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6 posts from April 2007

April 25, 2007

The Dow Jones Index Hits A new High..So.. Time to Go to an Art Fair!

So we're off to Art Chicago tomorrow. Looking forward to a great weekend. You can expect to see all the highlights of the art fair at MAO cause we'll be posting during our time in Chicago.

Here's just one of the many reasons why.. we expect Art Chicago to be a huge art buy-fest rousing success this year. (Photo #1, Dow Jones Breaks 13,000 - A new Historic High Today)


FYI.. a special MAO thanks go out to Ed Winkleman and the Bambino.. for the super nice Art Chicago VIP Pass.. So please be sure to bring all your rich collector friend over you Winkleman Gallery - Art Chicago Booth!

April 18, 2007

Alexandre Vitkine photos at AIPAD 07

Alexandre_vitline_serrage_bride_jui Alexandre Vitkine's Industrial Silhouette photographs were shown in the HackelBury Fine Art booth at AIPAD 07.

We at MAO had never seen the work of Alexandre Vitkine before. But, in fact,  this photographer is 96 years OLD!! He was previously an electromechanical engineer but created these images in the 1960's and 70's.  So while we're late to discovering this work, you might say we still got a real charge, or maybe sparks flew when we saw this engineers photographs!

(Photo #1, Alexandre Vitkine, Serrage bride, Sous station Les Acqueducs, Juillet, 1970,Gelatin silver print, dry-mounted to archival board. 120 x 160 cm, Signed and editioned in ink, frame verso)

At first these images almost look like black and white ink drawings. Actually, the work of DCKT artist.. Mario M. Muller came immediately to what's left of the MAO mind, but upon close inspection these turn into sublime graceful photographs like you've never seen before.  They manage to achieve a graceful eloquence that B&W masters Aaron Siskind and Lewis Hine might have even envied!

(photo #2,Alexandre_vitkine_ferrailleurs_1965 Ferrailleurs, Sepeaux, Avril, 1965

Gelatin silver print, dry-mounted to archival board. 120 x 160 cm
Signed and editioned in ink, frame verso)

We found them refreshing and totally lovely, these silhouette photographs show what a camera can really accomplish when in the hands of a talented artist.

So, What do you think of the work of Alexandre Vitkine??

  • Total Pleasure on the eye... or just a total photo terror?
  • Industrial monster or Industrial masterpiece ?
  • Undiscovered dreamy images or yet another engineering nightmare?

FYI.. they were priced.. starting at 3,700 to 7,000 sterling for modern editions of 5 or 8, 120cm x 180cm.

And don't worry my little MAOettes even if you don't like these.... there are more MAO AIPAD Picks to come...

April 17, 2007

Michael Wolf, his Copy Artist Series at the AIPAD Fair

Michael_wolf_copy_artist_35 Michael Wolf's new work at the wrong coast San Fran - Robert Koch Gallery booth at AIPAD 07.  This is the first of several MAO picks from the AIPAD fair. The thought here is to pick either new artists.. or work (new to MAO) by well established artists.

One of the first things to catch our eye, were these new small works from photographer Michael Wolf. We've seen may of this artists work before.. we loved his China Architecture of Density Series cityscapes.. but this new copy artist series just stuck a cord of beautiful harmony with the contemporary Art Appropriation lover in MAO.  (Photo #1 Michael Wolf, Copy Artist #35, 2007)

So what do you think of this new series by Mr. Wolf??

  • Cool Cat? or Dead Cat..
  • Love it, or seen it again, again, and again.. just yet another in-appropriate-appropriation...

Michael_wolf_copy_artist_16 (Photo #2 Michael Wolf, Copy Artist #16, 2007)

FYI.. Michael Wolf did a very informative interview with the always photo brilliant  - Conscientious Blogger Joerg Colberg .. last year.

The artist has his own website, but this Copy Artist series has yet to be posted.

The Goethe Institute in Hong Kong will be showing photographs from Michael Wolf's Copy Artist series this spring.

The not nice people at Robert Koch Gallery told us they're going to have a new show of these Michael Wolf Copy Artist photo's this summer. We're looking forward to seeing them.. now if there was only a nice NYC photography gallery who represented Mr. Wolf...hmmm...

April 13, 2007

AIPAD NYC Fair 2007

We went to the AIPAD fair last night... as always.. it's clearly the biggest and best Photography fair in the USA, possibly the world.

Firehose_photo These events are simply overwhelming..For an obsessed  photography collector like MAO, it frequently feels like taking a drink from a Fire Hose. But, we've spent an obscene amount of money the last few weeks on a number of yet to be talked about artists/dealers so we promised ourselves.. the checkbook stays at home during this fair!!  Plus we want to save some storage space for all the amazing auctions items coming up!

So.. just some bitchy  honest thoughts on this years AIPAD fair...

1. It's really nice to see lots of contemporary work at these shows.. AIPAD use to be dominated by boring dusty old B&W only dealers. Now there's a much better balance.

2. Most Prices have not gone up too much from last year. Or at least there were only a few dealers showing Robert Frank or Diane Arbus photos for more than $100k. 

3. William Christenberry photos were everywhere...at least 5 to 6 dealers.

4. His booth looked amazing we luv him...But, Bill Hunt is looking more and more like Marlon Brando every year.. and not Marlon Brando from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).. but the Marlon Brando from The Freshman (1990). Rumor has it, Bill has been moonlighting as a cover model for a fashionable local NY magazine!

5. Painting your booth a strong color like green or cranberry was popular.

6. There was a dealer from New Orleans..who had a very impressive booth filled with amazing vintage work! Who knew...there are high end photo dealers down south??

7. We didn't see the work of any high-profile popular color photographers at this fair.. not a single.. Struth, Ruff, Sherman, Gursky, Goldin, Neshat, Hofer, Muniz, Tillmans, etc.. Shocking! 

8. Some sanity still exists in the buyers of Art Photography. It was particularly nice to see the greedy unethical vultures people at Janet Lehr/Vered Gallery had not sold their (400%) insanely marked up color Mapplethorpe photos from last year's fair. In fact, the same 2 photos were hung right in the front of their booth again this year! Will these stupid people ever learn..if you try to rip people off on one super over priced item.. they are just going to avoid you for everything, since they can't TRUST you!  But in MAO's opinion they should have been kicked out to maintain the integrity and reputation of the AIPAD FAIR.

Tomorrow.. We'll write about our top new picks from the fair..and there were some really good ones this year!

April 10, 2007

Additional Favorite Art Dealer Websites..Link Updates.. How many is TOO Many?

Chelsea_arts_tower Updated Gallery Website lists.. Yes.. There are so many new galleries to see...where do we even begin ??

FYI..there are now 195 Galleries..just listed on the Chelsea Art Galleries website. WOW!!

I over heard someone say a few nights ago there are over 1,000 art galleries in NYC. Yikes!! (photo of the new monster 20 story commercial Chelsea Arts Tower on 25th street)

Well, it's been a long time since we've added any..so in a totally gratuitously self serving attempt to gain favor and of course better discounts (aka..more than 10%), we're adding a few galleries we feel are worth checking out.

Here are a few of our new favorite galleries..

We'd strongly suggest everyone shop go to these galleries, oh... and be sure to tell them MAO sent you !

  • Cohen Amador Gallery - Great new, up and coming photography gallery on 57th street
  • PPOW Gallery - Important established gallery. And, It's actually shocking how nice & friendly the people here are, not what you've come to expect in Chelsea!
  • Merge Gallery - A MAO Chelsea find.. it's tiny &  totally wet behind the ears.. but the Rumors are, you're going to hear a lot more about them in Art in America very soon! Look OUT!
  • Bonni Benrubi Gallery - How we didn't have this Amazing photo gallery on our original list.. I'll never know.
  • Gallery 10G - New very young gallery featuring emerging artists.. one to watch!
  • Rhona Hoffman Gallery - Proving that you don't have to be in NYC to be a Great Gallery!
  • Daneyal Mahmood Gallery - New young Chelsea gallery, a smart crew here..totally cutting edge!
  • Peer Gallery - An Artist run Contemporary Photography Gallery. Plus, any gallery that has John Bennette as a guest curator must be FABULOUS!

So these 8 will be added to the already 21 great galleries on our current list.

April 05, 2007

See You Later Decorator!! TOP DESIGN on Bravo.

Sorry.. for the infrequency of posts.. it's been a crazy few weeks in the office.. to get a hint of the shit show problems check out this funny finance blog.. Mortgage-Lending-Implode Blog

Ryan_humphrey_united_states_of_emba But in the interim we've been obsessed with the fluffy night time Bravo TV show, Top Design. We first only tuned into watch DCKT Gallery Artist, Ryan Humphrey get his wise-guy ass kicked off the show.

(Photo #1 by Ryan Humphrey, United States of Embarrassment, 2005-2006,acrylic on canvas,29 1/2" diameter)

But Dr. Quiz and MAO have since become totally addicted. Just a few thoughts to share about last nights Semi-Finals...

  • - Head Judge, Jonathan Adler (also a blogger) needs to learn how to tie a smaller knot - With that silly pok-a-dot Tie in an huge queen over-sized knot.. he always looks like a combination of Bozo The Clown and The Joker from Batman. Tacky..Tacky..Tacky!
  • Even if Andrea didn't have the worst design last night, she should have been kicked off for wearing that stupid ugly hideous dress! Who'd ever hire a Designer with such bad fashion taste.. Honey get a Mirror!!
  • It's about time Judge, Kelly Wearstler got her hair under control.
  • Sadly, all of their designs last night looked very dull, boring, and quite un-original. They should have never kicked off our favorite Asian Drama Queen Designer Goil.
  • Matt is most certainly the "Top" best designer on the show, but someone needs to tell his wife he's NOT Straight !!

Anyway...we can't wait to watch the finals!