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January 31, 2007

Ryan McGinley Madness - and a MAO Reader, Buyer Beware

No one can deny the fever pitch of Ryan McGinley hype buzz Media Love as of late.  Yes, MAO readers.. We too have fallen hard for McGinley. Rumor has it, our very own MAO family collection recently spent a small fortune acquired a couple amazing McGinley photographs.  They really just go so well with our furniture (ie..Goldin, Tillmans, Phillip-Lorca diCorcia, and Larry Clarks, just to name drop a few). 

Ryan_mcginley_morrisseyFor those clueless few who don't know, there's an über-hip show at the TEAM Gallery, of photographs featuring our main man, Morrissey. (Photo #1, Untitled (Morrissey 17) 2006, 14 x 9 inches, edition of 3)

In addition to a MUST READNew York Magazine "Chasing Dash Snow” cover story, the McGinley's media madness has been spilling all over with :

Yes, the height of hipness is giving even MAO a nosebleed.  (Hey Chlöe, can you get me a tissue?)

However, less known is the fact, McGinley’s old dealer, Peter Hay Halpert, the man who can claim to have discovered the photographer when he was still in diapers back at Parsons, is also currently hosting a show of older work.

Ryan_mcginley_tree_number1 The show is titled "The Kids Are Alright" -a reference to McGinley’s 2003 exhibition at the Whitney Museum of the same name for which McGinley wears the crown as the youngest artist ever to receive a solo show at the institution at the tender age of 25.

(Photo #2, Ryan McGinley, Tree, #1, 2003, Edition of 6)

Sharper and more financially stable MAO devotees might be thinking,

“Hmmmm. . .  Maybe I can swing a better deal on a McGinley print at Halpert’s tiny 3rd Floor place than at TEAM Gallery’s new SoHo location which is probably just bursting with overhead.” 

Well... Think again, my sweet, little MAO-ettes. 

This is where the juicybuyer beware” part of our story begins. . .

We received this email tip last week, apparently after a few too many cocktails, we at MAO were overheard boasting the wonders of all things McGinley..

Hey MAO :

      Great Blog.. !! It was nice to see you & The Quizling out and about in the East Village last Saturday night.. but next time your cocktails are on me!

       So, I'm happy you finally took the plunge and joined the McGinley fan club.

But, FYI.. Visible claw marks  All sources indicate that McGinley and Halpert split on very bad terms. (I would pay for the details on that cat fight.)  Halpert claims to be selling work that he purchased directly from McGinley years ago, which sounds plausible until one learns there is a definite problem obtaining signed labels for these prints!  (Yes people, unsigned McGinley prints are worth no more than the paper on which they are printed.) 

      I purchased a nice photograph by McGinley from Halpert in late 2005, and I know of a sucker gentleman who bought one a year before that - - and neither of us has yet to receive signed labels. . .  Whether these were not prints from the editions of six as was claimed or whether McGinley refuses to provide labels to Halpert because of bad blood, no one knows.  But let it be known that Halpert now refuses even to respond to emails or telephone calls on this matter, and he cannot provide edition numbers on some photographs hanging in his current show.

To reference the title of that Whitney show - - hey kids, this all bites! 


A disgruntled McGinley & long-time MAO fan

Thanks for the email.. but, Ouch!  So, Sorry to read that..

But if anyone knows the name of a good lawyer.. let MAO know.. and We'll pass it along!

Well...  the Ryan McGinley TEAM show is up till February 10th.. Don't miss it!


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Oh know...!

Please tell me that email came from KennyT..

Cause, I don't think we can handle yet another MAO stalker!

Who am I stalking, Dr. Quiz?????????


I just love the McGinley work..
It's great to see someone new and young pick up the "torch" from Nan Goldin and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Too bad about the PHH situation.. But, hopefully the people at TEAM can correct the situation, and keep the collectors interested.


Kenny T returns! Where have you been?? I've been worried!

I always wonder what happens to the many handling proofs that pass through photo galleries.. and it's absolutely despicable if Mr Halpert was (or is) selling them as genuine artists certified works.

If I was the artist I'm not sure what I would do in this situation?

KennyT has been at several undisclosed locations.

Dear fans,
Kenny T has had a rough holiday season. But don't worry fans, Kenny T is back in the saddle (if not on the horse)! THE PHOENIX HAS RISEN! Expect to see much more from Kenny T (for those I stalk, that is).

Was that a collective sigh of relief I heard?

Hey Guys/Girls..KT DC DCFA..
Wow.. There's just too many initials there..
But, don't you have some Fake Rocks, Bumper Stickers or Bird Video Cams to sell?

Or maybe you have something funny to say about PHH or McGinley, which you can share with the class??

So.. anyone think it's a crime to sell unsigned handling proofs to people as valuable art?

Should the artist be doing something about this?

I'm unable to talk about this in a public forum which is why I sent you a private e-mail.

No, we much prefer to use this to talk about KennyT!

Kenny T. is sooooo much more interesting!

Someone please explain to me what it is about rock concert photos that is somehow now thought of as fine art. I have an old Led Zeppelin concert poster you may want to buy! This whole thing is crazy! Everyone I know thought that McGinley/
Snow/Koh/Colen article in New York magazine was a pathetic joke. I don't know anyone who thinks any of them have a shred of talent. I'm glad you like the work and are investing/blowing your money on it, but I hope you don't expect it to appreciate in value. To me it's a sign we've reached the tipping point/shark-jump of the contemporary art market.

Hey anonymous...

You fool... vintage Led Zeppelin concert posters sell for over $1,000
on Ebay!

FYI... Swann Galleries has auctions of vintage posters (many of them concert and travel posters) a few times a year.
And none of those are signed or in editions of 3!

So I think the joke is on you.
Rock On Dude!

Here's a fair question: If you saw these concert photos but weren't told who the depicted musical artist or his/her fans were, would you all still be as enthralled? My instinct is that if these same exact photos were taken at a Bon Jovi concert or the Dixie Chicks, the appeal would immediately vanish. It's more about the subject than the artist. Don't be fooled by celebrity and fashion over substance.

are you obliged to cover this crap ???

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