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March 13, 2007

The Size King!! New Works by Andreas Gursky

We wish we could go to London... cause there's a new show of some newer works by photographer Andreas Gursky at Monika Spruth Philomene Magers Gallery. We know.. We know.. Huge photo's are already considered out of vogue, tacky and passe.. like..  they're just soooooo last year!!

So, anyway, we were expecting to not like the new Gursky work.. Cause..When you've had the amazing success that Andrea Gursky has enjoyed..  what could he possibly do better than this image or this image?  Right?? Well..think again..check out the show...

Gursky_kuwaitexchange There's just something about his image (Photo #1) of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, 2007 that made us smile.. Which given the total shit performance of these US financial markets the last few weeks that hasn't been happening much over in MAOville!

And yes, yes.... we know he's done these exchange photo's many times before, again, and again.. but this one just has a great little current (political) bent to it.. very witty!

So, anyone know what the prices are on these new puppies are? I'm afraid to even ask..maybe $100k each? more?

Thanks Andreas.. you're still the size King in the art world according to MAO.

FYI.. There's an announcement of the show sent out by Re-Title via email..  And Wallpaper.com has a short posting on the show as well.. Enjoy!


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He's a master of isolating the massive. Turning the huge and overloaded into a singular image. His work keeps growing on me. Too bad I can't afford it. The Kuwait Stock exhange is witty, but I really liked Pyongyang IV, and especially Bahrain I - !!! I can't stand it. $100,000? I need a new job, that's for sure. The Boxenstopps are very cool too.

No mention that the show coincides with his first Museum Show in Germany in like a decade or something. Then it's off to White Cube, then here in May. You can have my ticket to the after party. I'll be in Barthelona!!!!

Dude, the Re-Title is not a review. It's a press-release advertising service. I mean really...

I like his photos a lot, especially the way he makes uniforms seem scary. His crowd photos have that James Bond villian's lair quality. Of course, for the price of one of these images, Dr. No could have bought an island and had enough left over to hire henchmen...

I imagine that these are approximately $350,000 - $$500,000 each for the very large images, and $250,000+ or so for the slightly smaller images.

I have to say, being VERY familiar with Gursky's output, that although there are a couple of images I like in this body of work, there are none I love. And truthfully, the James Bond Islnds should either be a triptych, or he should only sell one singular image.

It is clear you have little knowledge of photo history, or original thought on the state of photography. How about posting, or reviewing someone other than established photographers. Printing large has been out dated since the germans started doing it in the 90's. Gursky is the only one who produces work that demands the size. All the wack up and coming artists you show who just print large because they think that is what "good" photographers do are the ones who are played out. Try producing some original work yourself.

You should stick to wall street!

Having enough money to purchase art does not make you a critic, or an art historian. Post something that is not regurgitation of someone who knows the art world beyond NYC.

I believe they start at $400,000 list price. I broke this story about his new work at this gallery back in my coverage of Art Basel Miami in early January (see: http://www.iphotocentral.com/news/article_view.php/128/119/678 ). It is the first new work in over two years from Gursky. While I agreed with many observers about large-scale photos for their own sake, Gursky's work is certainly an exception that seems to demand this size.

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