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January 10, 2007

Show and Tell with John A. Bennette and his flock of collectors..

Last night, we opened the doors to part of the MAO family collection to an outstanding group of bright young collectors. The group tour was led and organized by the patriarchal brilliant John A. Bennette, a private curator, writer, collector, and professor at The New School. And while, it's always a bit daunting to show such a personal private collection to total strangers brand new friends, it ended up being a most enjoyable evening.

John's flock were funny, curious, intelligent, and shared the same lust for art collecting as the staff at MAO. Many had a great knowledge of the contemporary art world, and could identify and critique most of the prized holdings on display. Hopefully we got to infect share some of our obsession enthusiasm for our favorite contemporary artists and photographers with them. No doubt... the demand for artists: Kota Ezawa, Susan Derges, Chris Dorland, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nikki Lee, Zoe Crosher, Aaron Krach, Brian Finke and Christopher Bucklow works have already seen a huge surge of interest in just the last few hours!!

Kehinde_wileybust_st_francis_of_adelaideWhile everyone always goes oooh and aaahhh over the many Muniz, Goldin, Arbus, Burtynsky and Mapplethorpe photos in the collection, most surprising were the many questions and unexpected interest around these 2 little works..

Both were by Deitch super star artist Kehinde Wiley,

and produced by Cereal Art in Multiples..

If you agree, both are still available... for only $1,000 each.

(Photo #1 : St. Francis of Adelaide) ,

Kehinde_wileybust_lrg_sun_king (Photo # 2 : Bust Louis XVI, The Sun King), Both are made of cast marble dust and resin, and measure only 10in x 9.5in x 3inches.

So, we hope to see John (aka... The photo art collector shepard) and his many enthusiastic collectors again sometime soon......

but hopefully not bidding against us at the next round of Christies, Sothebys or Phillips auctions!!


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Dear MAO,
Thank you for the positive "Buy" recommendation for Zoe Crosher and Aaron Krach. The phones on the trading floor here have been ringing OFF THE HOOK! Their stock prices are SOARING! Just make sure you send out a "Hold" recommendation!

Soaring like my stock in Apple!

Thanks for the post.. this blog is great!

I love these Kehinde Wiley busts..
very hip! Just 2 questions..

So why are they soo cheap, and how do I get a tour of the MAO collection?

thank you and the collection are wonderful, it was a fun and informative evening jab

Hey MattA..
Thanks for the comment..
These Busts are reasonably priced cause they are in an edition of 250..

Hmmm... MAO collection tours...?? They are only by special request.. ;-)

the busts are indeed sublime, and so much better than the garish paintings.

"Hmmm... MAO collection tours...?? They are only by special request.. ;-) "

Translation for MattA: send a recent "face & torso" photo and MAO will consider your request.

I didn't know that the visit would become blog history...but well worth it , check out the books .

Like he said^^^^^^^^

The paintings are garish, but these aren't too bad.

His work is good and the paintings are very well executed. But the concept is so good it's annoying and I alreay find it stale. It's just too perfect! The young ghetto star, painted in an extravagant manner in the style of old master paintings and of course huge and larger than life. Such a twist! Of course the art world is going to eat this up. Me, I want something more. It's too easy. It's a one trick pony flavor of the week. Sorry Mao.


Why do black artist refer to themselves as artist. When the art community looks at a black artist as just another black artist. The art world prides itself as being the most non biased all accepting community, Yes strides have been made, but take a look at all the major shows from Basel to New York. A sprinkling of black artist, a sprinkling of latino artist, a larger sprinkling of asian artist. Art is a reflection of the world right, but through who's eyes. I wonder if there was an American Idol for visual artist what would be the outcome. A group of art critcs being Simon and the gang, and the general public as the final critic.

I am so fascinated with people's secret art side. It's funny, I was trying to find some of Keith Richard's paintings that he did because i heard he paints very well. But all google would give me was paintings of him. And has everyone heard of "Val's art Diary"?
She is a painter with a very successful youtube show and she does very well for herself, she even had an article about her in the "Wall street journal". And of course that edgy Hollywood painting duo, Sandy Martin and Tim Phoenix who have a weekly youtube show as well. It is very entertaining. Each week is a new subject matter with topics that range in every subject from, philosophy to movies to inner journeys to rock bands like The Doors and just little dramas they cook up and each week they do a new painting that coincides.

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