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April 05, 2007

See You Later Decorator!! TOP DESIGN on Bravo.

Sorry.. for the infrequency of posts.. it's been a crazy few weeks in the office.. to get a hint of the shit show problems check out this funny finance blog.. Mortgage-Lending-Implode Blog

Ryan_humphrey_united_states_of_emba But in the interim we've been obsessed with the fluffy night time Bravo TV show, Top Design. We first only tuned into watch DCKT Gallery Artist, Ryan Humphrey get his wise-guy ass kicked off the show.

(Photo #1 by Ryan Humphrey, United States of Embarrassment, 2005-2006,acrylic on canvas,29 1/2" diameter)

But Dr. Quiz and MAO have since become totally addicted. Just a few thoughts to share about last nights Semi-Finals...

  • - Head Judge, Jonathan Adler (also a blogger) needs to learn how to tie a smaller knot - With that silly pok-a-dot Tie in an huge queen over-sized knot.. he always looks like a combination of Bozo The Clown and The Joker from Batman. Tacky..Tacky..Tacky!
  • Even if Andrea didn't have the worst design last night, she should have been kicked off for wearing that stupid ugly hideous dress! Who'd ever hire a Designer with such bad fashion taste.. Honey get a Mirror!!
  • It's about time Judge, Kelly Wearstler got her hair under control.
  • Sadly, all of their designs last night looked very dull, boring, and quite un-original. They should have never kicked off our favorite Asian Drama Queen Designer Goil.
  • Matt is most certainly the "Top" best designer on the show, but someone needs to tell his wife he's NOT Straight !!

Anyway...we can't wait to watch the finals!


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Jonathan Adler needs to put some socks on.

Thursday mornings are always great around here because KT wears his Kelly Wearstler Fright Wig styled just like her hair on the previous night's episode.

In 100% agreement about Matt. Make sure to tell his kid too!


You've got to be kidding.. there's no way Matt is married with children.

Just look at her! He's such a girl!

I'm going to have to wait until Friday to wear the wig. When I went into Sally Hirschberger's this morning for the fitting, she just looked at me and said "I'm still a little in shock over it. Not even I can replicate that in under 12 hours"!
She gave me a pair of jeans she was working on in honor of Kelly though. I hope it stays cool so I don't overheat in the leg warmers.

You know...I could never really get into this show and I like a lot of crap on tv. First of all, there's just no replacing Project Runway...which is the best. There are too many of these type of shows on Bravo...like Top Chef and also, now, Jacklyn Smith is hosting Sheer Genius on Bravo about dueling hair stylists (didn't blow out already do that?).
Anyway, the catch phrase "See You Later Decorator" was enough to do me in! I like Todd Oldham though.

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