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February 28, 2007

Scope NYC 2007 Art Fair

This year Scope NYC had a much improved location at Lincoln Center, and some impressive featured artist installations. While we enjoyed the fair, we found many of the booths a bit dull and lacking that feeling of cutting edge young art..which we've come to associate with Scope. The fair just didn't have the same creative energy as last year in NYC or Miami.

Artfagcity_ambrose_martos Two artist installations, Brose Partington (Tide) and Ambrose Martos (photo #1 from ArtFagCity, of Mr. Martos) just rocked our world..

In fact both the Quizling and I found ourselves stopped dead in our tracks wondering if Mr. Martos was even alive, drunk, homeless, stupid, or just a realistic stuffed doll. Both installations were a bit shocking.. and totally brilliant! Our congrats to both artists!

Sadly that's where most of the magic ended. The isles were too narrow, the tent too hot, they charged $10 for the catalog, and many of the galleries were showing exactly the same artists as the last two Scope fairs.  Our few standouts were..
Zadok_ben_david_janet_oh_gallery- Artist Zadok Ben David's small sculpture groups at the Janet Oh Gallery from Seoul Korea. These almost looked like a sculptural incarnation of a Michael Kenna photograph.. both beautiful, chilling, and delicate. (photo #2, Zadok Ben David, Autumn Reflection, Stainless Steel, 2005)

- British Painter Natasha Kissell's Bauhaus inspired Utopian landscapes at the young NYC Gallery 10G. It's great to see an artist comfortable with the use of bright brilliant colored Natasha_kissell_rockofages landscaped where she's managed to blend modernist architecture into magical hypothetical worlds without looking like cheesy sci-fi art. (photo #3, by Natasha Kissell, Rock of Ages, 2007 Oil on Canvas, 44x50")

- Photographer Kelli Connell portraits at the impressively successful Yossi Milo Gallery. We've talked about Kelli's work before.. We just love the sexual tension and gender bending beauty in these subtle double portraits.

Nina_braun_galerie_heliumcowboy- Nina Braun's skateboard punk meets fashion sheik meets Andreas Gursky installation art at Galerie Helium Cowboy Artspace. (photo #4.. Nina Braun's Sneakers)These hand knitted skateboarder sneakers were just so fun..We almost wanted to try a pair on!

And Lastly.. you may remember Lisa Kirk from her kick-ass amazing installation multi-artist curated booths at NADA Miami.. Well she's back!! But this time at Scope NYC, and it would seem even getting mugged and drunk propositioned by a band of NYC cops Friday night couldn't keep this artistic powerhouse of a curator from "manning" her booth this Saturday morning. So with works by Robert Melee and Michael Bilsborough, The LEGION Project 10 was certainly a  welcome breath of fresh air.

And with this, we'll end our NYC Art Fair coverage...

Oh.. FYI.. We were going to write about the Armory show.. but given everyone on with entire east coast seemed to attend this ridiculously over crowded event.. there's really no need to blog about it..  Or, you can Just read about it here.. and here.. (These bloggers write much better than MAO anyway.)
Actually it was just way too crowded for us to enjoy almost anything about the Armory Fair. The Art may have been great... but how could you appreciate it, when you're getting pushed around, by nasty UES botox art collectors. Plus the "people" manning the gallery booths were frazzled, frequently rude, and often inconsiderate to even the most polite questions...it just wasn't worth fighting the lines and mobs.

Next year.. they really need a bigger space, longer hours, perhaps an extra day, a bigger VIP area, and maybe they should consider selling tickets only in advance.  On Friday, by 2pm, the crowd was terrible.. and we heard Saturday and Sunday the lines were totally insane...but hey.. It's part of "enjoying" Contemporary Art! NO??

February 26, 2007

LA Art Fair.. A Pleasant Surprise..from the Wrong Coast!


LA Art.. The biggest positive surprise of the week..


While it was possibly one of the smallest fairs.this week, it was very manageable..

We found several high quality booths..showing both new and vintage works.

A great blend.

Generally the Metropolitan Pavilion manages to make any art fair seem like a Shiners Convention.. But, I'm not totally sure why I liked this fair..

  • Maybe it was the smaller crowd..
  • Maybe it was the free hot scones and muffins they had at the VIP brunch..
  • Maybe it was the dealers willingness to talk to visitors without saying go away "Its already Sold!!" first..

I'm not sure..but we liked this fair.

Particularly strong booths were put together by....
- RoseGallery.. from Santa Monica, showing new work from both photographers Todd Hido, and I guess they now represent Tomoko Sawada.

- Marc Selwyn Fine Art from LA, had several new work from NYC painter Chris Dorland.

- Paul Kopeikin Gallery had new work from Photographer Chris Jordan and Digital Artist/Photographer Lukas Roth.  FYI.. We had looked at this new Chris Jordan "Running The numbers - an American Self Portrait" series on line.. We initially HATED it.. but the work looks much better in person. (See Photo #1) It's worth at least checking out.. But what was more shocking was the new price tags, starting at $25k.. this one was almost already sold out, so now the price is up to $45k for this George Seurat photo-mosaic. It depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds. Hmm.. is this Cheese? or Art?

- Roberts & Tilton had new work by both Barry McGee and Kehinde Wiley. Kehinde was actually at the gallery booth Friday morning just hanging out with us (see photo #2).. He's such a nice and down to earth guy...so unusual  friendly for such a super star artist.  It just made us love his work even more! If that was possible. (Photo #3.. new triptych by Kehinde Wiley)

And if you noticed the sign.. downstairs were 2 very enjoyable booths..
Wayne_white_too_long_at_the_fair- Western Project from Culver City, with work by painter Wayne White, and photographer Joe Schmelzer. (Photo, Painting by Wayne White, "Too Long at The Fair")

- Brancolini Grimaldi Arte Contemporanea, Italy. Showing work by photographers Valerie Belin, and Massimo Vitali.

Well.. that's 3 fairs down.. and so much more to go!

February 23, 2007

Pulse New York - The Preview

So sadly, we didn't get to spend much time at the Pulse Preview.. We just hate it when this job thing gets in the way of looking at Contemporary Art.

The fair looks great.. so high quality..we almost forgot we were at the downtown armory. We had about an hour today at the Pulse VIP Preview, and so here are sMargarita_cabrera_bike_and_plantome
of our early standouts..

1.)  Walter Maciel Gallery (LA aka..wrong coast gallery) -
had 2 great works on the floor in their booth by Mexican artist
Margarita Cabera
(Photo #1)

2.) The huge cool Art Installation over the cafe.
It's by artist Jason Hackenwerth
(photo #2,
Untitled, 2007)

Jackson_hackenwerthIn the Impulse section of the fair... we just loved this cool rotating sign..
It was at the Rokeby Gallery from London.
The work is by artist Graham Hudson.
(Photo #3 : Sign Odysseus - Chelsea Garage, 2007)

for those Photography obsessed collectors..
Some interesting news..
Graham_hudson_signThe Von Lintel Gallery is now representing (ex-Yosi Milo gallery super star photographer) Chris Jordan
They already had his work at the Pulse Fair, and have his much of his work on their website.
We were also told they will hold a show of his new work in May/June'07.

OK.. 2 fairs down.. 5 to go! Yikes! Help!

February 22, 2007

THE ART SHOW - ADAA Preview Party.. Air Kisses all around!

So there was Martha Stewart, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Marron, Byron Wien, Peter Max, Roger Altman,Warhol_dollarsigns_1 Jeffrey Deitch, a sea of endless hedge fun managers, and MAO. Let's just say.. it was the lemmings who's who of the NYC art world.

Like didn't we just do this 3 months a go.. but in warm weather?

Actually all liposuction and the obvious botox joking aside... this upper east side crowd seemed a bit thinner than last years preview.. where was everyone, can we say art overload?

But the ADAA show did not disappoint. I think I've not see so many million dollar paintings for sale in such a long time at least 3 months.  And, just like MIAMI, almost everything was sold..sold ..sold..by the end of the preview night.

Even these super simple photorealistic, overpriced new works ($50,000 each) by unknown artists Glen Hansen and Colin Brown at the Fischbach Gallery were all sold out by the nights end... Just goes to prove.. these silly Warhol_mao_barbara_mathes_gallerymulti-millionaires people will buy almost anything that looks pretty over the sofa at the ADAA fair.

(Photo #1, just seemed to sum up the night..I think it was the Washburn Gallery Booth..all sold of course!)

Some of the the highlights...

  • Vintage Robert Frank, Vik Muniz, Robert Polidori  and Sally Mann at the booth of photography dealer Edwynn Houk.

Louise_bourgeois_cheim_and_reedWe rate the 3 best booths :

A few last observations..

1. Almost no new artists work were displayed.

2. Not much color photography, and almost no video/new media. And

3. Jeeeze, the "People" over at L & M Arts have way too much money!! Their booth easily had over $20 million the annual GDP of a third world country in art.  You think they'd consider an adult adoption program ?

More to come.. so many art fairs.. so little time.

February 21, 2007

Kamrooz Aram at Oliver Kamm Gallery

So before total Art Fair Mania begins... Like, how many art fairs are too many for one weekend in NYC?? Anyway.. there's a few new gallery shows well worth checking out.

Our first suggestion..

Cryptic_summit_kamrooz_aram The new Kamrooz Aram show at the Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery should be on your Chelsea short list to see.

The shows title is Kamrooz Aram: Night Visions and Revolutionary Dreams. One of the most exciting aspects of being old a long-time contemporary collector, is seeing young talented artists progress and grow in their artistic development. This new show of Kamrooz work exhibited such growth. 

(Photo #1, Cryptic Summit, 2007, oil on canvas)

Kamrooz_aram_invisible_eminence If you saw his last solo show or his work at PS1's Greater NY exhibition during the Summer 2005, you'll quickly be able to notice this accomplishment. The new work is an exciting blend of cultural, political and art historical imagery.  Like his previous work, within these multi layered canvases, you'll also see several references to contemporary artists like, Ross Bleckner, and Thomas Ruff (night photos) well embedded along with his original style of art appropriation from the traditional visual language of Islamic art.  His efforts here are well accomplished, the results seem fresh, and provocative. At a time when we're bombarded by blunt and simple Iraq war art, Kamrooz has managed to create a complex dialog of the current political Islamic/American conflict but, filled with beauty and dream like mystery. We can't wait to see what he does next! (photo #2, Invisible Eminence, 2007, oil & stickers on canvas)

The Kamrooz Aram show is up till March 17th and if you want a break from the Art Fair crowds.. well worth the visit.

February 16, 2007

MAO Buy of the Month - Sarah Pickering

So my little MAO-ettes, today we have a deal for you!!  We've talked about Sarah Pickering a few times, here and here.  She burst onto the photo scene only last year, but she's already made quite an impact.  Well.. you could say.. We got a bang out of her!! or maybe.. Sarah's the Bomb! or even.. She's a blast!!  But, in fact, Sarah's work even managed to get a rise out of this snarky influential art blogger.

Clearly, it's not just some smoke and mirrors act, so as you might expect, we just can't get enough of her mesmerizing explosions.  Her work just appeals to the pyromaniac (or should that be pyrotechniac?) in all of us.

Sarah_pickering_at_mocpAnyway.. this image (in it's original large format) has long since been sold-out.. mostly thanks to the super hard working people over at DCFA.   

But for only $300, now you too can have a small "firecracker" of a photo from the print program at MoCP.

Here's it is..

Sarah Pickering, Land Mine, 2005. 14" x 14" c-print, signed and numbered of an edition of 50.

We were also surprised to see they have some nice prints by Sarah Hobbs, Alex Webb still available too....worth checking out!

February 15, 2007

NY Photo Auction Dementia

Well.. MAO readers.. Either someone just switch my multi-vitamins for some of Dr.Quiz's back vitamins..(aka.. 600mg Tramdol) .. or did people just get way carried away at yesterday's Christies Photo auction and over pay by a few miles??

Klein_piazza_di_spagna_rome_vogue_1960 Lot 59, WILLIAM KLEIN (b. 1962)
Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Vogue, 1960 gelatin silver print, printed later
This Non-Vintage, Non-Editioned William Klein image just sold for a total cost of $48,000

I believe it can be had at almost any photo art fair for about $4,000 to $5,000..from any one of 10 "respectable" photo dealers.

Yes...it's a pretty William Klein photo.. it was on the cover of the auction catalog.. but at $48,000... IMO, someone is just burning their money!

Also, to be filed under the category of what in the world are these stupid people smoking thinking..

Lot 122.. IRVING PENN (b. 1917)
Vogue, Fashion Photograph (Café in Lima), Peru, 1948
gelatin silver print, printed 1984 signed, titled, dated in ink, 'Penn/Condé Nast' copyright credit reproduction limitation and edition stamps (on the reverse of the mount). One from an edition of 25. 19 1/8 x 18½in. (48.6 x 47cm.)

Irvingpenn_cafe_in_lima_vogue So, some obsessed fashion photo bidder paid $132,000 for this Irving Penn, sliver print.. also NON-Vintage, printed in the 1980's in an edition of 25. 

I think there's also a platinum edition of 25 out there as well.. plus this artist is still alive.. and still printing and signing, and printing and signing AP's..

Why do people get SO crazy at auction?

Maybe they've been taking lots of Dr. Quiz's back vitimins!

Will this Auction madness ever end?

FYI.. next week is the first of the NYC spring season Contemporary art auctions..so stay tuned.. for some real crazy money madness!

February 14, 2007

Love through the Lens of a Great Woman Photographer - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! With A little love from Nan Goldin.

Nangoldin_valeris_and_gotscho_embracing__1 In keeping with our Great Women Photographers obsession theme this week.. Whenever we think of Hugs and Kisses.. No female photographer has done it better than Nan Goldin.. So while everyone knows her most famous "The Hug" image.. here are some of our other MAO favorites.. from NAN.

Photo # 1.

Valerie and Gotscho Embracing, Paris, 1999


Photo #2.

Valerie and Mel Maternal Embrace, St Remy, France, 2002

Nangoldin_simon_and_jessica_in_bed_faces Photo # 3.

Simon and Jessica in Bed, faces half-lit, Paris 2001

Nan_goldin_simon_and_jessica_in_shower Photo # 4.

Simon and Jessica in The Shower, Paris 2001

And then there's always this classic from her amazing book, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.

Nangoldin_rise_and_mondty_kissing_nyc Photo #5

Rise and Monty Kissing, NYC 1988

It's very impressive how many great loving embrace photo's Nan has managed to make over the years. I love them all.

FYI.. There's a current show at Matthew Marks Gallery of early Nan Goldin's work.

Nan Goldin: 1972-74 And The Other Side, A Slide Installation.

The Show runs through April 14th.

February 12, 2007

Top 10 Women Photography Obsession...

There was such an outpouring of female group love on our last post about top (most influential) contemporary living/working women photographers. A number of pushy, demanding inquisitive readers have now requested the MAO top 10 for non-working/deceased female photographers.

Crowntiara Actually, this list was much more difficult to compile.  Unlike a list of top 10 female : Pop Artists, Minimal Sculptors, or Abstract Expressionists, in photographic art history there are so many great women. It was almost impossible to eliminate names... It's amazing the number of women who were the pioneers in art photography.

FYI.. On Wikipedia the Pop Art entry.. it lists only 3 women (Marisol Escobar, Yayoi Kusama, and Aya Takano... who?) of the "34 Notable" Pop Artist listed. For Abstract Expressionists it was 6 of 48, and for Minimal Sculpture is was 3 of 14.

Well.. Here it is.. our MAO Top 10 (most influential) Non-working/Living Women Photographers

  1. Diane Arbus
  2. Dorothea Lang
  3. Berenice Abbott
  4. Julia Margaret Cameron
  5. Margaret Bourke-White
  6. Imogene Cunningham
  7. Helen Levitt
  8. Lisette Model
  9. Tina Modotti
  10. Ilse Bing

I apologize in advance for any I overlooked or had to cut off the list..

But if you can only pick 10.. Who would you include??

February 08, 2007

Rineke Dijkstra's Park Portraits at Marian Goodman Gallery

Park Portraits by Rineke Dijkstra at the Marian Goodman Gallery should be a must see for any Rineke_dijkstra_parque_de_la_ciudadela_b contemporary photography collector. We find it pathetic amazing this artist has not yet had a major retrospective in a NYC museum. But this is all new work.. and it is one of her stronger bodies of work by this talented photographer.
FYI, The photo's in the show are only available in one  single size, edition of 10, and they are priced based on the inch print size from 25,000 to 35,000 Euro's each. My favorite from the show (Photo #1 Barcelona, 2006) was already completely sold out.

MAO readers should already know this artist, but If you're not familiar with Rineke's work.. you probably should be!  In fact my friend TeeBee and I were having a heated debate last night after seeing this show..

Who are the top (most influential) 5 or 10 female contemporary art photographers working today?

Here are the lucky few who made the MAO List

  1. Cindy Sherman
  2. Nan Goldin
  3. Sally Mann
  4. Shirin Neshat
  5. Rineke Dijkstra
  6. Candida Hofer
  7. Loretta Lux
  8. Catherine Opie
  9. Tina Barney
  10. 3 way tie.... Carrie Mae Weems, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Tracy Moffatt.

Yes.. Obviously it's completely obnoxious subjective.. but  we're interested to know who you think should be on this list?

Oh.. and before I forget... The Rineke Dijkstra Portraits book that has been out for about 8 months.. is totally amazing.. a must have for any art photography library.

February 06, 2007

Photographer Jill Greenberg.. Monkeys, and Children, and Now Bears, Oh My!

We've written about photographer Jill Greenberg aka..."The Manipulator" before.. And while I'm sure not sure Jill_greenberg_headache if her photography will ever be considered "high art".. They are always fun to look at. (photo #1, Jill Greenberg, "Headache," 2005)

Thanks to the Cool Hunting blog... There's this new video of Jill Greenberg at work...it's worth checking out.

The Video, covers the ClampArt Show of Monkeys, some of the crying children "End Times", and now some of her new work of Bears in Canada.

FYI.. Her book Monkey Portraits has been a huge success.. I hear it's already sold out and on it's second printing!

February 02, 2007

Are Concert, Fashion, or Celebrity Photo's Art?

Gursky_concert_photo Yesterday someone asked, after our over exuberant MAO homage to all things McGinley, the question, Can a concert photo be considered serious Art?

They then proceeded to give the wise advice.. "Don't be fooled by celebrity and fashion over substance."

What do you think?? 

Didn't Andy Warhol put this issue to bed 30+ years ago or not?

Is this serious art or just expensive fools folly?

Here are some of MAO's thoughts on the issue...1. Andreas Gursky (Photo #1)2. Andy Warhol (Photo #2), and 3. Irving Penn (Photo #3).

In fact, iWarholmarilynf you had, $100,000 dollars to burn, you still couldn't buy any of these :

This One Concert image..

This One Celebrity Portrait Painting, 

or even

This One overpriced Fashion photo.

Actually, I believe all three of these images

have broken recent auction records with both museums,

and super mega-Moguls rich cock, ego fighting it out on

the auction floor to acquire these works of serious ART!

Irving_penn_fashion_photoGranted, a sky high price doesn't make anything great art, and clearly only history will have to be the judge.

But at least for MAO.. celebrity, fashion and concert images... can indeed be appreciated as art with substance.

Plus they look pretty damn cool too!