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January 22, 2007

Is there still Art in SoHo?

So this weekend.. on the sound advice of our Art Blog friends.. we headed to SOHO. We'd heard rumors that some attitude filled "Chelsea style" art galleries and art bookshops could still be found in this part of town.

Abelardo_morell_two_tall_booksFirst stop, since we're totally art book obsessed, was the new Taschen bookstore. They were having a "BIG WAREHOUSE" sale, with thousands of items 50-70% off.
Well... this ended up being a huge disappointment. The store is tiny.. their selection of books insignificant.. and the sale prices were on almost nothing! What the hell..?? Where were the THOUSANDS of 70% off Books?? I think, we at MAO received at least 3 or 4  specific emails advertising this BIG book sale, why, I have no idea.. it was a total waste of time.. And we'll never go back to this lame ass store again..

Our advice.. If you're looking for a Taschen book... get it from Buy.com. It's much cheaper then Abelardo_morell_book_wavy_pages Taschen's own bookstore, most shipping is free, and you don't pay sales tax.. or go to...

The Strand on 12th street/bway.. The Strand has almost every Taschen book.. at cheap (approx a 20% discount) prices.

Some other NYC book shops worth your time..to check out

The MOMA Mezzanine bookshop. one of the best art bookshops left in Manhattan...but you have to have admission to the museum to visit this one.

If you're looking for photography books..

also well worth checking out..

  1. Dashwood books on Bond Street.. they will also take consignments, last time I was there I saw 2  local photographers dropping off their own new books.
  2. ICP Bookshop - Great resource..They have at least 1copy of almost every photo book that's still in production.

(FYI.. these great book photos are by Abelardo Morell, #1. Two Tall Books, 2002, and #2. Book with Wavy Pages, 2001)

So... Anyone have other worthwhile NYC bookshop suggestions?

Tomorrow.. part II, of our Art Safari through the retail infested streets of SOHO!


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The best art/photo bookshops in NYC centre around Union Square. I'm not one for names, and haven't lived there for a couple of years, but on about 16th/17th west 1-2 blocks, and south on Broadway 1-2 blocks (left, then right, from strand). ICP has a good bookshop, though small. Strand is the best of the bunch I'm afraid. NYC isn't the center of the artbook/photobook world, london/paris/amsterdam/westcoast outstrip it. Dashwood NYC is newish, good luck to them!

The Dia Foundation bookshop on 22nd, chelsea is a another good place for book hunting.

Also the Printed Matters on tenth ave carries a lot of rare books.

There is another great bookshop on 22nd as well, in the middle of the block, I don't remember the name.

buy.com was $2 cheaper and weeks faster than amazon on my last book order, thank you mao.

Hey MAO..
You forgot to mention... this great photobook website.. it's a bit expensive at times... but one of the only places to find photographer signed books..


Hey, Mike, this may be too down-market for you, but a LOT of Taschen books end up at Costco. I have a whole shelf full of hardback Taschen titles that were about $12 each. (FYI, There's a Costco on the way to the Hamptons.)

I Heart Lisa Hunter! "theres a Costco on the way to the Hamptons"... GENIUS!

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