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July 19, 2007

Oh.. NO!!! Summer of Love at the Whitney is Totally Loveless!!

So... we went to see the Summer of Love show at The Whitney last night..

Summer of Love revisits the unprecedented explosion of contemporary art and popular culture brought about by the civil unrest and pervasive social change of the 1960s and early 70s, when a new psychedelic aesthetic emerged in art, music, film, architecture, graphic design, and fashion.

Well.. the nicest thing we can say about this new artistic road kill Whitney show... is... the 5 or 6 Lavender Mist Cocktails we had at the charity event, tasted OK...

Wow.. what were these clueless curators thinking??  The show lacked energy, any excitement, and totally missed the entire spirit of the psychedelic era of the 1960's. We've never before seen so many psychedelics look so dull. Flat, sterile, antiseptic, are the words best fit to describe the exhibit. Displaying these 1960's posters under plexi on a neon orange painted wall.. didn't add a damn thing.  Even the docent... other than saying.. "it's colorful..." couldn't think of an intelligent utterance about many of these works in the show.

OK.. maybe we're being a bit harsh... don't believe MAO.. but here's what Jerry Saltz (of NY magazine)  .. and Holland Cotter (NY Times) had to say...

So.. in lieu of some terrible Summer of Love pics.. here's a few more photo's from our trip to Storm King!!!

Menashe_kadishman_suspended_2This first photo includes the work Suspended,1977 by Menashe Kadishman...

and in white in the background set high on the hill is the majestic sculpture by Alice Aycock, Titles Three-Fold Manifestation II, 1987.

On the left in red was a large steel work by Alexander Liberman, titled Adam, 1970.

Mark_disuvero_mother_peaceIn the center of the Mark diSuvero field.. was our (photo #2) sentimental favorite sculpture in the Storm King park...
Mark di Suvero,
Mother Peace 1969 -70.

Now that's a great 1960's work of Summer of Love Art!!


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It's ironic that they served a drink with the same title as your nickname.

I LOVE Storm King. And it's close to Dia:Beacon, too, if you want complete sensory overload.

Love the fact you posted the pics from Storm King instead!!

Was just talking with some friends and a gallery owner on Thursday about the Whitney's huge misstep.

I have yet to find one person who felt anything other than "Ohhhh...kayyyy..." after seeing this flat show.

I think we're starting to see a museum waist-deep in a desperate search for strong season ticket sales targeting boomers booking summer vacations to NYC during the same time period.

It literally offered nothing in the way of a new understanding of the time period-- a connection between music and art other than rock stars wanted something "cool"-- or a background on the artists themselves.

Too bad the Matta-Clark retrospective went down-- now THAT had some guts to it.

If I'm not mistaken, the Whitney is only to blame for buying/renting (whatever) they do...

Summer of Shit came from the Tate in London. You know, those crazy Britz like a good mess.

Maybe the further (geographically speaking) one is away from photos of Haight-Ashbery...makes the pictures look more interesting.

Good call on heading out of the city - Storm King rocks! I went to see the Stingel show and waded through the summer of love. Luckily, I managed to not get any on me. The whole show should have been uptown at the Cooper AND NOT at the Whitney. Most of the crap looked like they bought it on eBay and just stuck it on the wall. It was nice to see a Lindner although the context was unfortunate. What a waste of primo gallery space - 2 floors! YIKES!

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