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June 29, 2007

Ryan McGinley and PUMA... Not Exactly ready for Prime Time TV.

OK.. I know.. We Apologize.. it's been weeks since we at MAO have drooled on and on about the great work of photographer Ryan McGinley.

  So to make it up to all of you.. we bring you something very special... a little McGinley Summer Fantasy Frolic. SWEET!!

Here's Ryan's latest work...

Click Here to Watch Ryan's Short Film Will his genius ever end.. God we hope not!


It's  A short film created for PUMA...Yet another artist selling out?

Does anyone actually collect Video or short films?? Can't we just rent/or buy them at Blockbuster Video??

FYI.. It's brought to us by a our blogging friends at  V-Magazine.


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Burn those bike seats now!

He should just keeping take photos, that was kinda boring... Even Abercrombie videos are much much more interesting than that

Will his genius ever end?

I’m wondering if any artists out there really admire McGinley’s work or if it’s only those who don’t know how to operate a camera? I mean, the work is nice, pure and hip, but is there anything there to look up to? Do any artists out there aspire to make work as “good” as his? Can’t we all (we who have basic artistic abilities) easily mass-produce this shit? As far as I see it, McGinley could easily be replaced by hundreds of other young photographers of today. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I do like Ryan’s work, but it’s not like looking at Misrach, Casebere, Ruff, Gursky, DiCoricia, Hujar, Adams, Shore, Sternfeld, Burtynsky, Sultan, Fink etc. etc. where you can actually see unique genius minds with serious ideas at work. McGinley has a great intuition, but he’s far from genius and far from unique.

I agree with Rick. Ryan's work is good but I would not call it great or anything beyond that. I guess, he might just have a good PR person behind it or he is just the Paris Hilton of the photography.

First, kind of unimpressed with this video.

But, to Ryan's defense, I hear this "he was in the right place at the right time" line a lot. Which I think is only slightly true. But to that end you could say that about any and every artist where luck, hype and timing is a huge part of one's success.

And secondly I don't think you need an awe inspiring deep conceptual link throughout your work for it to be good such as with Ruff, Gursky, etc. I think part of Ryan's success is that it isn't filled with hoity-toity conceptual references and ideas. But he really does have a keen eye. And so many of his pictures can make you stop and stare even though on the surface it may not be so deep. But I think that's why he's been successful. It's the kind of work that is raw and honest and can reverberate with culture and with average people without having to have an art degree or really study it to appreciate it.

There's a place for both kinds of work to me. And for me it's a really nice break from the more conceptual photography dominating the scene today.

Truth be told, I don't find this video to be much of an inspiration, BUT if you look at his Morrissey concert photography, I saw tremendous growth and possibilities there.

Just interesting when people dismiss it as "concert photography," but I saw much more at play.

Got to love the sell out. A least selling out can sometimes lead to greater things. I can't think of an example, but I am sure there is one out there.

Most photography ,to quote Picasso is the "art form of the second rate .this does not reach the heights of third rate

to quote Picasso is the "art form of the second rate"

Just goes to show how fallible and how much lack of foresight even "geniuses" can have.

stick to still images.

Out of all the photographers you listed above that you compare to Ryan. ...except for perhaps Dicorcia, I doubt a single one of those guys could come close to capturing the same kinds of portraits and emotions and situations as McGinley does. I doubt most of those guys would have any idea about how to get their subjects comfortable enough with them to become so free and uninhihbited. That's a huge skill that most people don't have. I really don't want to see Gursky or Burtynsky try and take photos of his buddies the way Ryan does and doubt it would come even close to what Ryan has done with that subject if they tried. It would never work. And Sultan, I don't care for his over polished glammed up staged looking photos. Ryan may not be able to do what those guys do. But those guys could never do what Ryan does. And thank goodness.

very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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