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June 26, 2007

Evan Mirapaul and Bert Teunissen Blogging at The Aperture Foundation

We've not seen much in terms of NYC art shows worth dishing mentioning the last few weeks..so blogging has been lite. We're planning a summer road trip up to Storm King Arts Center this weekend. If any readers have suggestions for MAO worthy art related pit stops on our trek up to artistic no-mansland Mountainville, NY please let us know.

Bert_teunissen_social_landscapes_be While your waiting for further art collecting enlightenment from MAO.. we've found this new art collector blog from Evan Mirapaul. Evan, who like MAO, is a very active art photo obsessed collector, has been traveling around Europe's numerous big art events the last few weeks, and has some great/candid insights.

Also.. We're not sure how we missed it.. but Dutch Photographer Bert Teunissen has also been blogging for a while. You may know Bert (website) from his brilliant new book, Social Landscapes published by Aperture. (Photo by Bert Teunissen, Belin Beliet #3, 1997, France)

So while most of the art world is on summer vacation both blogs.. are well worth checking out!

FYI.. Aperture has a 30% sale going on many of their new titles, including the huge MAO Must have.. Gilbert & George : The Complete Pictures, 1971 - 2005


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don't forget the mosquito spray!!
Pack picnic lunch you made a reservation at Stone Barns or feel like driving to Bleacon to Maya's delish mex- maybe see that dia thing

no eulogy for Mr. Becher?


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