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May 31, 2007

Marilyn Minter - Artist Talk and First Major Retrospective Catalog Published

Marilyn_minter_artbook_1950_5594102 Marilyn Minter was probably one of the only true art super star painter/photographers to emerge from the terrible 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Do you think, Marilyn will be better known for her paintings or her photo's??

Like every other contemporary woman artist, Her work was once completely taken for granted, but now Minter's hot lip paintings and shit kicker stilettos are contemporary art auction eye candy.

Well you're in luck.. my little MAO-ettes.. She's giving a free talk with Matthew Higgs and Mary Heilmann on this Monday night June 4th at White Columns. It's bound to be standing room only.. so get there early! Here's the announcement :

Marilyn Minter in conversation with Matthew Higgs and Mary Heilmann to celebrate the publication of

Minter’s major new monograph

, New York (entrance on Horatio Street between 8th Avenue and Hudson Street ) 212.924.4212 / www.whitecolumns.org Monday, June 4 6:30pm 320 West 13th Street

Marilyn Minter is the artist's first book and covers her entire career.

Essay by art historian Johanna Burton. Interview with Mary Heilmann

and "Twenty Questions" assembled by Matthew Higgs.

FYI..This new 224 page book Marilyn Minter from D.A.P/Gregory R. Miller & Co, it was scheduled to be released on 5/1/2007 but it's currently unavailable.... maybe they will have some copies at the party.

May 24, 2007

MAO - Photo Buy of the Month - Kelli Connell

If you're like MAO and got totally slammed shut out of this insane round of NYC art auctions. The prices really went crazy! A relatively new Ryan McGinley photo actually sold for $22,000 at Phillips last week. I kid you not.. it's just amazing what a little MAO post, and a NY Times 2 page feature story will do for an artist's auction prices.

Well. My little MAO collector-ettes.. there's no need to fear.. we've found a deal for you!!

We've blabbed on and on talk about this young talented photographer a few times. The Aperture Foundation published a great book of her photos a few months ago.

And now SF Camera Work, a great art photography organization on the wrong west coast, has a new membership print in a reasonable sized edition..and at the very low price of $350.

Kelli_connell_4th_of_july_2005 Kelli Connell
4th of July
2005; Lambda print, 20 x 26." Edition of 20.
Collector Level Membership: $350

Oh... and if you want to see some of these prints in HUGE size.. Kelli Connell currently has a kick-ass wonderful show titled "Double Life" up at they Yossi Milo gallery.

Here's a review we found by Rafael Risemberg of the Blade, and here's one by Martha Schwendener in the New York Times.

The show is up till June 2nd. Don't miss it!

May 17, 2007

New Work by Edward Burtynsky

Burtynsky_iberia_quarries_1 Well..everyone in NYC is clearly Contemporary Art Auction crazy. Here's just one out of control story..

Download Christies_May07_Contemporary_Art_auction_results.txt

FYI.. Our "spider senses" were more than just tingling while we were at the Phillips auction preview.. cause none other than super moviestar Toby Maguire was walking around right next to MAO. Toby was asking several questions about the 3 Baldessari's up for auction tonight! Oh brother.. now Hollywood is even buying!! Will the madness ever end?

Anyway.. we got to see some new Edward Burtynsky work this week. Some of these images were presented a few weeks ago at the AIPAD booth of Art Chicago. So we thought we'd share them with our MAO readers.  (photo #1, Iberian Quarries #1, Borba, Portugal 2006)

Ed_burtynsky_iberia_quarries_2 On the surface, the new work has a very similar look to some of his earlier Vermont Quarry work.. but these were all taken in Portugal at the Iberia Quarries in 2006. While they all have that signature hyper size queen big grandiose look... we thought Burtynsky's new quarries project looked a little bit romantic and maybe even a bit sentimental when compared to his previous quarry images. What do you think? (photo #2, Iberian Quarries #2, Bencatel, Portugal 2006)

By the way.. if you haven't yet seen Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes Documentary..it's winning all sorts of film awards. We got a DVD copy last weekend..simply mesmerizing work! By the way.. you'll have to have someone smuggle it over the Canadian boarder..cause they won't ship this DVD to the USA.. very strange, but well worth the effort!

May 11, 2007

Zak Smith at Kavi Gupta Gallery Chicago

Zak_smith_portrait_of_girl_2007 Hot  young super star painter Zak Smith at Kavi Gupta Gallery Chicago.

Well.. we were not in Chicago for this opening.. nor has the gallery posted any information about the show.

But we managed to get four jpegs of a few of the new paintings in the show. We thought they were all pretty impressive, no?

Anyway.. we thought we'd share them with our curious MAO readers.

We don't yet know the exact title of any of these..They are all in Zak Smith's new show.

We think the first one is an image in Zak's series Girls from the  Naked Girl Business which were in his last "Exquisite as Fuck" show two years ago at Fredericks & Freiser. gallery in NYC

With his 2 new books out (One Picture for Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow, and a D.A.P Monograph Zak Smith:Pictures Of Girls) .. a commission, from The Walker, and work in almost every major Zak_smith_abstract_2007 modern art museum in the US, you might say, Zak Smith is one red hot over valued,super hyped up artist.

So of course.. all the work is completely sold out (for like $20,000+ each).. with long waiting lists at every gallery.

And FYI...unless you're a billionaire on the board of a major museum with plenty of Doe-Rae-Mee to throw away around, don't even think about asking to be put on "The List".   

Oh.. did we mention, according to Wikipedia, Zak Smith was only born in 1976.. and also works as a porn star under the name Zak Sabbath..

So just one question..

Has anyone seen this Art Bubble..??  Cause we keep hearing everyone talking about this art bubble thing busting.. but we've not yet seen one.

Oh..But, don't worry my little MAO-ettes, we all at MAO Zak_smith_abstract_horizontal2007 will keep looking, and you'll be the first to know if we find one!Zak_smith_small_abstract_2007

May 10, 2007

Art Chicago - Artist Find - Ai Kijma

Art Chicago was really a wonderful party fair with lots of great galleries. But, we didn't see many new artists. And new photography was almost completely absent. In fact, several of our favorite photo dealers actually had the exact same booth (with the exact same images) as they had presented at AIPAD in NYC.

So, while we did see and like some new works from Edward Burtynsky, and Robert Polidori, many galleries took few risks. Honorable mentions go to: an entire box of Amy Stein's work we saw at Paul Kopekin Gallery, and blogger Ed Winkleman (Ed's gallery) did show cool photographs by Rory Donaldson which look very promising.

Ai_kijima_night_is_young_2005 But one the one new artists who's work really did catch our fancy was Ai Kijima which was shown in the booth of Franklin Parrasch Gallery from NYC. It's fun and AMAZING...and a little bit trippy. Maybe they just brought out a ton of our childhood memories. What do you think??

(photo #1, Ai Kijima, The Night Is Young, 2005, Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including curtain, pillow case, bed sheets, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth. 75”x136")

Ai_kijima_erehwon_29 This Tokyo raised artist's work is a collage of old fabrics sew together to create an amazing visual narrative quilt. Very impressive and done in such a thought provoking fresh way. We just loved these. We can't wait to see more!

(photo #2, Ai Kijima, Erehwon 29, 2007, 21" x 21.5', Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including bed sheets,curtain, pillowcase, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth)

Here's a quote we found from her last show...

Ai Kijima's fabric collages celebrate this cultural bouillabaisse. They range in scale from intimate to enormous, and draw on images as diverse as the '69 Dodge Charger from the American television series Dukes of Hazard to elaborate, stylized dragons from Japanese kimonos. Meticulously stitched and quilted, her work is exuberant and refined, whimsical and thought-provoking.

Oh.. and if any thoughtful, generous MAO readers were wondering what MAO would like for his big Oh-my-God we're getting old birthday coming up in a few weeks... we think this cute Ai Kijima, Honey Bear with the crown (Erehwon 29) was still available !!

May 04, 2007

Photographer Find at Art Chicago - Melanie Schiff

Melanie_schiff_beer_bottle_dusted1_Photographer Melanie Schiff at Kavi Gupta Gallery was one of the MAO artist finds at Art Chicago'07. (Photo #1, Untitled - bottles, 2005, 45" x 30")

You probably don't know this young Chicago Photographer yet...

but you will soon!

We first spotted her work at the NADA Miami'04 fair..

but it's great to see the development of her art.

She's got a new show opening up at the MCA tomorrow

which is running only through May 27th. Melanie has been recently featured in :

Artforum, Timeout, Chicago Reader, and Art net. Just to drop name a few.

Melanie_schiff_psq3_full Melanie Schiff's new project, Underwater Photographer, which included video as well as still photos, really remind us of the current youth culture work of Ryan McGinley, Wolfgang Tillmans, and maybe even a bit Catherine Opie. But it's clear, she's already developed a photographic look all her own. (Photo #2, Video Still, Perfect Square, 2006, DVD Loop)

So what do you think of these images?

  • A wonderful "underwater project" or just  All Wet ?
  • All flash and no folly, or a brilliant use of light from an up and coming fresh young visionary?

And her photos are ever fairly priced at $4,000 each in editions of only three.

May 02, 2007

Art Chicago 07.. Lots of wind.. in the Windy City

Well.. there is no chance of the Art Chicago'07 fair ever being call RED DOT.. cause we didn't see many red dots around. Dealers were all ready to ring the registers preview night.. but word was, that several major galleries had not even written a single sales ticket during the preview. Ouch!

Chicago_merchandise_mart For opening night.. which at most art fairs is generally a buying frenzy for every want-to-be MAO big time type collector running around with their shopping lists.. it was more.. They Came, They Saw.. They Drank themselves SILLY. Ah.. Those Chicago people.. they know how to party  drink! Good thing I brought my mirror, enough condoms, some aspirin.

Honestly.. The Chicago MART building (photo #1) is amazingly big.. the fair looked impressive, the drinks were wonderful, they even had yummy free food at the preview opening.  Clearly the people running Art Millenniumparkpritzkerpavilion Chicago did a huge job of bringing in tons of high quality galleries. They organized some great art events for VIP visitors, plus offered free services and transportation. They succeeded in making it all one HUGE ARTROPOLIS!! Except they forgot to lure in most of the real art collectors.

We at MAO had a great time... we might even go again next year.

The highlights of the weekend...

1. The 12 Course Diner with wine pairing at ALINEA.. a total WOW!

2. The private tour of the MCA by Museum Deputy Director Greg Cameron (MAO Hearts MCA). We loved the new Rudolf Stingel show.

3. The party at the home of important contemporary Art Collector Larry & Marilyn Fields..this night was complete with shaking the hand of a real Kennedy, and MAO getting made fun of by Photographer/Blogger Alec Soth.. Hey Alec. next time pick on a blogger your own size!

4. Seeing a NYC art dealer unhinge their jaw and swallow their young whole.. or in this case, eating a 20+ oz, Gi-Normous porterhouse steak at Joes Stone Crab of Chicago in under 15 mins..Yikes!

5. Too Cool for MAO Party at Nick Cave's amazing art filled apartment. We felt like such dorks among this uber cool crowd.. like that's something new!

6. Private Tour of the home of Daryl and Jeff Stokols, one super impressive art collection! We were surprised to learn that impressive people this nice and smart don't all live east of the Hudson river. Hmm.. maybe they grew up in NYC, and just moved away temporarily?

7. Walking around Chicago's Millennium Park Sat afternoon.. the new Pritzker Pavilion/Frank Gehry (photo #2) totally blew us away.. plus touching their Anish Kapoor Sculpture (Cloud Gate) was almost a sexual magical experience.

There were a few contemporary art finds.. but I'll leave that till tomorrow!