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September 27, 2007

Lars Tunbjork show at Cohen Amador Gallery

Well.. it's been a crazy busy work week, but we did manage to see a few new art shows on 57th street. And yes.. we are happy to report.. there are some really great art galleries that are not in Chelsea...

But we have to warn everyone, given the pending US economic recession, and the long hours we at MAO have been slaving away spending in the office, our "normal" art senses have been a bit altered as of late.

But, the new show by Lars Tunbjork at Cohen Amador Gallery just seemed to strike our funny bone. There's just something very Dilbert-esque about these photos. What do you think??

Lars_tunbjork_lawyers_office_ny Lars has also published a new book Office of this series.. (Photo : LAWYER'S OFFICE, NEW YORK , 1997, 20 x 24" edition of 12 )

FYI.. the work is all very reasonable priced $3 to $5k, and it's nice to see a young color photographer that doesn't see the size queen need to print everything in huge billboard size prints!


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MAO.. I love this site..
But, I think your MAOish art eye is getting tired..
I find these photos totally dull.. and uninspired.
They've been done before by so many other artists.
What's so original about office photos..
Lee Friedlander did them better 30 year ago...in my opinion.

Somewhere between Thomas Demand and Martin Parr, these pictures have a tongue in cheek quality that is often missing from contemporary photography.

Bartlett, Tunbjork whatever.

What's with all these posts and no mention of the hottest show in Chelsea? Kohei Yoshiyuki !!! Surely you added one of those beauties to your collection!? Prices weren't bad either.

Glad to hear you're still out and about at the galleries. Me, I'm lying in wait like a jungle cat for prices to soften.

Hey Art Brute..
The Kohei Yoshiyuki "Park" work has been around for years!! So big deal.. fresh new expensive prints of old photos by someone who's not even a working photographer.. If they weren't at Yossi's gallery..no one would even care.

MAO Don't buy the prints.. just get the book, it's better anyway!

Ha ha ha...

No big deal? ok. I guess I just find it amazing how these 30 year old photos are 100 times more evocative and fresh than 98% of the "current" work showing in chelsea right now.

Just because they're old they're worthless and overpriced!?!?! Ok, I guess I'll just throw out my Arbus and Winogrand photos.... [rolling my eyes] How is this different than any other show that shows older work by a photographer that's finally getting his due for a great and important series?

And prices starting at $2500 for the smalls and $3,000 for the large prints? Wouldn't exactly call overpriced in the current frenzied market state, but ok... And by the way, there are no vintage prints.

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