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April 13, 2007

AIPAD NYC Fair 2007

We went to the AIPAD fair last night... as always.. it's clearly the biggest and best Photography fair in the USA, possibly the world.

Firehose_photo These events are simply overwhelming..For an obsessed  photography collector like MAO, it frequently feels like taking a drink from a Fire Hose. But, we've spent an obscene amount of money the last few weeks on a number of yet to be talked about artists/dealers so we promised ourselves.. the checkbook stays at home during this fair!!  Plus we want to save some storage space for all the amazing auctions items coming up!

So.. just some bitchy  honest thoughts on this years AIPAD fair...

1. It's really nice to see lots of contemporary work at these shows.. AIPAD use to be dominated by boring dusty old B&W only dealers. Now there's a much better balance.

2. Most Prices have not gone up too much from last year. Or at least there were only a few dealers showing Robert Frank or Diane Arbus photos for more than $100k. 

3. William Christenberry photos were everywhere...at least 5 to 6 dealers.

4. His booth looked amazing we luv him...But, Bill Hunt is looking more and more like Marlon Brando every year.. and not Marlon Brando from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).. but the Marlon Brando from The Freshman (1990). Rumor has it, Bill has been moonlighting as a cover model for a fashionable local NY magazine!

5. Painting your booth a strong color like green or cranberry was popular.

6. There was a dealer from New Orleans..who had a very impressive booth filled with amazing vintage work! Who knew...there are high end photo dealers down south??

7. We didn't see the work of any high-profile popular color photographers at this fair.. not a single.. Struth, Ruff, Sherman, Gursky, Goldin, Neshat, Hofer, Muniz, Tillmans, etc.. Shocking! 

8. Some sanity still exists in the buyers of Art Photography. It was particularly nice to see the greedy unethical vultures people at Janet Lehr/Vered Gallery had not sold their (400%) insanely marked up color Mapplethorpe photos from last year's fair. In fact, the same 2 photos were hung right in the front of their booth again this year! Will these stupid people ever learn..if you try to rip people off on one super over priced item.. they are just going to avoid you for everything, since they can't TRUST you!  But in MAO's opinion they should have been kicked out to maintain the integrity and reputation of the AIPAD FAIR.

Tomorrow.. We'll write about our top new picks from the fair..and there were some really good ones this year!


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OMG!! MAO You're right!!

I never noticed it.. Bill Hunt does look like Marlon Brando!

Plus, I always thought Howard Greenberg looks just like Mr. Whipple, the Don't Squeeze the Charmin man.

LOL. I can't wait to hear all about your new aquisitions!

AIPAD looked great this year.

So what new artists did you like??

AIPAD looked great this year.

So what new artists did you like??

Hey Mao,
Do you ever see work (or find interesting)by the so called Vancouver School at these fairs? Jeff Wall, Ken Lum, Roy Arden,Jim Breukleman, Danny Singer, Tim Lee, Stan Douglas.
There's a younger generation following in their footsteps as well. Evan Lee, Scott McFarland, Karin Bubas to name a few. Monte Clark Gallery has an impressive roster. I'm just curious to know what you think.
Can't wait to hear about your favourite picks.

Hmm. Maybe the absent "color photographers" don't want to think of themselves as "photographers." You get higher prices if you call yourself an Artist.

cool restraint Randy West at Silverstein Photography and Vee Speers bleach out Birthday Party series at Byron McMahon Gallery will children pictures go out of fashion...soon.Love the new Nicholas Prior hidden in the corner at Robert Koch
a image of magic and dread I can al,hfear amost feel the bloody mess that will happen with the snap of a twig.

Thank you for sharing info. Sorry we missed it :(

But hopefully catch up with you guys in Chicago

Yes: AIPAD is (thankfully) showing more contemporary work, and the work is slightly different that its been in the past.

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