on the balance, to 20% on the first $500,000, and then 12%.

So that is the equivalent to an increase of $24,000 additional commission on an item with a selling price of $500,000. Ouch!

So?? Christies?? Are they going to raise their rates as well??

Overall it's pretty offensive given these 2 companies have an oligopoly been posting record earnings the last few years.. plus the level of customer service is such a total joke. Here's a Bloomberg News story written by Lindsay Pollock Download Sothebys_Gouge_ArtCollectors.htm

Photographer Thomas Allen at the Foley Gallery

Thomas Allen was another photographer we were lucky enough to check out this week at the Foley Gallery.

A relatively new photography focused gallery.. Gallery owner, Michael Foley, has already put together a group of up and coming young talent.
The Gallery also just started up it's very own blog   oh no..!! Not another new gallery with a blog!!Thomas_allen_maneater

In the Foley Gallery's latest show by Thomas Allen, Thomas has created staged photographs using vintage paperbacks books where he turned them into mini-film noir stills.. We found it very creative.

Many of his photo's even show the original paperback spline, title and author.
Most impressive was that Thomas has done all this with the use of no digital, or post-camera effects. Just using a little tape, wire, straight pins, and creative lighting he creates pop-up book style adult scenes. (photo #1, Maneater, 2006)

I know it's a stretch.. But, some of these even remind us of Cindy Sherman's Film Stills, just with 1950's technicolor, and much more male Hitchcock style.
The results are both funny, provocative and at times out right sexy. We found the work refreshing.

So it's no surprise the prestegious Aperture Foundation is publishing a book of Thomas' work in the fall..called.. what else but... Uncovered.  There are more Thomas Allen images here.. So, What do you think?? Love it? Hate it? Seen it all before?

Thomas_allen_distractionThese are also priced reasonably,

$2,000 for a 20 x 24" chromogenic print in an edition of 10

$4,000 for the larger 30" x 40" size in an edition of 5. (Photo #2, Distraction, 2006)

It's a show worth checking out this weekend if you're not lucky enough to be already on your way to Photo L.A.

There's also a nice story by Jean Dykstra about Thomas Allen's work in ART ON PAPER this month.

The Thomas Allen show is open at the Foley Gallery at 547 W 27th street, 5th floor until March 3rd.

January 17, 2007

Getting Real with Ron Mueck in Brooklyn

The Ron Mueck show at The Brooklyn Museum is contemporary realism at it's best.
So this weekend Dr. Quiz and I made our way over to the Brooklyn Museum.

Much to our shock and awe.. At noon this Sunday, there had to be at least 500 people waiting on line outside the museum.. and maybe another 500+ people on line inside. But the sad joke of it all... was most of these people were waiting to see the wrong show! But dedicated MAO readers already know, they were all there to see the pathetic disappointing Annie Leibovitz show.

Ron_mueck_wild_manThe real prize at the Brooklyn Museum.. is the new photo-realistic Ron Mueck retrospective show on the 5th floor. Which IMO, was very poorly placed by the Brooklyn Museum, in the former Rodin sculpture rooms.. and way too close to the Leibovitz show.. it made for insane noisy crowds, and security was loose to impossible.

Ron's hyper realistic creations will simply dazzle you.

If you haven't seen it yet.. Run. don't walk to The Brooklyn!! The show is unsettling. It's been a long time since we've been so moved in a museum. Ron's larger than life sculptures are mesmerizing... We just starred at them waiting for them to breath. The Wild Man (Photo #1) was by far our favorite..shocking... the hair, the nails, the skin, the eye lashes.. all a wow... and amazing!

But we probably spent a solid 20 minutes just staring out this self portrait, Mask II. (Photo #2) It's a huge.. 30 x 46.5 x 33.5".. it's scary.. plus you can get real close..thanks to the sleeping,stupid accommodating museum guards.
Ron_mueck_mask_iiBy the way.. the urge to touch is terrible.. cause they are not to be believed...but, please try to keep you hands in your pockets..

There's also a great video playing.. part of which is on the Brooklyn Museum Website.. and of course there's a nice book as well to take home.

Check out these great installation photo's on Jamie O'shea's blog.

Here are some of the many reviews we found around the web..

The Ron Mueck Show continues through Feb. 4 at the Brooklyn Museum.

January 16, 2007

The Penn is Way more Expensive then the sword

Irving Penn in Flowers at Pace MacGill Gallery
Pace_irving_penn_in_flowerSo Friday was an early market close.. so
my rich art collector pal TeeBee & I
got to stop the newest Irving Penn show which just opened this Thursday at Pace MacGill.

First off... to our friends those people at Pace MacGill Gallery... Please drop the rude, nasty attitude.. it's really unnecessary!!

The show is a mix of bran new work, vintage work, and
reprints from a few old negatives.

There was 2 noticeable themes..

  1. These were all classic photos of flowers..
  2. Every photo was priced well over $25,000 each! Ouch!

Now at 89 years old, Irving Penn is a living photo legend, and still actively signing lots of "vintage" images working. He's been doing these single flower close-up photos for some 40+ years.. and sadly there's nothing new here or particularly insightful at this new show.

Yes.. they are all beautiful, pretty flowers..I'm sure they'll look wonderful over your park avenue sofa. But, for the most part, it's straight, factual, boring, somewhat uncomplicated photography, that any first year photo student could probably create. Clearly, this is not a show of Irving's best works, innovative still life, or even his impressive historic work...but they are pretty!

Oh.. And if you were thinking you've always wanted to waste your money buy one, be prepared to pay dearly. Prices range from $30,000 for the large edition, new 2006 images, to well over $120,000 for a single vintage Irving Penn flower. I'm not sure exactly why someone would pay through the nose these prices... but I guess everyone can use a little simple beauty in their life.

If you can't afford to buy one of these, there's always his 1987 book.. Flowers by Irving Penn, really, it's just as good as owning one of these photos..really, it is...

The show is up till February 17th.

January 11, 2007

Kevin Cooley Photography...

Kevin_cooley_newark2 Thanks to Jill over at Gallery10G, I've recently been looking at the photographic work of emerging artist Kevin Cooley, and I have to admit... these are very seductive images. They even look more impressive in person. Check them out.. What do you think??

At first glance you might even think these are photo-realist paintings, but in fact they are rich/lush time-elapse photographs. Pretty impressive... (Photo #1, Newark 2) Kevin's got an opening tonight at Massimo Audiello Gallery,the show is called.. Night Shift. He's also got his own website..where you can see more of his magical work.

Kevin_cooley_longyearbyen_svalbard_1His work reminds me a bit of Gregory Crewdson.. It has most of the drama, but without the contrived staging, media hype, crazy high prices, or the freakin elitist attitude. (Photo #2, Longyearbyen, Svalbard)

Kevin's show at the Massimo Audiello gallery, runs through February 17th...Its one not to be missed.. and more of Kevin's work can be seen at Jill's 10G gallery.

January 10, 2007

Show and Tell with John A. Bennette and his flock of collectors..

Last night, we opened the doors to part of the MAO family collection to an outstanding group of bright young collectors. The group tour was led and organized by the patriarchal brilliant John A. Bennette, a private curator, writer, collector, and professor at The New School. And while, it's always a bit daunting to show such a personal private collection to total strangers brand new friends, it ended up being a most enjoyable evening.

John's flock were funny, curious, intelligent, and shared the same lust for art collecting as the staff at MAO. Many had a great knowledge of the contemporary art world, and could identify and critique most of the prized holdings on display. Hopefully we got to infect share some of our obsession enthusiasm for our favorite contemporary artists and photographers with them. No doubt... the demand for artists: Kota Ezawa, Susan Derges, Chris Dorland, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nikki Lee, Zoe Crosher, Aaron Krach, Brian Finke and Christopher Bucklow works have already seen a huge surge of interest in just the last few hours!!

Kehinde_wileybust_st_francis_of_adelaideWhile everyone always goes oooh and aaahhh over the many Muniz, Goldin, Arbus, Burtynsky and Mapplethorpe photos in the collection, most surprising were the many questions and unexpected interest around these 2 little works..

Both were by Deitch super star artist Kehinde Wiley,

and produced by Cereal Art in Multiples..

If you agree, both are still available... for only $1,000 each.

(Photo #1 : St. Francis of Adelaide) ,

Kehinde_wileybust_lrg_sun_king (Photo # 2 : Bust Louis XVI, The Sun King), Both are made of cast marble dust and resin, and measure only 10in x 9.5in x 3inches.

So, we hope to see John (aka... The photo art collector shepard) and his many enthusiastic collectors again sometime soon......

but hopefully not bidding against us at the next round of Christies, Sothebys or Phillips auctions!!

January 08, 2007

2 Photo Shows to check out.. James Bidgood @ ClampArt, and Brian Ulrich @ Julie Saul

Both, James Bidgood at ClampArt, and the Brian Ulrich at the Julie Saul Gallery are 2 NYC photography shows not to be missed. This Thursday, both openings were completely jammed, and for good reason.

Brian_ulrich_copia_granger_in Our friends over at AFC.. have already wisely posted on the Brian Ulrich, Copia show.. clearly, good news travels fast!

More reviews to follow as we find them.. This was our favorite photo from the show (Photo #1 : Granger, IN) Yes.. we know, some of these are very Andres Gursky-ish.. but Brian lives in the great American cultural wasteland Mid-west.... so give the guy a break, plus that's a compliment! Really... it is!

In fact you might almost say, Brian's witty social commentary on the our fucked up US Consumer culture..is right on Target!!

Also.. if you don't have one yet.. Aperture published a kick-ass nifty book of Brian's work...MP3... plus you can see more at his own thoughtful, not if but when.. web-blog..

Jamesbidgood_pan_photo_1971 So if you like the work of Pierre et Gilles, Charles Ludlam, the "Theatre of the Ridiculous", or even the Follies Bergere... then you should love the photographic work of James Bidgood at ClampArt.

The work is lush, rich, sexy, sugar sweet, over the top, super gay, and at times completely hysterical.. Plus, many a contemporary color photographer owes a debt of gratitude to James Bidgood.. This show consists of elaborate stylized sets and costumes, where James create whimsical (aka.. gay/homo erotic!) staged stories. What's more amazing, these were almost all created in his tiny east village apartment in the 1960's.

To put it mildly, James was a pioneer, only to be copied refined by the likes of Gregory Crewdson, Oliver Boberg, Thomas Demand, just to name drop a few... Also featured in the show is James Bidgood's 1971 underground cult fantasy film Pink Narcissus.

We found this interview with James and Sean Fredric Edgecomb..about the film.. So, If there's one word to describe this show... it's FAAAAABULOUS!! Of Course!

FYI.. the original 1999 Taschen published, Bidgood monograph is becoming hard to come by.. Just try to find one for under $75.. good luck!

January 05, 2007

Kota Ezawa Book from Nazraeli Press

Kota_ezawawanda One of the MAO staff's many Artist Obsessions.. is the work of San Fran wrong coast Artist.. Kota Ezawa. We at MAO can't say enough nice things about the Art and Image appropriations by Mr. Ezawa. So it's with great anticipation we look forward to getting a copy of his new book published by Nazraeli Press! Order it soon while it's supplies last....

The History of Photography Remix.
Photographs by Kota Ezawa.
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2007. 56 pp., 42 four-color illustrations, 12x12".


Notes from the Publisher :Using well-known films, videos, and photographs, Ezawa explores the appropriation and mediation of current events and images. The History of Photography Remix draws on important art and documentary photographs made throughout the history of the medium.

For those who don't know Kota.. This young artist... has had quite the run already!

In addition to work currently on view at MOMA's "Out of Time" show, and being included in The 2006 Whitney's Biennial. He's had a solo exhibition at Artspace in San Antonio,TX. Ezawa will be included in the exhibition Super Cinema at the Guggenheim in New York, and an upcoming show at SFMOMA. Here's a few of his works...

  • Photo #1: Wanda, (book cover)
  • Photo #2 : Kota (Self Portrait)
  • Photo #3 : Schleyer
  • Photo #4 : Riefenstahl,
  • Photo #5 : Polaroid Land Camera
  • Photo #6 : Earth from Moon

Kota_ezawaschelyer Kota_ezawareifenstahl

Note... these 6 images were all published in an Aquatint print portfolio by Paulson Press edition of 35, very reasonably priced at $6,000.Kota_ezawapolaroid Kota_ezawaaquaearth

January 03, 2007

Some Good can come from a Republican President

The MAO editorial Staff was off today...Thank You Mr. President, All Americans are grateful for your many years of devoted government service. May you rest in peace.

Gerald_ford President Ford:  Although a 12-handicap golfer for much of his career and one of the most athletic President's ever, ironically, President Ford is remembered most for a ski accident, falling down the stairs of Air Force One, SNL skits, and numerous hit golf spectators. 

Here are some memorable Ford quotes we found :

  • "Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
  • "I am a Ford, not a Lincoln."
  • "I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your President by your ballots, so I ask you to confirm me with your prayers."
  • "I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty hard up for linemen in those days.  If I had gone into professional football, the name Jerry Ford might have been a household word today."
  • "I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators."
  • "If Lincoln were alive today, he'd be turning over in his grave."
  • "Things are more like today than they have ever been before."