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April 10, 2007

Additional Favorite Art Dealer Websites..Link Updates.. How many is TOO Many?

Chelsea_arts_tower Updated Gallery Website lists.. Yes.. There are so many new galleries to see...where do we even begin ??

FYI..there are now 195 Galleries..just listed on the Chelsea Art Galleries website. WOW!!

I over heard someone say a few nights ago there are over 1,000 art galleries in NYC. Yikes!! (photo of the new monster 20 story commercial Chelsea Arts Tower on 25th street)

Well, it's been a long time since we've added any..so in a totally gratuitously self serving attempt to gain favor and of course better discounts (aka..more than 10%), we're adding a few galleries we feel are worth checking out.

Here are a few of our new favorite galleries..

We'd strongly suggest everyone shop go to these galleries, oh... and be sure to tell them MAO sent you !

  • Cohen Amador Gallery - Great new, up and coming photography gallery on 57th street
  • PPOW Gallery - Important established gallery. And, It's actually shocking how nice & friendly the people here are, not what you've come to expect in Chelsea!
  • Merge Gallery - A MAO Chelsea find.. it's tiny &  totally wet behind the ears.. but the Rumors are, you're going to hear a lot more about them in Art in America very soon! Look OUT!
  • Bonni Benrubi Gallery - How we didn't have this Amazing photo gallery on our original list.. I'll never know.
  • Gallery 10G - New very young gallery featuring emerging artists.. one to watch!
  • Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Proving that you don't have to be in NYC to be a Great Gallery!
  • Daneyal Mahmood Gallery - New young Chelsea gallery, a smart crew here..totally cutting edge!
  • Peer Gallery - An Artist run Contemporary Photography Gallery. Plus, any gallery that has John Bennette as a guest curator must be FABULOUS!

So these 8 will be added to the already 21 great galleries on our current list.


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You know, last time I checked, Barney's wasn't even giving me 10% off. And trust me, I spend a lot more money there per year than you ever have in my gallery. I'm going to go on the Old Navy and Sansabelt web-sites now just to see what kind of discount you're getting as well.

Hi I like much. The subject of his blog of art. It contributes enough information that I hope that it is of my utility for when I visit New York. In the month of June I will expose my work in the gallery icosahedron of New York. They are all guests. It is a collective exhibition I I will participate with 10 works.
Thank you.

I'll bet Robert Carbonell will give you 20% off!

thank you...this weekend will give everyone in the New York area a chance to visit 93 galleries from around the world and have lots of visual fun too at The Photography Show .Park Avenue Armory + 67 Streeet .some of MOA favorites will be there


ok I know it is MAO ,I am sorry but even MAO knows I am a bit ditzy...sweet but ditzy.The coolest thing about the photography show is you can go to learn and see beautiful things and not buy.There are galleries that you don 't see on an everyday outing in New York.I also go for the kisses and the warmth of being in a room filled with people who share an interest iI have and saying hello to people that I don't see often but still care about, that hmmmm....worried me.

Hi .Very good you are right

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