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May 31, 2007

Marilyn Minter - Artist Talk and First Major Retrospective Catalog Published

Marilyn_minter_artbook_1950_5594102 Marilyn Minter was probably one of the only true art super star painter/photographers to emerge from the terrible 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Do you think, Marilyn will be better known for her paintings or her photo's??

Like every other contemporary woman artist, Her work was once completely taken for granted, but now Minter's hot lip paintings and shit kicker stilettos are contemporary art auction eye candy.

Well you're in luck.. my little MAO-ettes.. She's giving a free talk with Matthew Higgs and Mary Heilmann on this Monday night June 4th at White Columns. It's bound to be standing room only.. so get there early! Here's the announcement :

Marilyn Minter in conversation with Matthew Higgs and Mary Heilmann to celebrate the publication of

Minter’s major new monograph

, New York (entrance on Horatio Street between 8th Avenue and Hudson Street ) 212.924.4212 / www.whitecolumns.org Monday, June 4 6:30pm 320 West 13th Street

Marilyn Minter is the artist's first book and covers her entire career.

Essay by art historian Johanna Burton. Interview with Mary Heilmann

and "Twenty Questions" assembled by Matthew Higgs.

FYI..This new 224 page book Marilyn Minter from D.A.P/Gregory R. Miller & Co, it was scheduled to be released on 5/1/2007 but it's currently unavailable.... maybe they will have some copies at the party.


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What do you think of her new edition for Parkett?

The Parkett print ? Well I didn't like the image, and at $1,900 for an edition of 60 looked very expensive to MAO.

When Creative Time sold their charity print last year, it was only $500.

Copies of the book will be available at the event, and Marilyn Minter will be signing them. The book will also soon be available in stores, on amazon.com, and wherever books are sold.

For more information visit www.grmandco.com

I love! this work!

The colours and textures in the photo are mesmerising!!


colors, gloss, diamonds, mist, sparkles, beauty, how can anyone resist? Who wants to think?

"how can anyone resist?"

I can resist no problem. Way too blingy for me. But to each their own.

I was trying to be ironic. This work speak to an audience who see through today's prevailing superficial ideologies, yet continue to obey. Contemporary captialist society thrives on this sort of participation.

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