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January 05, 2007

Kota Ezawa Book from Nazraeli Press

Kota_ezawawanda One of the MAO staff's many Artist Obsessions.. is the work of San Fran wrong coast Artist.. Kota Ezawa. We at MAO can't say enough nice things about the Art and Image appropriations by Mr. Ezawa. So it's with great anticipation we look forward to getting a copy of his new book published by Nazraeli Press! Order it soon while it's supplies last....

The History of Photography Remix.
Photographs by Kota Ezawa.
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2007. 56 pp., 42 four-color illustrations, 12x12".


Notes from the Publisher :Using well-known films, videos, and photographs, Ezawa explores the appropriation and mediation of current events and images. The History of Photography Remix draws on important art and documentary photographs made throughout the history of the medium.

For those who don't know Kota.. This young artist... has had quite the run already!

In addition to work currently on view at MOMA's "Out of Time" show, and being included in The 2006 Whitney's Biennial. He's had a solo exhibition at Artspace in San Antonio,TX. Ezawa will be included in the exhibition Super Cinema at the Guggenheim in New York, and an upcoming show at SFMOMA. Here's a few of his works...

  • Photo #1: Wanda, (book cover)
  • Photo #2 : Kota (Self Portrait)
  • Photo #3 : Schleyer
  • Photo #4 : Riefenstahl,
  • Photo #5 : Polaroid Land Camera
  • Photo #6 : Earth from Moon

Kota_ezawaschelyer Kota_ezawareifenstahl

Note... these 6 images were all published in an Aquatint print portfolio by Paulson Press edition of 35, very reasonably priced at $6,000.Kota_ezawapolaroid Kota_ezawaaquaearth


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Hey MAO..
Thanks.. I've not seen many of the Kota Ezawa works.. so this new book will be the next best thing!

Thanks for the tip Mao, I'll have to pick up the book.

There's nothing wrong with image appropriations, I call it "Visual Sampling"

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