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May 10, 2007

Art Chicago - Artist Find - Ai Kijma

Art Chicago was really a wonderful party fair with lots of great galleries. But, we didn't see many new artists. And new photography was almost completely absent. In fact, several of our favorite photo dealers actually had the exact same booth (with the exact same images) as they had presented at AIPAD in NYC.

So, while we did see and like some new works from Edward Burtynsky, and Robert Polidori, many galleries took few risks. Honorable mentions go to: an entire box of Amy Stein's work we saw at Paul Kopekin Gallery, and blogger Ed Winkleman (Ed's gallery) did show cool photographs by Rory Donaldson which look very promising.

Ai_kijima_night_is_young_2005 But one the one new artists who's work really did catch our fancy was Ai Kijima which was shown in the booth of Franklin Parrasch Gallery from NYC. It's fun and AMAZING...and a little bit trippy. Maybe they just brought out a ton of our childhood memories. What do you think??

(photo #1, Ai Kijima, The Night Is Young, 2005, Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including curtain, pillow case, bed sheets, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth. 75”x136")

Ai_kijima_erehwon_29 This Tokyo raised artist's work is a collage of old fabrics sew together to create an amazing visual narrative quilt. Very impressive and done in such a thought provoking fresh way. We just loved these. We can't wait to see more!

(photo #2, Ai Kijima, Erehwon 29, 2007, 21" x 21.5', Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including bed sheets,curtain, pillowcase, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth)

Here's a quote we found from her last show...

Ai Kijima's fabric collages celebrate this cultural bouillabaisse. They range in scale from intimate to enormous, and draw on images as diverse as the '69 Dodge Charger from the American television series Dukes of Hazard to elaborate, stylized dragons from Japanese kimonos. Meticulously stitched and quilted, her work is exuberant and refined, whimsical and thought-provoking.

Oh.. and if any thoughtful, generous MAO readers were wondering what MAO would like for his big Oh-my-God we're getting old birthday coming up in a few weeks... we think this cute Ai Kijima, Honey Bear with the crown (Erehwon 29) was still available !!


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Ai's work is really fun. too bad images just don't do them justice, as there is just so much sewing that goes on in each one. I'm glad to see Ai gaining attention. She's very creative

Guess then I'd better cancel the print that seemed more, um, biographical for you.


Amy Stein's work is fantastic! I own two of her prints. Gorgeous stuff.

Jimmy, the dancing bear isn't that Wm Hunt's moniker ?

I can't wait to give MAO his birthday present!

Amy Stein's is a rock star!

Ditto. Amy Stein, rock star. I LOVE her work.

thats very cool although it might have a bit too much reference to popular culture for my liking


love rory donaldsons work. have several peices from a while ago. they are fantastic

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