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September 19, 2007

Free Josephine Meckseper print, and the NY Art Book Fair

Many MAO readers may be familiar with the work of Josephine Meckseper. She was one of the featured artists in last years totally forgettable Whitney Biennial.

If you're a fan like MAO.. here's your chance to get one of her images for next too nothing!

The New York Art Book Fair, which was a huge success last year.. is coming back this year.

Josephine_meckseper_print2 This year they are giving away

your choice of 2 Josephine's prints for

people who buy the $150 tickets to the Benefit Preview.

FYI... the $150 goes to a great non-profit cause.. Printed Matter..

It's one of our favorite art book focused

venues in the world!

Josephine_meckseper_print1 Here are the 2 prints.. to choose from.. they are both digital c-prints, 2005, 14.25 x 18, and untitled. These are both editions of only 75!

To purchase Benefit tickets: call  212.925.0325 Fax 212.925.0464 or [email protected]
and ask for Catherine.. and be sure to tell them MAO sent you !!!

Here are some of the details of the NY Art Book Fair :

The annual fair of contemporary art books, art catalogues, artists' books, art periodicals, and 'zines offered for sale by over 120 international publishers, booksellers, and antiquarian dealers. Admission to the fair is FREE.

548 West 22nd Street (10th & 11th Aves), NYC (map)

Friday/Saturday, September 28/29, 2007, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, September 30, 2007, 11am - 5pm

Thursday, September 27, 2007, benefiting Printed Matter, Inc.
6 - 7 pm, early admission to preview
7 - 9 pm, general admission to preview

· Price on Request (early admission to preview plus
Ed Ruscha edition & David Shrigley ticket edition)
· $150 (general admission to preview plus
Josephine Meckseper edition & David Shrigley ticket edition)
· $20 (general admission plus David Shrigley ticket edition)


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Thanks for the tip. I bought the ticket right away and can't wait to pick up the print. I had always shop for books and artwork at Printed Matter.
I also had four friends purchase tickets the same day.

god you guys just buy any old crap that a known name makes. Did you take a look at the images? When asked, she was probably like "sure I'll give you some prints to donate, let me just look through my rejected pile and see if I can find something that looks 'arty farty'"

Dear J:
Check this out!
The image of the woman upside down was part of the Whitney Biennal 2006 installation.
I will buy rejected pile from a known established artist everyday if I can.
That is always the case when it come to Printed Matter benefit prints. Please do your homework before you speak and help Printer Matter. It is a great organization.
Can't wait tp pick up my print tonight and help such a great organization.
See info below to state my case. Don't for get it is a LIMTED EDITION of 75.
Check this links and you will see the image as part of the installation.
Not bad for crap art ...right...lol!
Thanks MAO!


You don't even know what you're talking about. The rejected pile was shown at the Whitney Biennial. The other Meckseper edition print made it on Art on Paper cover not too long ago. Do your homework first before you cast your uninformed, crappy opinion. To each his own, right. But an opinion born out of ignorance is not laudible. Support Printed Matter. They rock!

Interesting but curios to know what the naysayers would prefer in terms of their notion of what should be purchased and how it should be organized.
My feeling is that it is a good starting point and that people can only benefit from options.

No comment on the Meckseper, but that Ruscha print is really disappointing, unengaging and priced high (although I know it goes to a good cause.) Maybe I'm missing something?

I picked up my Josephine print last night . I really like it.
I do agree with the Ed Ruscha value . It is way too small and rather insignificant for its size, However Ed Ruscha is doing extremely well at art auctions, so for somebody that really wants to help Printed Matter it somehow worth its cause.
For the $$$ the Josehpine's are just great.The one of the protest march is so much greater to look at in person.
Anyway folks. The Art Book Fair has more outrageous prices on other limited editions (Check out the Richard Prince benefit print ...it is a close up of his own anus and looks more like a woman's organ...you get the picture.It is an limited edition of 12 and 10 of them are already sold for $$$10,000.00 each unframed.That is already $100,000.00!!
Research It is very important to come to conclusions before purchasing.
If you have the money, get the Josephine. The upside down model image its going to be the most valuable of the two.
Help Printed Matter!!!!!!!

I got the Josephine Meckseper upside down print last night.. it looks great!!
What a great image.. and it felt good to support Printed Matter.

The image is called Untitted % (Self)..Does anyone know if it's a self portrait?

Thanks MAO for pointing this one out.. you were right on.

"I will buy rejected pile from a known established artist everyday if I can."

of course you will. You have no ability to pick out good art any other way. If it's in the whitney biennial, It MUST be good and that way you can brag to people that you got a print from the biennial. You have no idea what the image is all about though and you would never buy it at the fleamarket or from an unknown artist, even if it really compelled you, because it could reveal your bad taste. But if you buy this image from the whitney then you feel safe.

You're probably also the kind of person who will only buy designer clothing if the label is big enough for everyone to see. HA HA HA.

J or whoever you pretend to be :

I had been collecting ART about for twenty years.And yes, I also buy and wear quite well designer clothing.Got the body and the looks for it too.
But, I also know quality and that is exactly where we both seem to be different.
I do not buy anything without extensive research.
Nobody asked you to buy the print. It is a choice and me and other people made that choice.

There really is no time to try to educate people like you.It will cost money and as an art consultant will have to charge you. Since you can even afford the print imagine paying for consulting services.
So on that note, you can remain angry and ignorant.Negativity does not get people anywhere and you seem to be a true example of it.
Meantime I will continue to help Printed Matter and buy the art that in some other eyes might not be valuable. To each its own...right?


You're a hopeless Philistine who can't even afford a $150 print. Two words: Homo Ignoramus. It's pointless to have a dialogue with you because you are wilfully ignorant. Low brows like you have no place in this forum esp if you act like a whiny and bitter kid.


The price of the Josephine Meckseper prints went up.
See info below.

Josephine Meckseper
Untitled (March on Washington 9/24/05, Coffins, Xray)
[2007 Fall Benefit edition]
New York, : Printed Matter, Inc.. 2005/2007
Synopsis: Digital C-print, 18 x 14 inches

Category: Multiple
Process: photographic process
Edition 75
Signed: Signed and Numbered

Price Info: $250.00

Josephine Meckseper
Untitled (%) Shelf
[2007 Fall Benefit edition]
New York, : Printed Matter, Inc.. 2005/2007
Synopsis: Digital C-Print, 18 x 14 inches

Category: Multiple
Process: photographic process
Edition 75
Signed: Signed and Numbered

Price Info: $250.00

Here is a tip for everybody!
My dear friend and artist Pepe Villegas just got picked up by ACRIA and also got affiliated with Charles Cowles Gallery.
I saw the benefit print.
It is a great one 12x16 color photo titled Far Away From You.
See Press Release below.

Multimedia Artist Pepe Villegas at ACRIA/Conde Nast Domino Magazine Bazzar Opening Night Extravaganza

The Aids Community Research Initiative of America and Conde Nast/domino Magazine invites you to the Opening Night of this groundbreaking and unique fundraiser, presenting art works to be auctioned and editions for sale from renowned contemporary established and emerging artists on Thursday October 11th, 2007 at SkylightStudios, 275 Hudson Street at Spring Street, New York City, from 6-9pm

New York, NY, October 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The Aids Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) and Conde Nast/domino Magazine present fabulous cocktails, hord d'oeuvres, and incredible design stations curated by the editors of domino Magazine. The ACRIA gallery at this four-day event will launch New Editions and unique multipiece donations from Ross Bleckner, Jack Pierson, Jeff Lewis, Christo and Jeanne Claude and works by major emerging contemporary artists, Puerto Rican multimedia visual artist Pepe Villegas among others.

An exclusive Opening Night silent auction will include works by Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg, Bernar Venet, Donald Baechler, Chistopher Makos and Paul Solberg (The Hilton Brothers).

Tickets are $250 and can be purchased at www.acria.org
You can also call 212-924-3934 x 101 for tickets or additional information on the event.


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